Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday's Show: Isn't Everyone a Little Bit Gay?

I'm Back Baby!
In Friday's show the battle to run ELQ begins, Brad gives Felix a clue and Dr. Obrecht returns!

Here's What Happened - 

Connie and Sonny talk about how Crimson needs rebuilding at his house, when Carly storms in to bitch about Morgan getting married. Sonny doesn't believe it at first, but Carly insists that Sonny has to stop Morgan. Connie can't believe it either, but gets a call and leaves to give Carly and Sonny time to talk alone. Carly rants to Sonny about Morgan, then mentions how Franco might die. Sonny wonders why she cares, when she ordered a hit on a Franco a few weeks ago. Sonny accuses her of going soft. Carly tells him that she saw Franco crumble into a pile of psychosis. Carly also tells him about Franco's tumor. Later, Sonny agrees to talk to Morgan. Carly leaves and Connie returns to tell Sonny that she thinks she is going to lose Crimson. Connie tells him that a man named Derrick Wells is holding her responsible for the drop in sales.

Morgan and Kiki talk about her concerns for Franco at the hospital. Silas overhears Kiki mention how it would suck to lose her father after just finding him. Silas interrupts them and wants to talk to Kiki. Morgan refers to himself as Kiki's fiance and tells Silas to get lost. Silas almost slips and says, "You're not going to marry my daughter," but he says patient instead. Then Silas pulls Kiki aside. Silas tells Kiki he needs to correct a few things on her medical information. Just as Silas asks Kiki for her birth date, Ava walks in and Morgan signals her to intervene. Ava pulls Kiki away and tells Kiki that she is needed at ELQ to cast her vote. Kiki tells Ava she wants to vote for AJ and Ava tells her to vote her conscious. Alice also shows up with food for Morgan. Silas walks back over to Morgan and asks Morgan if both Kiki and him are of legal age to get married. Alice opens her mouth and says, "Kiki is 21." Morgan says Alice is mistaken, but Alice insists that Kiki is 21. At the end, Silas talks to Morgan alone and tells him that Kiki deserves the truth about who her father really is. Silas tells Morgan that he thinks Kiki is probably his daughter. Then Carly arrives at the hospital and see's Patrick come out of Franco's surgery looking weary.

Michael cringes when Brad knocks on his door, but prepares to act. Brad walks in spraying binaca in his mouth. Then Brad asks Michael what he "actually" is up for. Michael pours Brad some wine and Brad asks Michael to sit next to him on the couch. Brad outright asks Michael if he's gay. Felix eggs him on from the back room to say yes. Michael responds, "Isn't everyone a little bit gay?" Brad says no, but Michael claims to be confused. Brad offers to help Michael find clarity. Michael says it's hard for him to trust Brad, because he tried to blackmail him. Michael suggests that they come clean with one another to clear the air. Michael tells Brad he likes him for real, but Brad remembers what Brit told him about Michael wanting to work him for information. Brad offers to tell Michael what he wants to know if Michael will kiss him. Felix texts Michael to go for the kiss. Brad is about to leave, but Michael says a kiss is just a kiss right? Then he is saved by the bell. AJ calls Michael and tells him that he needs him to come to ELQ immediately. Mike takes off, leaving Brad confused. Felix pops out after Michael leaves and tells Brad he is going to take him down. Brad tells Felix that he really likes him and isn't as bad as Felix thinks he is. Felix thinks Brad almost sounds human, so he asks Brad to tell him the truth about Brit's baby. Brad says he wants to tell the truth, but thinks he would lose his job. Brad goes to walk out, but then gives Felix a little information. He tells Felix to look into Brit's mother.

Ava and Tracy discuss ELQ votes in the ELQ office foyer. Tracy tells Ava she needs to get Kiki to vote for them. Inside AJ's office Liz wants to talk to him. At first, they talk about Franco and his shares. Liz asks what he's going to do about Tracy, but before he can answer Tracy walks in. She is ready to gloat about Ava's getting control of Franco's shares. Tracy drops the bomb on AJ that she is going to take over ELQ. Tracy shows him the documents proving that Ava has Franco's vote. AJ looks the papers over and asks Tracy how she did this. Then Michael and Diane arrive to determine how the votes might fall. Shortly after, Kiki, Ava and Alice all come in to cast their votes. Tracy starts the shareholder's meeting and the votes begin. Tracy thinks she's got it in the bag, but to everyone's surprise Diane says no AJ still has more votes.

Brit sits alone at Kelly's waiting to hear from Brad. Nik goes to walk out and she confronts him on giving her the cold shoulder. Nikolas tells her that he's been distracted because of Danny being sick. Brit asks him about a bone marrow donor, which surprises Nikolas. He asks her if she likes kids and how she got along with Emma. Brit realizes that Liz must have spoken to Nikolas. Brit informs Nik that Liz warned her away from Nikolas and assumes when that didn't work Liz ran to him. He admits that Liz supplied some background and that what he learned conflicts with what he thought he knew about Brit. Brit admits that she handled things poorly with Patrick and Emma. Nik asks if that's all that she has done. Brit offers full disclosure and tells Nik that she acted poorly because she was hurt and afraid after Patrick dumped her. She tells him if you're looking for people who are perfect, stick with Elizabeth. Nikolas mentions how crazy the Cassadine's are and mentions his affair with Liz and how Courtney was married to Jax when Spencer was conceived. He tells Brit that he needs as many friends as he can get. They shake hands and smile at each other. At the end, Dr. Obrecht waits for Brit outside of Kelly's. She tells Brita that her life is about to go up in smoke! END OF SHOW!

Is there anything more awesome then Dr. Obrecht? Perhaps Maura West's attempts to move her heavily injected lips? Yup I went there! 

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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