Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You're Fired!

I'm a Jerk!
In today's show Olivia tells Derek off, Silas attempts to bond with Rafe and Connie gets bad news about her position at Crimson. 

Wednesday's Recap - 

Morgan dreams that Sonny told Michael about Kiki not being his cousin at the boathouse. He wakes in a sweat and Kiki asks him what's wrong. He lies and claims he dreamt that Kiki called off the wedding. Kiki asks, "Why would I call it off?" They get to talking about Sonny and Morgan informs her that Sonny gave his blessing. Kiki is surprised by that, but Morgan insists that he convinced Sonny how much he loves her.

Michael overhears Carly leaving a message for Patrick about Franco's condition at Kelly's. He wonders why she cares and she tells him about Franco being a match for Danny. Then Carly tells Michael she wants him to talk to Morgan about not marrying Kiki. Michael doesn't want to get involved, but Carly insists. Michael gets backed into a corner and Carly pushes him into admitting his attraction to Kiki. Michael fills her in on the details of what happened. Then he goes on to say the marriage might be a good way to halt their feelings. Carly thinks it's only going to make their attraction grow and Morgan deserves a woman who really loves him. Carly says she hopes Sonny puts a stop to this, just as Morgan and Kiki walk in. Carly walks out and Kiki and Morgan sit down with Michael. Morgan tries to bait Michael into an argument, but Michael plays it cool and doesn't react.

Sonny makes breakfast for Connie on his terrace. She doesn't eat and tells him she is worried about her magazine. Sonny tells her that he knows she will find a good story in time to save Crimson. She responds that she already has a story. Connie tells Sonny about hearing Morgan tell him that Kiki's not a Quartermaine. Connie is elated because Kiki's vote would be invalid, thus constituting fraud at ELQ. Sonny tells her she can't use the story, because he promised Morgan he wouldn't tell. Connie asks why and Sonny tells her about Morgan's fears regarding Michael stealing Kiki. Connie tells Sonny that if Kiki loves Michael, Morgan is only going to be living a lie. She thinks the best thing to do is to tell Kiki the truth. Sonny doesn't want disappoint Morgan, because he believes Morgan needs to know how much Sonny loves him. Connie says she understands, but is clearly disappointed. She tells Sonny she will find another story and leaves to look for a new lead. At the end, Carly shows up at Sonny's house to give him an earful about giving Morgan his blessing to get married.

Maxie hears Derek on the phone at Crimson saying that no one knows what he's really doing in Port Charles. He hears Maxie at the door and accuses her of listening to his phone call. Maxie gets nervous and starts blabbing. Derek gets impatient, grabs her arm and sneers, "Don't lie to me Missy!" Just then Olivia steps off the elevator to take Maxie to the doctor and sees Derek grab her. Olivia yells at him to get his hands off and launches into her Bensonhurst mode. Olivia tells him that she's the grandmother of Maxie's baby and he needs to back off. Derek says that Maxie needs to mind her business or else. Then he storms back into his office. Olivia turns to Maxie and asks her what happened. Maxie tells Olivia about Derek's threat's and how Connie is trying to get a story to save their jobs. Olivia thinks Derek's a jerk, but knows Connie will figure something out. Maxie also apologizes to Olivia for talking Connie into getting Sonny back. Olivia claims to be over it, but Maxie can tell she is still hurt. Olivia quickly changes the subject and hurries Maxie off to her doctor's appointment. At the end, Connie shows up at Crimson to tell Derek she doesn't have a story after all. He responds that he's sorry, but she's out of a job!

TJ comes to work at Kelly's on his day off. Shawn asks why and TJ says he needed to get his mind off Molly. TJ tells Shawn he wants to give Molly space and support her during Danny's ordeal. Shawn tells him it a good idea, but looks a little forlorn. TJ suggests that he goes to check on Alexis. Shawn says he can't because Alexis and him are over for good.

Alexis and Molly try to comfort Sam at the hospital. Sam is losing patients waiting to find out Franco's cancer status. Molly tries to assure Sam that Silas took all night looking for cancer cells and still didn't find any. Sam can't sit still and claims she is going to check on Danny to distract herself. After she leaves Molly breaks into tears. Alexis hugs her and Molly says she has to get it out before Sam sees how upset she is. Alexis asks if anything else is bothering Molly. Molly tells her about seeing TJ and them possibly getting back together. They get around to talking about Shawn. Alexis explains to Molly that Shawn and her wanted different things. Rafe interrupts them and Alexis leaves to go check on Sam. Rafe tells Molly that he overheard her tell Alexis that she wants to get back with TJ. He says it would be a mistake, because TJ isn't the right guy for her...he is.

