Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bada Bing!

RIP Gandolfini!
In today's show Olivia calls Connie out, Franco insists he's Jason Morgan and Sam gets more bad news about Danny!

Here's what happened -

Liz sees Nik and Brit chatting about Lamaze class at the hospital. Then they hug, which really puts Liz over. Nik says goodbye to check on Danny, so Liz takes it upon herself to ask Brit what she is doing with Nik. Brit gets defensive and explains to Liz how she came to meet Nikolas and how he joined her for Lamaze. Liz's interest alerts Brit to Nik and Liz's past relationship. Brit tells Liz, "If you blew your chance with Nikolas don't blame me!" Brit walks off and runs into Brad. Brad is nervous about Michael being clued into their nefarious business. Brit tells him to keep his mouth shut and to stop blackmailing people. Patrick interrupts them, but doesn't hear what they were talking about. Brit tells Patrick Nik was a great substitute for him at Lamaze. Patrick promises to be there next time!

Kiki notices blood on the floor at the boathouse and thinks it's Franco's. Morgan knows Sonny is responsible, but tries to convince Kiki that whoever tried to shoot Franco at the Metro Court must have been the one behind his beating. Kiki expresses her desire to get to know Franco and her anger at his getting hurt. Morgan feels bad and tries to cheer Kiki up, but she decides to go visit Franco instead leaving Morgan in the lurch.

Connie goes to Lulu and Dante's place to talk to Olivia. Olivia isn't pleased to talk about the topic of Sonny, but Connie pushes the subject. She tells Olivia she knows something happened between her and Sonny. Connie asks if Olivia is okay with her and Sonny getting back together. Olivia says she has always put Connie first and doesn't feel she does the same in return. Olivia wonders why Connie didn't stop her from moving in with Sonny in the first place. Olivia thinks when Maxie light a fire under Connie it prompted her desire to get Sonny back. Then Olivia says, "Bada Bing and your back with Sonny!" Connie thinks Sonny is the love of her life, but she didn't want to hurt Olivia. Olivia gets pissed and walks away. Later, Dante checks on Olivia and sees her crying.

Dante goes to Sonny's house to confront Sonny about Olivia. Dante thinks Sonny broke Olivia's heart and accuses him of using his mother. Sonny tries to explain to Dante how it all went down, but Dante isn't convinced and asks why did Sonny hurt Olivia. Dante thinks Connie only came back to Sonny, because she didn't want to lose Sonny to Olivia. Later, Morgan comes to see Sonny and tries to return the money he thinks Sonny attempted to pay him off with for turning his cheek on Franco's attack. Sonny tells Morgan he doesn't need to buy him off, because he's his son. Sonny also tells him that he isn't asking him to lie to anyone and puts the money back in his hand. Sonny reminds Morgan that he will do anything to protect him from Franco. At the end, Connie goes to see Sonny and asks him if getting back together is the right thing. He says of course, they hug, but both of them look unsure.

Michael joins AJ for coffee at Kelly's. They talk about Kiki and Ava's interest in ELQ. Then Michael tells AJ about kissing Kiki at the hospital when he got tested for Danny. He also tells AJ about Brad's sexual blackmail attempt. AJ asks what Michael was able to get on Brad to get him to back off. Michael gives him the details and AJ is pleased with Michael's resourcefulness. Then AJ asks how they are going to address Michael's attraction to Kiki. Michael insists that he knows he must resist her and stay away.

Franco thinks he's Jason Morgan and asks for Sam at the hospital. Silas thinks Franco is lying, which Franco takes great offense at. Ava looks on in disbelief. Patrick asks her and Silas to leave so he can examine Franco. Then Patrick tries to calm Franco down. Out in the hallway, Ava asks Silas why he thinks Franco is faking. He answers because it's an easy way for Franco to avoid telling him about Ava's relationship with him. Silas insists that Ava tell him what she is hiding. Ava plays coy, denies it and then goes back in Franco's room. Patrick has an orderly come to take Franco for tests. On the way to get his tests done, Franco sees Liz in the hallway. He tells her that he is Jason and to watch out because "Franco" is on the loose. After, Liz runs to ask Patrick what is going on. At the end, Kiki also comes to Franco's room and Ava is there to greet her. Ava mentions Franco's identity issue and Kiki insists on getting all the details.

Alexis and Sam discuss Sam's father in the hospital. Molly walks in and overhears Sam mention her father. Molly is about mention her Ouija board message regarding Sam's dad when Brad enters and tells Sam he has the results of Danny's bone marrow matches. Then Nik walks in and Brad callously tells Sam there isn't a match for Danny. Sam is devastated. The subject of Sam's father comes up again, so Alexis explains to all of them how she met Sam's dad. Molly asks if it's possible his name started with a J and she explains the Ouija incident. Silas interrupts to tell Sam about Franco calling himself Jason. Sam is livid and yells, "I'm gonna kill him!" Then she storms out of the room. Sam heads for Franco's room and finds Ava and Kiki instead. Silas follows and sees Kiki. He asks who Kiki is and she says she is Ava's daughter. Silas gives Ava a suspicious look. At the end, Franco goes to see Danny and calls him his son!

Looks like Silas might be Kiki's real father? What do you think?

P.S. For fans of The Lying Game, I'm sorry say it's been cancelled. At least Tyler will be on GH full time now! Read here---> Lying Game Cancelled 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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  1. Will not be watching ABC Family ever again. Those idiots wouldn't know a good show if it slapped them in the face. Lying Game had something for everyone young and older. They cancel all the good shows and keep the crappy ones.

    Well at least Tyler is on GH and hopefully they utilize his excellent acting skills and he may possibly get another prime time TV show and do both GH and prime time. If Nik leaves GH this fan and many of her friends stop watching!!!


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