Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Your Daddy!

Kiki's Dad?
Today our vets make their weekly appearance, Morgan has it out with Michael and Carly towers over Elizabeth!

Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy rereads Luke's goodbye letter again at the Quartermaine's. She gets upset and starts crying. Monica walks in and asks her what's wrong. Tracy pretends it's nothing, but Monica doesn't buy it. Monica tells Tracy that Alexis mentioned that Tracy was having medical tests done at the hospital. Tracy gets defensive, but Monica admits that she looked into Tracy's records and found nothing. Monica thinks Tracy had her records ex-sponged in some attempt to preserve her status at ELQ. Monica asks Tracy to please tell her if she is sick. Tracy confidently assures her that nothing is wrong. Monica gives up and walks out of the room. At the end, Tracy pleads with Luke's voice mail to return her call.

Laura and Scotty have dinner at Kelly's and talk about Luke. Scotty assures Laura that Luke will turn up like a bad penny, but Laura feels it's more serious this time. Plus she wants him home for the birth of Lulu's child. Scotty gets suspicious and asks Laura if she still has feelings for Luke. Laura isn't pleased with his question. Scotty isn't happy that she won't let Luke go and yells that, "Luke Spencer can drop dead!" Then he storms out just as Leslie is walking in. Leslie asks Laura what happened. Laura confides in Leslie that she thinks Luke is in trouble, but doesn't know how to help. Leslie says that she can find out, because she used to be a big deal over at General Hospital. She tells Laura not to forget that Scotty is her husband, not Luke. After, Scotty returns and they apologize to each other. Leslie goes to the hospital and announces herself as, "Dr. Leslie Webber," to one of the nurses and manages to get the nurse to let her use her log on to get on the computer. Then Monica comes up behind Leslie and angrily asks what she is doing.

Michael runs into Morgan outside of Kelly's and wants to talk about Kiki. Morgan gets angry and yells at Michael for bringing it up again. Michael tries to make peace and wants to clear the air. Morgan expresses his frustration with Michael and asks Michael what happened with him and Kiki. Michael tries to explain that Kiki made him feel better about the whole Franco thing and things went too far. Morgan still thinks something is off. Michael confesses that they kissed. Morgan freaks and punches Michael. Then he storms off to find Kiki. Later, Kiki sees Michael outside of Kelly's and Michael tells her that Morgan knows they kissed. Kiki is very angry that he told Morgan and asks why he hurt her. Michael tells her he wouldn't do that and wants her to be happy. They almost embrace, but Kiki realizes she needs to fix things with Morgan.

Patrick and Liz discuss Franco's identity issue at the hospital. Patrick leaves to get Franco's test results. After, Carly finds Liz at the nurse's station and asks what's up with Franco. Liz tells her about Franco thinking he's Jason. Carly is certain it's a game. Then Patrick returns with the test results. Carly insists on seeing them, but Patrick reminds her that it's against hospital policy. Liz and Patrick excuse themselves to view the results in private. Patrick sees that Franco has a brain tumor and just as he tells Liz, Carly bursts into the room. She pleads with Patrick to share with her and he agrees. They all look at Franco's brain scan and Patrick shows them the tumor. He thinks it's been there a long time and that Franco's identity crisis is probably not an act.

Ava, Kiki, Silas & Sam wonder where Franco is in his room at the hospital. Silas is more concerned with the fact that Kiki is Ava's daughter. Sam goes to find Franco, while Silas stays to grill Kiki about her parents. He asks who her father is and she answers Franco, but wonders why he cares. Ava jumps in to explain that Silas is Danny's doctor and claims he's interested in her as a possible donor match. Ava advises Kiki to avoid seeing Franco in such a bad state and not to wait. Kiki agrees and leaves. Once alone, Silas asks Ava directly if Kiki is his daughter. Morgan happens to walk up to Franco's room and listens to their conversation. Morgan hears Silas say, "Convince me that Kiki isn't mine!" Then he asks how old Kiki is and Ava says 19. Ava doesn't understand why Silas cares, since he refused to talk about their past. She tells Silas to forget her and Kiki and suggests he go take care of Sam. Silas walks out annoyed and Ava shortly follows. In the hallway, Morgan stops Ava and asks why she lied about Kiki's age since Kiki is really 21. Morgan asks,"Franco isn't Kiki's father is he?"

Franco goes to Danny's room in the hospital and holds him. He introduces himself to Danny as Jason and says, "I'm your daddy! Shortly after, Sam finds Danny's hospital room empty. The nurse claims that Danny must have been taken for tests. Sam waits for a brief time, but then the nurse returns to tell her that Danny wasn't scheduled for any tests. Sam thinks she knows where he might be and takes off. Then we see that Franco took Danny back to Sam's penthouse. He looks at a picture of Sam, Jason & Danny and thinks he is looking at himself. He tells Danny that he knows how to make it so Danny never hurts again. Next we see Sam enter the penthouse calling out for Franco. He runs down the stairs in a black tee shirt and black leather jacket and announces, "Franco's not here, it's just me!" End of show!

Morgan's acting wasn't half bad today. Franco in Jason-wear was hilarious too! 

Enjoy this classic clip of GH 1979 - Dr. Leslie Webber

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