Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Game Over Brad!

You chose this over me!?!
Today's Show - 

Alexis isn't happy to see Shawn and Sonny beating Franco at the boathouse. She tries to help Franco and asks Shawn if he'll take her out too. Sonny and Shawn try to explain why they're attacking Franco, re: his involvement in Michael's rape. Alexis screams, "if you kill him you could be killing my grandson too!" She tells them about Danny needing bone marrow donors. She demands they let Franco go to get tested. Franco struggles to get up, but manages to tell Alexis that he didn't promise to get tested for anything. Alexis asks him if he will please do this for Danny and he says yes. Then Franco goes on to say that he owes a lot of people in Port Charles, especially Sam. Alexis decides to help Franco to the hospital. After they leave, Sonny tells Shawn once they find out if Franco is a donor match he's a goner!

Laura leaves a message on Luke's cell phone at Kelly's and tells him she has a bad feeling regarding him. Shortly after, Lucy joins her and tells Laura she found an investor for Deception. Nik comes in at that time and Lucy tells Laura he's the investor. Laura isn't thrilled to hear that Nikolas is giving them the money. He assures Laura that he feels it's a good investment. Lucy is ready with the legal documentation and Nik signs on the dotted line. Then he excuses himself to go get tested for Danny. After he leaves, Laura gives Lucy an earful about involving Nik. Scotty walks in and sees them arguing. Lucy gets offended that Laura's reacting so harshly and storms off. Once alone, Laura vents to Scotty about Lucy doing this without her consent. Scotty asks if maybe Laura is overreacting and wonders if something else is bothering her. Laura admits that Luke is on her mind. She confides in Scotty that she thinks Luke is sick. He offers to talk to Tracy to find out if Luke is really sick or not. Then he reminds Laura that they first got married 34 years ago! Wow! At the end Lucy returns and her and Laura make peace.

Brad continues to taunt Michael and Kiki over their incest kiss in the hospital exam room. Brad threatens to tell the next person who walks in the door. Right then Morgan walks in. Brad flirts with the idea of telling Morgan, but Kiki and Michael interject. Michael walks out of the room with Brad. In private, Brad tells Michael he needs to hold up his end of the deal if he wants him to stay quiet. Michael is disgusted by Brad and asks what else he can do for him. However, Brad insists that he wants a night with Michael. Then Brad tells Michael that he will pick him up at 8. Back in the exam room, Morgan gives Kiki the compass necklace that he bought her. Kiki appreciates it, but wonders how Morgan paid for it.

Sabrina and Patrick kiss at the nurse's station and Brit sees them. Brit apologizes for killing Emma's baby doll and brings a replacement for Patrick to give to Emma. Sabrina and Brit start to argue, because Sabrina finds it odd that Brit is suddenly feeling good enough to get around on her own so well. Brit storms off and runs into Nikolas in the hallway. He notices that she is upset and asks what's wrong. Brit tells him that her baby's father will never love her, even though she loves him. Then she gives Nik some of the background on her situation. Nik says that he can relate because he also lost the woman he loves, re: Elizabeth. Nik mentions he is getting tested as a bone marrow donor and gives Brit his card. He tells her if she ever needs to talk to call him. Then Brad comes to talk to Brit and Nik leaves for testing. Once alone, Brad and Brita start talking about how they would be in trouble if anyone knew what they had done. Michael overhears and after Brit walks off Michael tells Brad, "Game over!" Later, Sabrina and Patrick head to Kelly's to discuss the Britch! Sabrina is convinced that Brit is still hiding something.

Tracy rereads the letter Luke wrote to her at the Q mansion. Ava rushes in and heads the bar. Tracy asks what's wrong and Ava responds, "My ex!" Ava starts to tell Tracy about meeting Silas back in the day, but doesn't mention his name. Ava tells Tracy this man was the love of her life, but she lost him. Tracy relates and mentions that she is also upset over the man she loves. Tracy gives Ava some background without saying Luke's name. Tracy tells Ava they make a good team and she should side with her not AJ. Then Scotty arrives to talk to Tracy and Ava leaves them alone to talk. Ava goes outside and thinks of her conversation with Silas.

Silas makes a house call to see Danny. Sam can tell that Silas is cranky and pushes to find out what the problem is. Finally he admits that he was throw by running into someone from his past. He tells Sam that this woman once meant everything to him, but it all went to hell. Sam asks what happened. Silas closes up again and asks to check on Danny instead. Sam brings Danny out for an exam. Silas thinks Danny is doing well and they have a pleasant conversation. She tells Silas about her brother having special needs and how it makes her even more determined to save her son. Silas is compassionate and tries to assure her that Danny will be fine. He offers to accompany her to talk to another possible donor match.

I know one of my readers was probably thrilled to see Nikolas today! Personally I like the potential of Brit and Nik. Nice to see Silas crack his terse veneer too! 

Enjoy Nik's scenes from today!

P.S. Check it out GH got a nod on EOnline today ---> Burn Baby Burn!


  1. Nik's nipples are popping out of his shirt!

  2. Was thrilled to see Nik on today. Tyler is so handsome and such a good actor. Too bad GH TBTB don't realize what they have. Like the Britt and Nik storyline but only if they redeem Britt and show her trying to change and show that she is the way she is because she is afraid of her father and mother and it comes out that her parents are abusing her. I want Nik with someone who truly loves him and that could be Britt if they change some of her wicked ways. It would also be nice if Nik is the one who finds Robin with Britt's help. That would truly redeem her. And in reply to the above comment: You wish you looked like Tyler and had his physique!!!


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