Thursday, July 11, 2013

Occupational Hazard

In today's show everyone wants to know who beat up Franco, Sam confronts Heather Webber and Maxie gets a special visitor!

Thursday's Recap -

Silas accompanies Sam to the psych ward to see Heather Webber. Heather freaks at the sight of Silas thinking he's Steven Clay. They explain who Silas is and then ask her to be a bone marrow donor for Danny. Heather replies no way, because Sam didn't deliver Heather's letter to Steven Lars. Sam loses her cool and screams at Heather about all the horrible things that she's done. Silas jumps in and tries to talk Heather into getting tested. He asks Heather what he can do for her. Heather says she wants a BLT from Kelly's and a visit from Franco. Silas shakes Heather's hand and agrees to get Franco to come visit her. Then he takes a swab of Heather's DNA and promptly leaves with Sam in tow.

Molly babysit's for Danny at the Davis house and talks about taking him to Italy one day. Rafe joins in and Molly informs him that Silas will be staying in town, because he now works at GH and is Danny's doctor. They start to talk about TJ. Molly tells Rafe she can't get over TJ sleeping with Taylor. Rafe goes to pick Danny up and notices that he looks off. Molly feels Danny's head and realizes that he's burning up with fever. They take his temperature and it confirms that Danny is in trouble. Panicked, Rafe calls Silas at the same time Molly calls Sam for help.

TJ notices blood on Shawn's shirt at Kelly's and asks if it's ketchup. Shawn replies, "It's an Occupational Hazard!" Then he tells TJ that he broke up with Alexis. TJ can't believe it and asks what happened. Shawn admits that it's because of the work he does for Sonny. Shawn tells TJ that nothing he does will touch TJ and he is the most important thing in Shawn's life. However his work can be dangerous. Then Shawn asks if there is anything that TJ wants to know about his work with Sonny. At first TJ says no, but then somberly responds, "That's not ketchup on your shirt, is it?"

Dante visits Olivia at Sonny's house. Sonny overhears them talking about Franco. When Sonny enters the room Dante tells him he doesn't think it's the best place for Olivia to get well. Then Dante gets a call about Franco getting assaulted. Dante insinuates that Sonny must have been involved. Olivia tells Dante not to interrogate his father. Dante gives up and leaves to go take Franco's statement. Once alone, Olivia asks Sonny if he did have something to Franco's beating. Sonny won't give a straight answer, which convinces Olivia he was responsible. Sonny asks if Olivia will turn him in. She answers no, because she is on his side and understands he was defending Michael. They kiss again, but get interrupted when Morgan calls. At the end, Sonny and Olivia decide to take things to the next level and start to head upstairs.

Morgan continues be suspicious of Kiki at the hospital. She gets a text from Michael saying that Brad is off their trail for now. Then Alexis arrives with a beaten Franco. Kiki gets upset at his condition and asks Morgan if he knows what happened to Franco. Alexis accompanies Franco into the ER room and the nurse tells him the cops have been called. Kiki enters and asks Franco who did this to him. Right then Dante enters and wants to know the same thing. Franco introduces Dante and Kiki. Then Dante asks Alexis what she is doing there. Alexis answers that she found Franco and brought him to the hospital. Dante questions Franco for more details, but doesn't get anywhere. Morgan steps away to call Sonny and warn him that Dante is questioning Franco. At the end, Kiki asks Dante if Franco told him anything. Dante says no and asks Kiki and Morgan if they saw anything. Morgan acts nervous, which Dante takes notes of. Back in the ER room, Alexis asks Franco why he didn't tell Dante what happened to him. Franco replies, "Maybe I just like having something to hold over Sonny!"

At Crimson, Maxie rubs her belly and says, "mommy is here." Lulu steps off the elevator at the same time. Lulu asks why Maxie said that. Maxie pretends that she saw Lulu coming in her compact mirror. Then Lulu asks Maxie to dinner to help her pick a baby name. At first Maxie is off put, but then hands Lulu a picture of Maxie & Georgie. She tells Lulu to call the baby Georgie. Lulu says that she would be honored, but Maxie should save that name for the day she has her own daughter. Maxie looks terrified and tells Lulu she has to tell her something. Just as Maxie is about to come clean with Lulu, Connie storms in. Connie wants Maxie's help to get Sonny back. She asks Maxie to pick something out for her to wear. Then Connie takes off and goes knocking on Sonny's door just as he and Olivia are getting hot and heavy! Back at Crimson, Lulu and Maxie talk alone again and Lulu asks what Maxie wanted to tell her before they were interrupted. Maxie makes up a lie to appease her. Lulu says goodbye and leaves. Then Maxie gets buzzed from Connie's office. She runs in thinking Connie is still there, but sees Georgie sitting in Connie's chair with a smile on her face!

Good show today! Were you happy to see Georgie? 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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