Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what's coming up this month!

(Take these with a grain of salt)

Nikolas makes a vow to Britt.

Carly tells sleeping Franco her thoughts; Franco wakes up. How much did he hear?

Franco offers to donate bone marrow but not before a mysterious donor (who matches Danny) offers to do the same. (More likely than not, he is Sam's bio-dad.) 

Later, mystery donor meets up with Ava who warns him it is dangerous for him to be in Port Charles. Will he, therefore, keep his contribution to Danny on the down-low, and allow Franco to take the credit?

Donor man hangs out in the hospital and offers Sam a sympathetic ear on the roof as the procedure is being done.

Mystery guy hangs around Port Charles, keeping an eye on Alexis, Ava, Kiki, and Sam. Expect him to interact with Anna, among others.

Down the road we may discover that RH's "Franco", is Heather's son. Was he ever the "Franco" we knew to begin with?

It won't be too long before one of Felix and Taylor's parents make an appearance.


Michael gets drunk and smashes his car.

Someone enters into Lulu and Dante's relationship when they're in a vulnerable place.

Luke wants to marry Tracy before he dies.

Sam conducts a background check on Silas. 

Felicia and Mac choose a venue for their wedding; Maxie, Patrick, Emma, Anna, Lucy, and Kevin will all be part of their wedding party (and possibly Duke).

Lucy comes up with a new "manly" business scheme. 

Morgan quickly amasses new debt due to his gambling and gets another beat down.

Monica orders Ava out of her house.

AJ goads Nik.

Liz may need a helping hand...or arm.

Someone connected to Alexis seems awfully familiar to Nikolas.

Helena may have had some surprising people on her payroll.

Taylor may find herself with some competition for TJ's attention.

Sonny is not happy when he learns the identity of Michael's new friend; he thinks she is using Michael to get info about Sonny for someone else.

What is bugging Lulu?

Someone is keeping an eye on Alexis, Sam and Anna.

Kevin doesn't want Lucy to know about Christina's numerous troubles.

Christina might not want to listen to Lucy but she will listen to another Port Charles lady who gets through to her.

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