Rafe checks on Silas in the hospital lab to see if he has any news about Franco's cancer tests. Silas is terse at first, but when he sees that he hurt Rafe's feelings he asks him to assist him with his tests. While Rafe helps, Silas asks him about his relationship with Molly. Rafe tells Silas about the drama with TJ & Taylor and Molly thinking about getting back together with TJ. Silas asks how Rafe feels about that. Rafe says Molly just wants to be friends. Silas goes to give him some advice, when Sam interrupts dying for news about Franco. Silas tells her he's got nothing yet and tries to send her away, but Sam pushes her way into the lab and insists on waiting. Rafe goes to leave to see Molly, but before he walks out Silas tells him to fight for what he wants. After Rafe leaves, Sam grows increasingly more impatient waiting for Silas's lab results. Shortly after, Alexis shows up. She decides to wait with Sam for Silas to tell them the result of Franco's last test. End of Show!

Kind of a filler day today plus the editing seemed really off or am I being picky?

Have a great night!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Britch's Treachery

Michael's gonna steal Kiki away from me!
Today we meet Connie's new boss Derek Wells, Morgan gets Sonny on his side and Brit feels guilty about her baby's father!

Quick Recap -

Derek Wells arrives at Crimson today. He promptly fires Maxie and threatens to fire Connie too if she doesn't produce a hot story for Crimson. At the end, he makes a mysterious phone call announcing his arrival in Port Charles. Read about the actor William deVry here -> Derek Wells Debuts 

Connie eavesdrops on Morgan and Sonny's conversation at Sonny's house. Later, after getting pressure from her boss, Connie realizes she might have to use the information on Kiki to save her and Maxie's jobs.

Spinelli and Felix discuss Brit and her mother at Kelly's. Felix wants Spinelli's help investigating the baby situation. After some witty repartee between them, Spinelli agrees to help uncover, "The Britch's Treachery!"

Lulu brings Maxie munchies at Crimson to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. After Derek fires Maxie, they decide to head to Kelly's to get sundae's instead. They run into Spinelli and Felix there and once again Maxie starts feeling guilt about lying to Spinelli about her baby.

Michael tells Kiki he can't stay away from her at the hospital. Kiki tells him she wants to be friends with him, but that's all. Michael says okay, but asks if she really loves Morgan. Kiki answers that she will learn to love Morgan.

Morgan and Sonny argue over Kiki's Quartermaine status. Morgan tells him that Franco's not Kiki's father and gives Sonny all the details. Morgan admits his fears about Michael and Kiki be attracted to each other and asks Sonny to keep quiet. At first Sonny says no, but after Morgan cries about Michael being Sonny's favorite, Sonny caves, agrees to stay quiet and he condones the wedding!

Sabrina greets Patrick at home after Franco's surgery. He confides in her that Sam's situation with Danny reminded him of complications that Emma had when she was born. He tells Sabrina that he plans to love Brit's baby as much as Emma. Sabrina listens, but tells Patrick that her and Felix still don't trust Brit.

Dr. Obrecht berates Brit at the park for going soft. Then she also admits to switching the DNA results that Ellie took which stated that Patrick was the father. Brit admits that she feels guilty about the biological father not knowing the truth about her baby.

So do you think Derek's the bio-dad to Brit's baby as well as Sam's father? 

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Concubine and Her Sassy Gay Friend

Sam I think you need an actual shirt!
Today Dr. Obrecht continues to crack me up, Tracy gets "Dominated" by Alice and Morgan can't keep his mouth shut!

