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Friday's Recap: I Want You Back!

I should have known better then to text the wrong person!
In yesterday's episode, Sam finally questions Alexis about her father, Georgie comes to help Maxie and Olivia attempts to bow out gracefully!

Friday's Show - 

Georgie "visits" Maxie at Crimson to offer advice on her current life choices. She tells Maxie she's still dead, but should have known better then to text the wrong person. Georgie tries to express to Maxie that it's not fair to Spinelli to deny him his child. Georgie thinks Spinelli would be a wonderful father, but Maxie doesn't want to hurt Dante and Lulu. Georgie sees all from heaven and seems to already know all the relevant details. She tells Maxie she knows that Maxie means well, but she's going about it the wrong way. Then Georgie tells Maxie she is always with her and disappears.

Dante and Lulu discuss naming the baby Georgie at their apartment. Lulu starts thinking about Georgie and tells Dante about Dillon and how she was a mean girl back in the day. Then they start talking about Olivia's shooting again. Dante still thinks Sonny had something to do with the hit ordered on Franco. Dante thinks Alexis is covering for Sonny regarding Franco's assault. Lulu asks if putting Sonny in jail will make Dante happy. Dante say no, but he doesn't understand why all these women line up to defend Sonny. Later, Maxie knocks at their door. Will she tell the truth?

Ava goes to visit Franco in the ER. She starts to yell at him then sees Alexis there and pretends to care about him: re: their pretend relationship. Franco introduces Ava to Alexis as "Sonny's lawyer!" He also mentions Danny's condition. Ava explains that Kiki is her daughter and that she got tested for Danny. Alexis excuses herself, leaving Ava and Franco alone to discuss Sonny. He tells Ava why he was beaten by Sonny and she unintentionally mentions another man who she cared about far more than Franco. Franco asks who it is and what happened to this man. Ava won't discuss and leaves the room. On her way out of the hospital she runs into Silas again.

Sam and Silas rush to Danny's aid at the Davis house. Sam and Silas decide to take Danny to the hospital. Rafe and Molly stay behind. Molly tells Rafe a little about her father, Rick. She explains that Sam, Kristina and her all have different father's. At the hospital, Sam sees Alexis and runs to her mother for aid. Alexis tells Sam that Franco agreed to be tested and goes to get the other samples for Danny's possible matches. Silas tells Sam the protocol he subscribed isn't working. Sam freaks out and yells at him for convincing her to do this. Sam cries in Danny's shoulder and thinks of Jason. Silas has a human moment and holds her. Alexis returns and Sam tells her that Danny's has to have a bone marrow transplant to survive. Silas promises he is the best there is and will do his best to save Danny. At the end, Sam asks Alexis about her father!

Spinelli starts his investigation on Ava at Kelly's. He looks at his laptop for information and then Ellie arrives. She tells him that if he wants a baby, she is up for it! Spinelli is shocked and wonders why she changed her mind. He tells her they have time to think about this and that he's content with the way things are. Georgie pops in and whispers into Spinelli's ear to be happy and not mad at Maxie when the truth comes out. He gets a weird feeling, but nothing is there.

Connie spoils Olivia and Sonny's make out session at Sonny's place. Connie storms in and tells Sonny, "I want you back!" She explains that she has recovered from the trauma that caused her to need space from Sonny and now she is ready to be with him. Sonny tries to explain that he just started to move on and doesn't understand her timing. Connie asks if that means he's over her and has he moved on. She looks at Olivia and questions, "Are you with Olivia now?" Olivia jumps in and tells Connie that everything between her and Sonny is about Dante. Then she tells Connie she knows Connie and Sonny belong together. Then Olivia looks at Sonny at says, "You love Connie and want her back!" Sonny doesn't really answer, but Olivia makes her choice to pack up and leave. She tells Sonny this is how it's meant to be. Olivia walks out of the room and Sonny follows her. He tells her that he meant everything he said to her and asks about Olivia's happiness. End of show!

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Enjoy Maxie/Georgie's scenes from Friday's episode!

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