Monday, July 22, 2013

Jason vs. Franco

Jason or Franco?
Interesting show today - Franco continues to lose it, Kiki gets trapped in marriage and Laura wants to run to Luke's rescue!

Monday's Recap - 

Silas and Carly revive Sam at the penthouse. Sam is determined to find Danny, but Carly convinces her to get medical treatment first. Silas takes Sam to the hospital where Liz and Monica fix her up. Back at the Penthouse Carly wants to track Franco down, but Dante tells her to leave it to the police. Of course she doesn't listen and takes off to find Franco anyway.

Kiki is turned off by Morgan's proposal in the Q's den, but he makes her feel guilty and ultimately talks her into it. Meanwhile in the living room, Ava drinks while AJ listens to her woes. Out in the foyer, Monica tells Tracy she knows that Luke is the one who is sick. After Tracy joins Ava and AJ in the living room and they discuss ELQ. Then Kiki and Morgan burst in and make their wedding announcement. AJ thinks it's fishy and Ava isn't pleased.

Michael chats up a new girl at The Floating Rib, but wishes she were Kiki. He impulsively kisses her to distract himself. She asks Michael to come home with her, but Michael says no. Later, Michael gets call from AJ saying that Kiki and Morgan are getting married. After, Michael changes his mind and asks the girl to go home with him after all.

Leslie delivers the results of Luke's tests to Laura at The Floating Rib. Leslie tells Laura that Luke is in big trouble and probably left town to die. Laura can't accept that and wants to go after him. Leslie informs her that it might be time to let Luke go, but Laura refuses. Then she heads to the Quartermaine's to enlist Tracy to help her.

Franco takes Danny to Jason's bridge and Liz finds them. A second "mad world"Franco appears to him and attacks Liz with a knife. Franco, believing he's Jason, pulls his gun, shoots and Liz takes the bullet he intended for imagery Franco. Then he imagines bad Franco tosses Liz over the bridge and into the water. We see that Liz is okay and actually at the hospital. It's all in Franco's tumor ridden brain. He continues to argue with his "other" half and analyzes Franco's obsession with Jason. At the end, a confused Franco considers throwing Danny off the bridge, but thankfully Carly interrupts him by yelling out, "Jason!" End of show!

What did you think of today' show?

Enjoy this clip of happier times - Sam & Jason's wedding!

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