Monday's Recap - 

Patrick tells Carly that Franco will survive at the hospital. Morgan is happy to hear it and thinks Kiki will be pleased. He leaves to tell Kiki and shortly after Sam approaches Carly to ask about Franco's condition. Carly tells Sam he survived and Sam tells Carly he is a match for Danny. Later, Carly asks Patrick if she can visit with Franco. Patrick wonders why she is concerned and warns her that he doesn't know how Franco will be when he wakes up. When Carly goes to see Franco he has tubes in his mouth, but his eyes are open. Carly explains to him about his tumor, his surgery and tells him he can save a life. Carly reminds him of their conversation on the bridge and tells him that he can save Danny's. She's not sure if he understands her and goes to leave, but then Franco puts his hand out for Carly to hold. Out in the hallway, Patrick tells Sam that right now Franco can't donate bone marrow, because there is a chance that he might have cancer. Sam is panicked and hugs Patrick in desperation. She apologizes for her outburst, but Patrick tells her it's okay. Then he tells Sam that he thinks she should keep looking for another donor.

Connie and Sonny discuss her Crimson troubles at Sonny's place. She also expresses concerns about her new boss, Derrick Wells. Connie thinks Crimson will get shut down unless she comes up with a great story asap. She wonders about the trouble brewing at ELQ, but Sonny says he doesn't know anything about it. Connie wants to go fight for Crimson and tells Sonny she wants to make him proud of her. He replies that he is already proud of her, they kiss and she leaves.

Dr. Obrecht comes to warn Brit that there is trouble a foot outside of Kelly's. Sabrina interrupts and asks to be introduced to her friend, but Brit claims not to know her. Sabrina sees Brit drinking coffee and reminds her it should always be decaf for the baby's sake. Then Sabrina goes into Kelly's and Brit and Dr. Obrecht decide to chat elsewhere. Inside Kelly's, Felix joins Sabrina at the counter and tells her about the information he got from Brad regarding Brit's mother. It makes Sabrina think of the woman she saw Brit with earlier. Felix wonders if the woman was just a friend of Brit's, but Sabrina doesn't think Brit has any friends. Felix recalls of the horrible way Brit described her mother to him previously, but he assumed she was just exaggerating. Sabrina suggests that maybe Brit's mother is as bad as she sounded.

At ELQ, Tracy demands a recount at the board meeting. Diane informs her that someone on her side flipped keeping AJ in charge. AJ is thrilled and asks who turned. Tracy is also eager to find out. Tracy runs through all the possibilities who have 5% of the shares and realizes Alice could be the one. Tracy asks Alice if it's true and Alice admits that she voted for AJ. Tracy can't believe that Alice did that, but Alice tells Tracy she thinks she is a bully. Alice also tells Tracy that she can't believe she would have a secret meeting when Franco is in the hospital. Tracy freaks and tries to strangle Alice, but of course the "Dominator" overpowers her. Chaos ensues. Tracy and Alice start wrestling, AJ laughs hysterically with Liz by his side, Michael hugs Kiki for voting with them and Morgan shows up in time to see them embrace. Morgan can't wait to tell Michael about marrying Kiki. He also tells the group that Franco survived. Right then, Sonny calls Morgan and asks him to come talk to him as soon as possible.

After, Ava and Tracy head to Kelly's to blow off steam. Connie comes to ELQ to talk to Michael and AJ wants to take Elizabeth somewhere special to celebrate. AJ first suggests Paris, but ultimately says anywhere is fine, because being with Liz is all that matters. At Kelly's Ava and Tracy think of their options. Tracy thinks Ava needs to convince Kiki to vote with them. Ava says she can't force Kiki to vote with her. Tracy thinks Ava is useless to her if she can't control Kiki's vote. Then Tracy says, "if only Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine." Tracy asks her if anyone else could be Kiki's father, but Ava says nope Kiki's definitely a Quartermaine. Back at ELQ, Connie shows up and asks Michael to comment on the ELQ takeover. Michael says there isn't a story, because AJ's still in control. Connie is disappointed and leaves. Kiki wants to go see Franco and Michael offers to drive her. Kiki doesn't think it's a good idea, but ultimately agrees and they head to the hospital together.

At the park, Dr. Obrecht tells Brit she likes Sabrina's makeover and tells Brit that, "You look fat!" Brit gets offended and asks what kind of mother says that to her pregnant daughter. Dr. Obrecht tells her not to get stressed out. Then Dr. Obrecht tells Brit that "The Concubine and her sassy gay friend" are out to get her. Brit is very aware of Sabrina and Felix's attempts to uncover her secrets and tells her mother not to worry. Later, Brit wants to tell Patrick the truth. Dr. Obrecht is very happy and wonders if Nikolas has something to do with her mind change. This leads into an argument about Brit's bad parenting. Brit yells to Dr. Obrecht that she has a failed life. Then Brit goes to walk away, but Dr. Obrecht grabs her and smacks her across the face. A moment later Dr. Obrecht tells Brit that she may have to failed to win Faison's love, but Brit can win Patrick's because of what they've done to ensure it. Brit says she still loves Patrick, but it's hard that he doesn't love her back. Dr. Obrecht replies that Patrick will love her when his child is born. Brit responds, "We both know this isn't his child."

