Wednesday, July 3, 2013

50 Hues of Blue

Today Lucy boosts Port Charles' unemployment ratio by offering Felix and Milo jobs. Morgan tries to get kinky with Kiki and Sonny tells Olivia there's nothing romantic between them!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sabrina talks to Felix at their apartment about Brit's DNA test. Brit walks out of the bedroom and tells them it's time to accept the baby situation. Taylor also joins in shortly after and tells Sabrina she should apologize to Brit. Felix and Sabrina aren't interested and leave. Taylor congratulates Brit on her "baby-daddy" victory. Brit reveals that she isn't liking being pregnant or being ignored by Patrick. Taylor confides in Brit that she feels used by TJ and how she told Molly to break them up. Brit advises Taylor to use TJ's guilt to worm her way into his life.

Olivia moves in with Sonny. Milo helps to bring her bags in, but he gets distracted. Sonny yells at him to pay attention and brings Olivia in the house. Then Lucy calls Milo to ask if he's ready to accept her offer to change careers. Max asks who Milo is talking to as Milo is getting off the phone. Milo tells him about Lucy's job offer. Max isn't happy and insinuates that Milo isn't capable of doing more then bodyguard work for Sonny. Then Max orders Milo to pick up lunch for Olivia at Kelly's. Inside the house, Sonny fusses over Olivia and makes her a little uncomfortable. She tells him that Connie might be jealous about their living arrangement. Sonny insists there is nothing for Connie to be jealous of, because there's nothing romantic between he and Olivia. Then, he leaves to get her bedroom ready. Olivia isn't so sure and privately worries. 

Lucy talks to Felix about him working for her at Kelly's. She asks him to be the head nurse of her new cosmetic enhancements endeavor, but Felix isn't interested. He says working at a spa isn't his passion. Milo happens to overhear some of their conversation. He hears Felix describe his job at GH as his calling. Milo interrupts and tells Lucy he wants to take the job she offered him. In the kitchen, TJ tells Shawn about breaking up with Molly again. He fills Shawn in on Molly finding out about him sleeping with Taylor. Shawn advises TJ to try and set things straight with Molly if he truly loves her. Shawn leaves and TJ thinks about making things right. Felix approaches TJ to defend Taylor's honor, but Taylor arrives in time to step in. Felix leaves at her request. Taylor tells TJ that if he wants to make it up to her, he can join her to watch the fireworks for the 4th. Later, Shawn goes to see Sonny. He tries to tell Sonny that he wants to quit working for him, but before he can get the words out Milo bursts in and blurts out that he's quitting!

Alexis invites Michael to come over to discuss Danny's health situation. She asks Michael to get tested as a bone marrow donor. She also asks him to try and get Kiki to get tested. Michael isn't too thrilled with the idea and Alexis thinks maybe it has something to do with Kiki living at the Q's where Franco is. Michael says it's not that. He assures Alexis he'll put his uncomfortable feelings aside and ask Kiki for Danny's sake. He goes to call Kiki, but Alexis suggests that he ask Kiki in person. Also at the Davis house, Molly and Rafe discuss her breakup with TJ. Molly tells him she thinks Taylor enjoyed telling her about TJ sleeping with her and that she's done with TJ for good. Rafe suggests that they go swimming to get Molly's mind of things and Alexis overhears. Alexis asks what's wrong, but Molly won't confide in her.

Mac sand Felicia join Emma and Patrick to celebrate the 4th of July at the park. Felicia and Mac ask Emma to be the flower girl in their wedding. Emma is delighted and agrees. Then they give her a baby doll as a gift. Emma looks at it and throws it to the ground screaming that she doesn't want a baby. Emma runs off into Sabrina's arms just as Sabrina arrives to join them. Sabrina tells Emma that she has to embrace the idea of the baby and assures her that everyone will love Brit's baby in time. Patrick tells Emma to apologize to Mac and Felicia for her outburst. Later, Patrick and Sabrina tell each other they love one another. All of them prepare to eat when Brit shows up and crashes their picnic.

Morgan surprises Kiki at the boathouse. He set it up for them to use as an apartment. He tells her that Alice "The Dominator" helped him put it all together. They decide to break in the new place with some kinky sex. Morgan blindfolds her while he kisses and touches her body. Kiki fantasizes that she is with Michael and then panics. She yells out, "this is wrong" which confuses Morgan. However, he doesn't give up and suggests something different. Morgan ties Kiki to the bed with a blue bandanna. He says he saw Kiki's e-reader with the book, "50 Hues of Blue" on it. Nod to Fifty Shade of Grey, although I never read it. Then he leaves her there to go get whipped cream from the Quartermaine's kitchen. At the end, Michael shows up to ask Kiki about being a bone marrow donor and finds her all tied up. End of show!

What did you think of Kiki and Morgan's racy scenes today?

GH will be a repeat tomorrow. ABC will air the 2013 Nurse's Ball.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Here's the preview for Friday's show!

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