Friday, July 19, 2013

Feet up with Brenda Barrett

You only care about doctors you can trick into bed!
Friday's Recap - 

Monica confronts Leslie at the nurse's station and calls her Lester. She demands to know what Leslie is doing. Leslie claims she was checking her email, but Monica doesn't buy it. Leslie tells Monica that she is a doctor and "predates" Monica. Monica tells her she predates the stone age and definitely doesn't work at GH. Monica wants to call security, so Leslie makes a snarky remark that the only doctor's Monica cares about are the ones she can trick into bed. Monica wants to bury the hatchet and apologizes. They make nice and Leslie explains to Monica Laura's concerns about Luke. Leslie tells her that Luke was the one getting tests, not Tracy and asks Monica to let her look at his file. Monica doesn't think it's ethical, but Leslie talks her into it and asks for 2 minutes. Monica agrees and walks away. Leslie sees Luke tests and gets choked up. She takes a print out for Laura and thanks Monica for her help.

Felix runs into Michael at The Floating Rib. They get to talking and Felix brings up the gossip about Michael supposedly sleeping with Brenda. Felix refers to Brenda as a, "Vertically Challenged Supermodel!" Then Felix asks Michael if he's still going, "Feet up with Brenda Barrett!" Michael breaks it to Felix that it never happened. Michael tells Felix about how Brenda faked the incident to get back at Carly. Felix tells him that it was a cold thing to do, but at least they weren't blood relatives. The comment makes Michael cringe and then he goes for more drinks. Felix joins in and they get to talking about Brad. The swap details of their dealings with Brad. Felix tells Michael that Brad is gross and offers to help anyway he can. Michael says the only thing he needs is help getting over a girl. So Felix takes it upon himself to get a couple of random girls in the bar to chat with Michael.

Morgan wants to know who Kiki's father really is at the hospital. Ava pushes Morgan into Franco's empty room for privacy and claims what he heard was just a misunderstanding. Then Ava makes him guilty by listing all the ways she has helped him. Ava tells him if he says the wrong thing, Kiki will get hurt. She admits that Franco isn't Kiki's father, but tells Morgan he shouldn't want that to come out anymore then she does. Ava tells him that if Kiki finds out she's not really related to Michael she'll break up with Morgan. Morgan says Kiki will pick him, but Ava plays on his insecurities. She tells him to keep quiet and let her deal with Silas and tells Morgan to deal with Kiki. At the end, Ava sits alone in Franco's room and looks at Kiki's birth certificate. The father's name is listed as Silas Clay!

Kiki comes to the Q's looking for Morgan, but finds AJ instead. AJ can tell that Kiki is upset and convinces her that he needs to talk to her about Michael. AJ tells her that he knows about what happened with Michael. Kiki is very embarrassed and is reluctant to discuss it further. AJ tells her that he is family and just wants to help. Kiki relents and begins to list Michael's many attributes. Kiki tells him about how her and Michael came to kiss. AJ immediately starts worrying about ELQ and says, "How the hell are we going to handle an incest scandal!" Kiki scolds AJ for thinking of business before his son, but AJ claims that he doesn't want Michael to get publicly humiliated. Then Kiki says she needs to find Morgan to do damage control. AJ asks if Morgan is really what she wants. She tells AJ that she cares about Morgan and doesn't want to hurt him. AJ tells her he is sorry if anything he said upset Kiki. She thanks him and replies that he give her something to think about. AJ walks out and Morgan immediately comes in afterward. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes to Kiki. Oh Vey!

Patrick, Liz and Carly continue to discuss Franco's tumor at the hospital. Carly doesn't believe it, but Patrick thinks it might explain a lot of his awful behavior. Carly goes on a rampage and recounts all of Franco's terrible acts. She brings up Jason's tumor and says it didn't make Jason evil. Carly insists that she will get to the bottom of this and storms out! After Liz and Patrick discuss surgery options for Franco. Liz tells him she'll add it to Patrick's schedule. Then they get to talking about Brit. Liz mentions her concerns about Brit spending time with Nik and notes that Patrick wasn't ever able to cut ties with her. Liz asks Patrick to warn Nikolas about the dangers of getting involved with Brit. Patrick says he'll think about it then gets back to talking about Franco. He remarks that if he doesn't operate soon, Franco's tumor will kill him!

Sam finds Franco in her penthouse convinced he's Jason. She doesn't understand what is going on and calls him sick. So to convince her he is really Jason, Franco kisses her. Sam pushes him off and punches him. She says, "touch me again and I'll kill you!" He continues to call her his wife, which infuriates Sam. She tells him she will call the police, but he takes the phone and tosses it across the room. She asks where Danny is and he answers that Danny is sleeping upstairs. Sam tries to go check, but Franco blocks her from going upstairs. He tells her that she can't go near Danny. He thinks Sam isn't thinking straight and says she will be a danger to Danny. Sam gets her gun and tells him to get out of her way. Franco calls her bluff, so Sam cocks her gun and says, 'Try me!" Franco tries to wrangle the gun from her and a shot goes off!

Silas finds Danny's room empty at the hospital. The nurse tells him that she thought he took Danny for tests. Silas grows concerned, so he calls Sam's phone. Then Carly runs in and introduces herself to Silas. She asks him about Franco's whereabouts, but Silas tells her it's against hospital policy to tell her. Carly says she'll search everywhere until she finds him. Silas stops her and Carly yells that Franco is faking the tumor. Silas informs Carly that Danny is missing and asks Carly where she thinks Franco would take him. Carly says she has an idea and they leave together. Carly takes him to Sam's penthouse. They see that the door is ajar and when they enter they find Sam passed out on the floor! End of show!

Did you enjoy today's show? I liked Felix's comedy, AJ & Ava's rhetoric and the Franco/Sam drama. Also Monica and Leslie were classic fun! Morgan and Kiki...not so much! 

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!


  1. I hope Brenda comes back and explains the odd circumstances that she left under...

  2. I'd only want her back if the writing is better. The last visit really destroyed her character's integrity in my opinion.

  3. I agree. I would love to see Brenda back but the character definitely needs better writing. She would never have hurt Jax that way. It made no sense and was very sloppily written.

  4. gh have a real big heart and bring our girl brenda back i would love to see the look on her face when she learns robin is alive


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