Morgan goes to Sonny's and Sonny questions why he is in a hurry to get married. Morgan insists that he loves Kiki, but Sonny's not buying it. He asks, "why would you tie yourself down if you don't need to?" Morgan admits to Sonny that he is afraid of loosing Kiki and about Michael being interested in Kiki. Sonny says nothing is going on, because their cousins. Morgan gets upset and tells Sonny that actually Michael and Kiki aren't related. Right then Connie walks into Sonny's house and overhears them talking just as Morgan yells, "Kiki's not a Quartermaine!" End of show!

Today was fun! Have a great night!

Enjoy the ELQ scenes from today's show; it's pretty funny stuff!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday's Show: Isn't Everyone a Little Bit Gay?

I'm Back Baby!
In Friday's show the battle to run ELQ begins, Brad gives Felix a clue and Dr. Obrecht returns!

Here's What Happened - 

Connie and Sonny talk about how Crimson needs rebuilding at his house, when Carly storms in to bitch about Morgan getting married. Sonny doesn't believe it at first, but Carly insists that Sonny has to stop Morgan. Connie can't believe it either, but gets a call and leaves to give Carly and Sonny time to talk alone. Carly rants to Sonny about Morgan, then mentions how Franco might die. Sonny wonders why she cares, when she ordered a hit on a Franco a few weeks ago. Sonny accuses her of going soft. Carly tells him that she saw Franco crumble into a pile of psychosis. Carly also tells him about Franco's tumor. Later, Sonny agrees to talk to Morgan. Carly leaves and Connie returns to tell Sonny that she thinks she is going to lose Crimson. Connie tells him that a man named Derrick Wells is holding her responsible for the drop in sales.

Morgan and Kiki talk about her concerns for Franco at the hospital. Silas overhears Kiki mention how it would suck to lose her father after just finding him. Silas interrupts them and wants to talk to Kiki. Morgan refers to himself as Kiki's fiance and tells Silas to get lost. Silas almost slips and says, "You're not going to marry my daughter," but he says patient instead. Then Silas pulls Kiki aside. Silas tells Kiki he needs to correct a few things on her medical information. Just as Silas asks Kiki for her birth date, Ava walks in and Morgan signals her to intervene. Ava pulls Kiki away and tells Kiki that she is needed at ELQ to cast her vote. Kiki tells Ava she wants to vote for AJ and Ava tells her to vote her conscious. Alice also shows up with food for Morgan. Silas walks back over to Morgan and asks Morgan if both Kiki and him are of legal age to get married. Alice opens her mouth and says, "Kiki is 21." Morgan says Alice is mistaken, but Alice insists that Kiki is 21. At the end, Silas talks to Morgan alone and tells him that Kiki deserves the truth about who her father really is. Silas tells Morgan that he thinks Kiki is probably his daughter. Then Carly arrives at the hospital and see's Patrick come out of Franco's surgery looking weary.

Michael cringes when Brad knocks on his door, but prepares to act. Brad walks in spraying binaca in his mouth. Then Brad asks Michael what he "actually" is up for. Michael pours Brad some wine and Brad asks Michael to sit next to him on the couch. Brad outright asks Michael if he's gay. Felix eggs him on from the back room to say yes. Michael responds, "Isn't everyone a little bit gay?" Brad says no, but Michael claims to be confused. Brad offers to help Michael find clarity. Michael says it's hard for him to trust Brad, because he tried to blackmail him. Michael suggests that they come clean with one another to clear the air. Michael tells Brad he likes him for real, but Brad remembers what Brit told him about Michael wanting to work him for information. Brad offers to tell Michael what he wants to know if Michael will kiss him. Felix texts Michael to go for the kiss. Brad is about to leave, but Michael says a kiss is just a kiss right? Then he is saved by the bell. AJ calls Michael and tells him that he needs him to come to ELQ immediately. Mike takes off, leaving Brad confused. Felix pops out after Michael leaves and tells Brad he is going to take him down. Brad tells Felix that he really likes him and isn't as bad as Felix thinks he is. Felix thinks Brad almost sounds human, so he asks Brad to tell him the truth about Brit's baby. Brad says he wants to tell the truth, but thinks he would lose his job. Brad goes to walk out, but then gives Felix a little information. He tells Felix to look into Brit's mother.

