Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Britch's Treachery

Michael's gonna steal Kiki away from me!
Today we meet Connie's new boss Derek Wells, Morgan gets Sonny on his side and Brit feels guilty about her baby's father!

Quick Recap -

Derek Wells arrives at Crimson today. He promptly fires Maxie and threatens to fire Connie too if she doesn't produce a hot story for Crimson. At the end, he makes a mysterious phone call announcing his arrival in Port Charles. Read about the actor William deVry here -> Derek Wells Debuts 

Connie eavesdrops on Morgan and Sonny's conversation at Sonny's house. Later, after getting pressure from her boss, Connie realizes she might have to use the information on Kiki to save her and Maxie's jobs.

Spinelli and Felix discuss Brit and her mother at Kelly's. Felix wants Spinelli's help investigating the baby situation. After some witty repartee between them, Spinelli agrees to help uncover, "The Britch's Treachery!"

Lulu brings Maxie munchies at Crimson to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. After Derek fires Maxie, they decide to head to Kelly's to get sundae's instead. They run into Spinelli and Felix there and once again Maxie starts feeling guilt about lying to Spinelli about her baby.

Michael tells Kiki he can't stay away from her at the hospital. Kiki tells him she wants to be friends with him, but that's all. Michael says okay, but asks if she really loves Morgan. Kiki answers that she will learn to love Morgan.

Morgan and Sonny argue over Kiki's Quartermaine status. Morgan tells him that Franco's not Kiki's father and gives Sonny all the details. Morgan admits his fears about Michael and Kiki be attracted to each other and asks Sonny to keep quiet. At first Sonny says no, but after Morgan cries about Michael being Sonny's favorite, Sonny caves, agrees to stay quiet and he condones the wedding!

Sabrina greets Patrick at home after Franco's surgery. He confides in her that Sam's situation with Danny reminded him of complications that Emma had when she was born. He tells Sabrina that he plans to love Brit's baby as much as Emma. Sabrina listens, but tells Patrick that her and Felix still don't trust Brit.

Dr. Obrecht berates Brit at the park for going soft. Then she also admits to switching the DNA results that Ellie took which stated that Patrick was the father. Brit admits that she feels guilty about the biological father not knowing the truth about her baby.

So do you think Derek's the bio-dad to Brit's baby as well as Sam's father? 

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