Monday, July 8, 2013

Should I Brush My Teeth?

This Feels Right!
Today everyone is dreaming, Sonny and Olivia realize something is happening between them and Michael can't control himself around Kiki!

Here's What Happened - 

Olivia flashes to her 4th of July kiss with Sonny at his house when Connie calls. Connie asks if Sonny is taking good care of her. Then Sonny enters the room and Olivia quickly hangs up. Sonny asks who called and Olivia tells him it was Connie asking if everything was okay. Then Olivia suggests they talk their kiss, so she doesn't have to feel guilty talking to Connie. Sonny acknowledges that something is happening between them and they both agree it feels right. Olivia asks about Connie. Sonny answers that Connie has pushed him away so much that he feels he needs to move on with someone else. Olivia isn't sure she is the right person for him to move on with, but Sonny works his charm and kisses her again. Olivia puts the breaks on and leaves the room to collect her thoughts.

Ellie dreams that Spinelli finds out that Maxie is carrying his child. Spinelli hears her say, "I'm sorry" in her sleep. When Ellie opens her eyes Spinelli asks what's wrong. Ellie pretends not to remember so Spinelli let's it go. They start to discuss Maxie's situation and Spinelli tells Ellie that he thinks she is an honest person. Ellie feels guilty, but gets over it quickly and they have "acrobatic" sex as Spinelli jokes afterward. They have sweet pillow talk about their future and decide to get breakfast before work.

Maxie sees herself in the image of a mother and child, while looking at a magazine ad at Crimson. Connie yells for Maxie to come into her office, which snaps Maxie back into focus. When she goes to talk with Connie, Maxie can tell Connie's more brash then usual and asks what's up. Connie replies that she can't help it since another woman is moving in on the love of her life. Connie confides in Maxie that she is jealous of Olivia, but knows she gave Sonny up willingly. Maxie tells Connie about her off and on relationship with Spinelli and why she thinks Connie is making a mistake. She tells Connie not to let this happened or else Olivia will take her place in Sonny's heart!

Lulu dreams that her baby is gone at her apartment. Startled, she wakes up and tells Dante, "Something is wrong with our baby!" Dante thinks she is just stressed out and tells her not to worry. Shortly after, he gives Lulu a pink baby's shirt that says, "Daddy's little girl!" Lulu loves it and they joke about Dante being an overprotective dad in the future. Then Lulu realizes they need to pick a name. Dante suggests they go to breakfast to think about it. Later at Kelly's they jokingly differ on names choices. Spinelli and Ellie come in and Lulu fills them in on their name dilemma. Spinelli is delighted to hear that they are having a little girl. Seeing him so excited makes Ellie feel extra guilty. At the end, Spinelli once again tells Ellie how honest he thinks she is and Lulu realizes that she needs Maxie's help to pick a baby name.

Kiki dreams Michael kisses her while she is sleeping next to Morgan at the boathouse. She wakes in a panic yelling, "This is wrong!" Morgan hears her and wakes up too. He asks what she was dreaming of, but Kiki pretends it was nothing. Morgan let's it go and tells Kiki she looks super hot. Then he goes to kiss her and she jumps away saying, "I can't!" Morgan asks if he needs to brush his teeth or something, but she tells him she remembered that she needs to get tested for Danny today. Later, Ava arrives at the boathouse to check on Kiki. Morgan greets her shirtless and tells her about Kiki getting tested. Ava asks why Morgan didn't go with her and he responds it was because he thinks Kiki wanted to be alone with Michael. Ava thinks it's weird, but assures Morgan that Kiki cares about him. Morgan thinks he is in love Kiki and Ava tells him she approves. She offers to help him work on Kiki and gives him money to buy Kiki something expensive.

Sam daydreams that Silas tells her there aren't any matches for Danny at the hospital. She is interrupted by Brad to test her as a bone marrow match. When she's done, Michael comes to get tested and they talk in the hospital hallway. Sam asks who Kiki is, since she is on the list of people being tested for Danny. Michael explains that Kiki is his cousin whom he doesn't get along with. Then Michael goes to see Brad for testing. Brad makes an uncomfortable comment to Michael about knowing him from somewhere. Then leaves to take the blood to the lab. Right after, Kiki walks in as Michael is finishing some paperwork. First they make small talk, but then Kiki tells Michael about her dream. She thinks the universe is finding ways for them to be together. Michael freaks and tells her they have to try to harder to stay away from each other. However in the next breath he is overcome and kisses her. Outside, Sam runs into Silas by the elevators. She notices he is dressed like a doctor. Silas sarcastically informs her that he works at GH now. He claims to be there to improve the hospital standards and for the money they offered him. Silas also breaks the news that he is now Danny's doctor. Sam hopes he is as good of a doctor as he thinks he is and walks away. After, Ava arrives at the hospital looking for Kiki and runs into Silas. They immediately recognize each other and seemed unhappy to see one another. End of show! 

Michael Easton got his cut off camera and looks more like McBain again! What do you think about Silas and Ava having a connection?

Here's the preview for tomorrow!

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  1. We just want Nikolas on our tv screen.... Why hasn't he connected with Patrick over Robin's death? She was an old and dear friend to Nik and no mention has been made about that. TPTB better make sure they make Britt a lot more nicer to Spencer than she was to Emma or fans are not going to be happy. They should also show a nicer and more vulnerable side to Britt.


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