Friday, July 5, 2013

Kiss the Cook

Only in our fantasies!
 In today's episode the 4th of July festivities continue and everyone enjoys the fireworks!

Friday's Recap - 

Michael walks into the boathouse and sees Kiki all tied up. He assumes that she is in trouble and wants to call the police. Kiki explains the sex game she was playing with Morgan. Michael thinks it's degrading and goes to untie her. Morgan returns and gets angry that Michael is there. They fight over her and what is sexually appropriate. Morgan tries to kick Michael out, but Michael insists that he must say what he came to say. Once they find out about Danny needing bone marrow donor's, Kiki agrees to get tested. Michael thanks Kiki and remarks on how much Danny looks like Jason. Morgan takes note of their chemistry and rudely tells Michael to get going. After Michael departs, Kiki tells Morgan she's not in the mood, but goes along when he starts to make out with her again. Outside, Michael watches the fireworks alone

Brit crashes Patrick's picnic at the park. She claims she wants to celebrate the 4th of July, but Patrick tells her that she is making Emma uncomfortable. However, Brit manages to make Patrick feel guilty and he let's her stay. Felicia introduces herself to Brit as, "Maxie's mom!" Felicia politely suggests that Brit and Patrick are a mismatch based on their first date at The Floating Rib. Mac remarks on Brit's reaction to the food there. Then Mac makes Brit a burger even though she claims to be a vegetarian. Sabrina encourages Emma to be friendly with Brit, despite Emma concerns about Brit being mean. Emma agrees and Sabrina takes her to talk to Brit. Emma offers to let Brit hold her baby doll. Brit happily takes the doll, but when she realizes that the baby doll also wets like a "real" baby Brit instinctively tosses the doll into the air and it lands on the grill. The toy burns up, while everyone watches in horror. Mac and Patrick put out the fire, but Emma's doll is ruined. Brit tries to apologize to Patrick, while Mac attempts to scrub burnt plastic off the grill. Sabrina assures Emma that her toy will go to heaven. Brit feels stupid and makes her exit. After, Patrick, Emma and Sabrina enjoy some peace and watch the fireworks with Felicia and Mac nearby.

At Sonny's house, Milo announces that he wants to quit just as Shawn is attempting to do the same. Sonny apologizes to Milo if he made him feel unimportant, but Milo explains that he's not like Shawn and isn't cut out for this business. Sonny wishes Milo well, just as Max enters the room. Max takes Milo outside to discuss it. Milo tells Max about going to work for Lucy. He wishes Max a happy 4th and leaves. When Shawn and Sonny have a moment alone again, Sonny asks him what he wanted to tell him. Shawn decides to apologize for the bad shooting and tells Sonny he's with him 100%. After Shawn leaves, Olivia comes into the living room. Sonny tells her that he is glad she is there and fills her in on Milo quitting. Then Sonny recounts all the people that have come in and out of his life. Olivia assures him that she is here to stay. Later, Sonny gives Max the night off leaving he and Olivia alone. They talk about the old times in Bensonhurst and watch the fireworks together. The moment strikes and Sonny finally kisses her!

Nik surprises Alexis at her place, while she is preparing for a romantic evening with Shawn. He offers to be a donor for Danny and then asks who she is waiting for. Alexis explains that Shawn chose to quit working for Sonny so he could continue dating her. Nik is happy for her and then fills Alexis in on Liz's choice to continue dating AJ. He claims that he needs to get over Liz and move on with life. He leaves to take Spencer to see the fireworks, just as Shawn arrives. Alexis wants to toast to Shawn's life changes, but he breaks the news that he didn't quit working for Sonny. Alexis is very disappointed. Shawn tells her that Milo's observation of him was accurate. Shawn feels he needs the adrenaline and likes the way Sonny operates. He asks if she can live with that and Alexis answers NO! At the end, they sadly end their relationship.

AJ barbecue's with Liz and Aiden at the park. She gives him an apron that says, "Kiss the Cook!" AJ gets Aiden to pick sticks to roast marshmallows with. When he and Liz have a moment alone, AJ admits he is grateful she gave him another chance. He also says he is happy to spend time with Aiden, since he never got the chance to do that stuff with Michael when he was young. AJ tells her that he is worried about Michael and feels helpless that he can't help him. After they eat, Liz gets a little teary eyed. AJ asks what's wrong. She says nothing is wrong, but that she is happy that AJ is so good with Aiden. She talks about how she wants Aiden to have a man in his life and how Lucky stays away. The topic of Nik comes up, but AJ promises that he is cool with everything as long as Nik stays in the past. Liz informs AJ that she let Nik down easy and she is with him now. Shortly after, Nik and Spencer run into Milo at the park. Milo tells Nik that he quit working for Sonny. As the fireworks are going off, Nik sees AJ and Liz kissing. He decides to give them space walks away.  Then Nik finds Brit crying. He tells her to watch the fireworks with he and Spencer and she agrees. At the end, Max finds Milo in the park and they enjoy some brother time off the clock.

Overall it was a fun show today! Brit burning the baby was a bit much, but funny! 

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy Brit's scenes from today's show!


  1. When did Patrick grow a beard??



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