Wednesday, July 24, 2013

History Repeats Itself

Where's Carly?
In today's show some people need Franco to live and others want him to die. Laura and Scott almost come to blows and Felix wants to destroy Brad!

Here's What Happened - 

Diane wants to visit Franco in the hospital, but is stopped by the police guard by his door. Inside his hospital room, Franco thinks about his conversation with "Franco" on the bridge. Then he thinks of how Carly saved him. He calls out for Carly. Diane hears and pushes her way into his room. Diane berates him for making his legal issues even worst. Franco doesn't care and just asks for Carly. Diane isn't pleased with his request, but goes to look for Carly anyway.

Patrick and Sabrina wake up together and he talks to her about Franco. Patrick worries that the tumor will kill Franco, but also thinks the surgery could too. Patrick says the surgery could cause brain damage or alter his personality. Patrick thinks the tumor explains a lot of his criminal behavior. Sabrina assures him that no one can perform surgery better then him. He thanks her for supporting him and they kiss. Later at the hospital, Sabrina and Patrick meet up by the nurses station and promise to get Franco through surgery.

Morgan asks Ava where Kiki is at the Quartermaine's. Ava doesn't know and is concerned that Kiki might found out that Silas is her father. They argue about how to handle Silas, but they both agree that Morgan needs to marry Kiki fast. He shows her a rings he wants to buy Kiki on his iPad and Ava tells him that he's lucky he's cute. Morgan responds, "Thanks Mom!"

Carly comes to check on Danny at the hospital. Silas is with Sam and Sam thanks Carly for saving Danny. She also thanks Carly for saving Franco, because he might be the right donor match for Danny. Sam asks Carly why she decided to help Franco. Before Carly can answer, Diane comes and tells her that Franco is demanding to see her. Carly agrees and walks off to see Franco. Diane stays behind and Silas asks her about her continued defense of Franco. He also informs her about Franco's tumor. Diane thinks it will make or break her case and takes off to get prepared. Once alone, Silas tells Sam they should know if Franco is a match for Danny soon. She asks Silas if Danny will remain stable enough to receive the transplant. Ava interrupts them and asks to speak with Silas. Sam excuses herself to check on Danny. Then Silas tells Ava about Franco's tumor. They have a chat about Kiki and Silas tells Ava he doesn't believe a thing she has told him. Silas walks off and goes to Danny's room. He finds Sam there looking over Danny's crib. Sam asks him about Ava and why he was surprised to learn she has a daughter. Before he can answer, Brad comes in with the results of Danny's tests. As it turns out, Franco is a perfect match!

Felix tells Brad, "The party's over" at the hospital. Brad asks what he is referring to and Felix says he knows that he tried to blackmail Michael into bed. Felix also calls Brad out for conspiring with the 'britch" and thinks whatever their hiding is about Patrick who he refers to as P. Diddy. Brad pretends that he was just being nice to Brit, but Felix insists that something fishy is going down in the lab. Brad tells Felix to keep his mouth shut or he'll spill the beans about Michael "banging" his cousin. Morgan steps off the elevator just as Brad is saying this and overhears. Morgan asks Brad to clarify. Brad says technically is was just a kiss. Morgan wants to know when and where this happened. Brad wonders what difference it makes and Morgan realizes it doesn't because Kiki is marrying him. Morgan walks off and Felix slams Brad into the wall. He yells, "Do you get off making everyone's life miserable?" Brad says, "No, but I am getting off on this!" Yuck! Felix is about to punch him, but Sabrina arrives in time to stop him. Brad takes off and Sabrina asks Felix what's going on. Felix breaks down Brad's gross behavior for her and his suspicions about Brad and Brit. Sabrina agrees they need to do something about Brad.

Kiki comes knocking on Michael's door. Michael answers wet with a towel on. She tells him that she is marrying Morgan and Michael replies that he knows. He asks, "when is the wedding?" Kiki tells him about how fast it all happened and it makes Michael wonder what Morgan's rush is. Kiki says its for the best, because they can't keep having feelings for each other. Then the girl Michael took home from The Floating Rib comes out from Michael's bedroom wearing Michael's Pickle Lila t-shirt. Michael introduces her to Kiki as Penny and tells Penny that Kiki is his cousin. Penny is relived and says, "For a minute I thought you were the girl Michael is trying so hard to get over." Kiki gets uncomfortable and goes to leave. Michael tries to stop her, but Kiki insists it's best they both move on and leaves. After, Penny asks what happened and Michael says that Kiki is upset because her father is in the hospital. Then Penny departs just as Felix shows up. Felix is pleased to see that Michael had some fun. Michael asks what he wants and Felix replies that he needs Michael's help.

Scott calls Laura to come get breakfast in their hotel room. No house yet?  Laura comes out with a suitcase and tells Scotty that she's got a plane to catch. She explains that Luke is dying and Luke's quest to find Jerry Jax. She fills Scott in on the water poisoning and Jerry's $88 million dollars of missing money. Scott listens, but asks what that has to do with her. Laura says it's because of Lulu that she can't just sit back and let Luke die. Scotty gets upset so Laura tells him to come with her. Scott is happy that she asked him, but he says no. He is running for DA and wants to build a life in Port Charles. Then he says it will be the death of their marriage if she goes to look for Luke. Laura assures Scott that she loves him and she just wants to do the right thing for Lulu. Scotty can't help but be insecure and brings up when Laura took off with Luke when they were first married. Laura says, "This is not history repeating itself!" She just needs to help Luke for her kids and asks him to give her his blessing. Scott thinks it over and says okay. Laura leaves and promises to call him everyday. Scott keeps his cool, but once she's gone he kicks the chair over in anger.

Carly goes to see Franco and asks why he wanted to speak with her. He thinks it might have been a dream when he saw her on the bridge, but she tells him it was real. He asks her why she would help him and also reminds her that she told him she loved him. She explains to him that he thought he was Jason and she was just talking as she would have to Jason. Franco doesn't understand his own behavior. Then Patrick walks in and gives him the break down of what's going on with his tumor. Patrick explains the risks of surgery and hands Franco a consent form. Despite the risks, Franco signs and Carly takes pity on him. Outside the door, Morgan and Kiki meet up right as Franco is getting wheeled off to surgery. Kiki asks why he needs surgery and he answers, "So I can be a dad." After, Carly tells Kiki about the risks of the surgery. Morgan steps in to console Kiki and then drops the news to Carly that he is marrying Kiki. At the end, Ava gives Franco a pep talk before going into surgery. She also hands him a proxy giving her power to vote his ELQ shares in case something happens to him. She uses Kiki to get him to sign, he reminds her he might die and then gets taken to surgery. End of show!

I feel confident saying that Franco will survive and will save Danny in time. The question is will he be naughty or nice when he wakes up?

Here's the preview for tomorrow show!

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