Monday, July 1, 2013

Dead Man Walking

Bonnie & Clyde
Good show today! Tony Geary heads off for his summer vacation, AJ makes some wise cracks and Franco calls Ava out!

Monday's Recap - 

Nik and Laura chat at Kelly's while they wait for Lulu to join them. Laura asks Nik where things stand with him and Liz. Nik isn't interested in talking about it and shortly after Lulu arrives. She is thrilled and tells them about having a little girl. Nik and Laura are very happy to hear the news. Then Lulu tells them about Stavros wanting her to having sex with him. She cries to Nik that Stavros had him shot because she wouldn't comply. Nikolas tells Lulu not to worry about it and apologizes to both of them for Stavros getting out of control. He tells Lulu not to feel guilty. Later, Laura and Lulu talk about the weird vibe Lulu picked up on when she visited Luke and Tracy. Laura wonders if maybe Tracy is covering for Luke. They decide to go check on him to find out for themselves.

Franco warns Carly that he'll spill the beans about the attempt on his life at the Quartermaine's if she makes Morgan move out. Ava listens with pleasure knowing that he doesn't suspect her as the shooter. Franco explains to Ava why he thinks Carly is responsible. Carly breaks the news to Franco that there was another shooter. Ava and Franco then try to talk Carly into letting Morgan stay. Outside the door, Kiki and Morgan wait for them to finish talking. Franco eventually opens the door and calls them back into the room. Carly tells Morgan it's okay if he wants to stay. He asks what changed her mind. Ava tells Morgan that she promised to keep Franco under control. Then Ava and Franco make out and gross everyone out. At the end, Morgan promises to behave and Carly warns Franco and Ava that she will get them if anything happens to Morgan. She leaves and Franco tells Ava he know she tried to shoot him too.

Tracy insists on joining Luke on his quest to find Jerry Jax. Luke doesn't want her to come in fear that it's to dangerous. Luke says,"I'm a dead man walking!" Tracy tells Luke it's doesn't matter because she needs him in her life. Luke asks about ELQ and her other priorities. Tracy responds that it's not as important and says they're partners in crime. They say that they're each others, "You!" so Luke tells her to go pack! Later, Luke writes a letter and takes off. At the end, Tracy arrives with all her bags in tow and finds his note. He writes that he must do this alone and can't bare anything happening to her. Then someone knocks on the doors. Tracy runs to answer it hoping for Luke, but it's Lulu and Laura instead.

AJ sends roses and a sweet card to Elizabeth apologizing at the hospital. After seeing it she asks one of the other nurse's to cover for her saying there is someone she has to go see. She heads off to Kelly's first and sees Nik with Lulu and Laura when she walks in. Nik goes to chat with Liz. She returns his cell phone and tells him that she wishes that she never heard the recording. Liz asks why Nik didn't explain when AJ slept with Carly since it was during a time she was estranged with AJ. Nik asks her if she is going to patch things up with AJ, since he didn't technically cheat on her. She tells him she is thinking about it. Later, Nik finally deletes the recording!

Michael goes to see AJ at ELQ in a panic about his feelings for Kiki. Michael mentions seeing Kiki topless. AJ reminds him that Kiki is his cousin. Michael says he is painfully aware and asks AJ to help him stay away from her. Michael asks AJ to send him out of the country. AJ isn't happy and tells him that he and ELQ need him. AJ tells Michael that he is the only friend he's got. Then AJ tells Michael that Liz found out that he slept with Carly. Michael is shocked and spits out the water he was drinking. He scolds AJ for sleeping with someone he hates. AJ jokes, "At least she's not my first cousin!" Then AJ explains how it all went down, apologizes to Michael and promises it won't happen again. Michael asks what he's going to do about Liz. Shortly after, Liz comes to see AJ. Michael excuses himself and AJ asks if she if going to break things off for good.

Shawn tells Alexis that he didn't shoot Olivia. Alexis yells at him and says it's doesn't matter, because he was still there to kill Franco. She breaks it to Shawn that she can't deal with his job. Shawn can't believe that Alexis doesn't want to work things out. She tells him she loves him, but says that he has to quit if he wants to stay with her. Shawn tells her that he thrives on excitement and Kelly's alone doesn't cut it. Alexis tells him to find anything other then working for Sonny. He says okay, if she stops working for Sonny too. She defends her position as being morally just. At the end, Shawn agrees to quit and they kiss. End of show!

Have a good night!

Enjoy the AJ/Michael scenes from today!

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