Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Open Up and Say...Ahh

Today's Show - 

Carly grills Spinelli outside of Kelly's on his progress investigating Ava. Just then Ava walks out and hears them talking. Ava sits down with them and offers to tell Carly anything she wants to know. Carly warns Ava not to mess with Morgan. Ava promises she won't and walks off. After, Carly and Spinelli note that Ava has a creepy aura. Carly demands that Spinelli work harder to find out whatever Ava is hiding. Later, Carly gets coffee inside Kelly's and AJ shows up. Spinelli calls Carly to tell her that he followed Ava to the hospital and she's visiting Franco. Carly asks why Franco is at the hospital. AJ chimes in that he was assaulted. Carly hangs up with Spinelli and asks AJ what he knows. AJ says he assumed Carly was responsible. Carly says she had nothing to do with it. They start to talk about Ava and Carly tells AJ she doesn't trust her. AJ asks why. Carly says it's because she's dating Franco. AJ blows it off, but Carly warns him that Ava might have intentions of getting voting stock in ELQ. Then they realize that maybe they should work together to find out more about Ava.

Liz looks at a picture of Steve Hardy in the hospital and sheds a tear. AJ comes to find her and she hugs him. Nik happens to walk by and see them. AJ remembers that Steve died 17 years ago today. Liz asks how he knew and AJ responds that she means a lot of him. He kisses her and says he wanted to check up on her, but can't stay. AJ leaves and Liz looks back at Steve's picture and asks if he approves. Then Nik walks in. Liz makes small talk about Danny's condition, but then asks how long Nikolas has been there. He admits to seeing her with AJ and tells Liz that he only wishes her happiness. Then Nik goes to walk out, but turns to say, "See you around!" Liz watches him leave longingly.

Sabrina asks Patrick to lunch at the nurses's station, but he already has plans with Brit. Brit happily reminds Sabrina that Patrick agreed to be her birthing coach. Sabrina says she forgot. Brit excuses herself and Patrick asks if Sabrina is okay with this. Sabrina tells him it's hard, but she understands. Patrick promises they will get through this and they kiss. Meanwhile, Brit runs into Nikolas in the hallway. Nik jokes with her that they have to stop meeting like this. She tells him that she is waiting for her baby father's to join her for Lamaze class, but that he's currently making out with his girlfriend. Nik says, "this guy sounds like a real jackass." Then Patrick walks over. Nik realizes he's the father and they shake hands. Patrick gets called for an emergency, leaving Brit alone for Lamaze. Nik offers to be his stand in. Brit agrees and they walk off arm in arm. Sabrina and Liz see them from the nurses's station and Liz wonders what's going on between them. She worries that Nik might have gone to Lamaze with Brit in Patrick's place.

Olivia helps Lulu get over a summer cold at her apartment. Lulu is disappointed to miss Lamaze class with Maxie because of it. Then Olivia has a vision of Maxie knocking on the door, coming inside and stabbing Lulu in the back. When she snaps out of it, Olivia realizes it was just a delivery guy bringing soup for Lulu. Lulu asks what her vision was about after he leaves, but Olivia says it was nothing just a vision of the guy dropping soup all over the floor. Olivia tells Lulu to go shower and not to worry. Once alone, Olivia calls Dante in a panic and demands he come home.

Epiphany fights with Franco in his hospital room to try and take a swab for Sam. Silas walks in and tries to help. Epiphany introduces herself to Silas and explains why she was trying to force Franco to take the swab. Silas tells her he will take care of it and Epiphany leaves the room. Once alone, Silas tells Franco to, "Open up and say... ahh!" Then Silas tells Franco he wants to talk about Ava Jerome. Franco asks what he wants to know. Silas assumes it's a professional relationship, but Franco informs him it's very personal. Later, Ava goes to the hospital to see Franco. She notices that Spinelli followed her and is pretending to hide behind a bunch of balloons. She confronts him for stalking her and going to her gallery as Milhouse! She warns him to back off or else. Then she storms off. Ava makes her way to Franco's room and sees him talking to Silas. She bursts in and demands to know what they are talking about. Silas says he is there as a doctor and was waiting to hear about Franco's relationship with her. Ava looks at Franco and tells him not to say a word. Then out of nowhere Franco starts convulsing. Sabrina runs in to help and Silas tells Ava he's having a seizure. Later, Patrick looks over Franco. Silas informs Patrick that he's working at GH and he needs to test Franco for Danny. When Franco wakes up, Patrick starts asking him questions to see how alert he is. Patrick asks what his name is and Franco answers, "I'm Jason Morgan!"

Maxie panics at Lamaze class and Dante sees her talking to herself in the hallway. She asks where Lulu is and Dante tells her that Lulu is sick. Then Olivia calls Dante and asks him to come home as soon as possible. Dante informs Maxie he has an emergency. She asks who will help her at Lamaze. Right then, Spinelli walks off the elevator holding his balloons. Dante says Spinelli can help her, grabs Spinelli and asks him to help. Then Dante takes off. Maxie tells Spinelli no way, because it will cause problems with Ellie. Spinelli tells her it's okay, because now Ellie wants him to have a baby. He talks Maxie into letting him help and she finally agrees. They enter class and Nik& Brit join them shortly after. Epiphany comes to start class and gets a little militant. Everyone jokes around, but shortly after the breathing exercises begin. Brit takes in comfort in Nik's presence and Maxie does the same with Spinelli. Later, Dante goes back to his apartment. Olivia tells him to stay away from Maxie, because Maxie is going to hurt Lulu. Lulu overhears and asks why Maxie would want to hurt her. Olivia explains what she really saw in her vision and all three of them try to make sense of it. Dante is upset that Olivia is freaking out about another vision and they talk about her shooting. Lulu is certain that Maxie would never hurt them. At the end, Olivia prays that everything will be okay. End of show!

What do you think of Franco's identity crisis?

Enjoy Nik and Brit's scenes from today's show!

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  1. So glad the handsome prince was on today. Only reason why I watch the show. ABC Family needs some new TPTB because the current ones are a bunch of idiots. Lying Game was not picked up so I am done with ABC Family and so are quite a few friends who loved Lying Game. Hope that GH uses Nik and makes him a major player on GH, they will be fools if they don't. As long as Tyler is on GH I will watch.


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