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Stop the Surgery + 1st GH Episode Ever!

Behind the scenes pic - Becky & Kelly studying their lines!
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Liz wants to talk to Nikolas about his relationship with Brit at the hospital. Nik says he was only trying to be nice by assisting Brit in her birthing class. Liz tells him he should stay as far away from Brit as possible. He takes offense and tells her it's not her business. Nik goes to walk away and Liz stops him. Liz breaks down Brit's nasty behavior and her coldness toward Emma. Nik wonders why Liz cares who he gets involved with and reminds her about AJ. Liz says that AJ is nothing like Brit, but Nik laughs at that idea. She says that AJ has changed. Nikolas replies, "Maybe Brit has too!" He tells her he can't listen to her defend AJ anymore. Liz quickly tells him that AJ's bad behavior was in the past, but Brit's is recent. Nik says he's got to go, accuses Liz of being jealous and leaves. At the end, Liz calls AJ and leaves a message saying she needs to tell him something.

TJ goes to the hospital looking for Molly and finds her with Rafe. He asks to speak with her alone. Molly asks Rafe to take some toys to Danny in his room, which gives her a private moment with TJ. Then TJ tells Molly he can't stop thinking about her. She questions him as to why he was hugging Taylor last night at The Floating Rib. He says that he hugged Taylor, because he told her that he only wants to be friends with her. Molly can't get over that he slept with Taylor. He apologizes for that and asks her for another chance. Molly tells him she needs to think about it, but tells TJ there is a chance. Later Rafe returns and asks Molly if she is getting back together with TJ. Molly tells him not right now, but there is a chance in the future.

Morgan tells a very unhappy Carly about his plans to marry Kiki at the hospital. Carly thinks it's a very bad idea. She asks Kiki if her mother knows and Morgan says that Ava supports them. Carly thinks it's crazy and no mother would want their daughter marrying so young. Carly yells that the marriage isn't happening. Morgan tells her she can't stop them, but Carly tersely replies, "Watch me!" Carly storms out. After Kiki wonders if getting married is a good idea or not. Morgan calms her down and they hug, but Kiki privately looks terrified.

Tracy complains to Ned on the phone at the Quartermaine's. She thinks Franco and his 'baby mama" Ava are planning a coup. Ava overhears and wonders if Tracy is getting all her ducks in order. Tracy hangs up and confidently tells Ava that her plans to takeover ELQ have failed. Ava toys with her that she has another plan in mind. Ava informs Tracy she has Franco's ELQ voting shares. Then Ava offers to help Tracy oust AJ. Tracy asks what's in it for her, before Ava can answer Carly storms in. She is furious with Ava and asks what she is up to for condoning Kiki and Morgan getting married. She accuses Ava of only caring about ELQ stock, not Kiki. Carly assures Ava she will find out whatever secret she is hiding. Carly leaves and Tracy asks Ava for her terms to vote AJ out.

Felix asks Michael to help him bring down Brad at his apartment. Michael doesn't want to go near Brad, but Felix explains that he is in a unique position to help find out what Brad is hiding in regards to Brit. Felix gives Michael the background on Brit's pregnancy and his suspicions that Patrick's not the father. Michael reluctantly agrees and asks what Felix wants him to do. Felix answers that he wants Michael to invite Brad over and romance the truth out of him. Michael isn't comfortable at all, but Felix says he doesn't have to do anything just pretend. Michael agrees and calls Brad. Later, Felix gives Michael a make over and they await Brad's arrival.

Taylor treats Brit to lunch at Kelly's to thank her for listening to her vent. Brit thinks she brought her to Kelly's in the hopes of seeing TJ. Brit informs Taylor that she needs to accept that there are no knights in shining armor and she should move on from TJ. They get to talking about Nik and Brit remarks on how nice it is to meet someone like him. Shortly after, Brad walks in with lab results for Brit. Brit asks Taylor to give them a moment alone and Brad sits down with Brit. Then he gets a call from Michael asking him to come hang out. Brit realizes that Brad is being set-up and tells him to go and find out who is behind this. Later, Nik comes to Kelly's and snubs Brit when she tries to say hello. At the end, Brad goes to Michael's apartment ready for action.

Sam is thrilled to find out that Franco is a match for Danny, but Brad quickly reminds her that Franco might die on the operating table. Silas wasn't aware that Franco is being operated on yet and grows concerned. Brad exits and Sam begs Silas to explain Franco's chances. He tells her that Franco might not make it. Sam wants to stop the surgery, but Silas tells her she doesn't have the authority to do that. He offers to try for her. Silas calls the operating room, but it's too late to cancel surgery. Sam is racked with worry and hugs Silas on impulse. Shortly after, Rafe arrives with toys for Danny. He sees Sam upset and asks what's wrong. Sam fills him in, while Silas tries to give a positive spin on the situation. He reminds her about Patrick's talent and how he saved Jason. Sam agrees to stay positive. Silas and Rafe step outside the room to give her a moment. After Sam pulls out Jason's Africa book from the stuff Rafe brought. It inspires her to talk to Jason and ask him to give her a sign that he is there in some way. She asks him to be Danny's angel and watch over him. Silas returns, sees her crying and tries to comfort her. They have a moment and Silas looks at her with attraction! End of show!

Although Franco was mentioned several times, it was a relatively Franco-free day! Score for GH fans!  Plus Silas turns out to have a compassionate side.

Enjoy this special treat - The 1st GH episode - 04/01/1963

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  1. Really not interested in most of the above. Fans would like to see more of Nikolas. He and Britt make a good pairing providing they can redeem her. Fans don't want Nik with a bitch.


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