Ava and Tracy discuss ELQ votes in the ELQ office foyer. Tracy tells Ava she needs to get Kiki to vote for them. Inside AJ's office Liz wants to talk to him. At first, they talk about Franco and his shares. Liz asks what he's going to do about Tracy, but before he can answer Tracy walks in. She is ready to gloat about Ava's getting control of Franco's shares. Tracy drops the bomb on AJ that she is going to take over ELQ. Tracy shows him the documents proving that Ava has Franco's vote. AJ looks the papers over and asks Tracy how she did this. Then Michael and Diane arrive to determine how the votes might fall. Shortly after, Kiki, Ava and Alice all come in to cast their votes. Tracy starts the shareholder's meeting and the votes begin. Tracy thinks she's got it in the bag, but to everyone's surprise Diane says no AJ still has more votes.

Brit sits alone at Kelly's waiting to hear from Brad. Nik goes to walk out and she confronts him on giving her the cold shoulder. Nikolas tells her that he's been distracted because of Danny being sick. Brit asks him about a bone marrow donor, which surprises Nikolas. He asks her if she likes kids and how she got along with Emma. Brit realizes that Liz must have spoken to Nikolas. Brit informs Nik that Liz warned her away from Nikolas and assumes when that didn't work Liz ran to him. He admits that Liz supplied some background and that what he learned conflicts with what he thought he knew about Brit. Brit admits that she handled things poorly with Patrick and Emma. Nik asks if that's all that she has done. Brit offers full disclosure and tells Nik that she acted poorly because she was hurt and afraid after Patrick dumped her. She tells him if you're looking for people who are perfect, stick with Elizabeth. Nikolas mentions how crazy the Cassadine's are and mentions his affair with Liz and how Courtney was married to Jax when Spencer was conceived. He tells Brit that he needs as many friends as he can get. They shake hands and smile at each other. At the end, Dr. Obrecht waits for Brit outside of Kelly's. She tells Brita that her life is about to go up in smoke! END OF SHOW!

Is there anything more awesome then Dr. Obrecht? Perhaps Maura West's attempts to move her heavily injected lips? Yup I went there! 

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stop the Surgery + 1st GH Episode Ever!

Behind the scenes pic - Becky & Kelly studying their lines!
Today's Show -

Liz wants to talk to Nikolas about his relationship with Brit at the hospital. Nik says he was only trying to be nice by assisting Brit in her birthing class. Liz tells him he should stay as far away from Brit as possible. He takes offense and tells her it's not her business. Nik goes to walk away and Liz stops him. Liz breaks down Brit's nasty behavior and her coldness toward Emma. Nik wonders why Liz cares who he gets involved with and reminds her about AJ. Liz says that AJ is nothing like Brit, but Nik laughs at that idea. She says that AJ has changed. Nikolas replies, "Maybe Brit has too!" He tells her he can't listen to her defend AJ anymore. Liz quickly tells him that AJ's bad behavior was in the past, but Brit's is recent. Nik says he's got to go, accuses Liz of being jealous and leaves. At the end, Liz calls AJ and leaves a message saying she needs to tell him something.

TJ goes to the hospital looking for Molly and finds her with Rafe. He asks to speak with her alone. Molly asks Rafe to take some toys to Danny in his room, which gives her a private moment with TJ. Then TJ tells Molly he can't stop thinking about her. She questions him as to why he was hugging Taylor last night at The Floating Rib. He says that he hugged Taylor, because he told her that he only wants to be friends with her. Molly can't get over that he slept with Taylor. He apologizes for that and asks her for another chance. Molly tells him she needs to think about it, but tells TJ there is a chance. Later Rafe returns and asks Molly if she is getting back together with TJ. Molly tells him not right now, but there is a chance in the future.

Morgan tells a very unhappy Carly about his plans to marry Kiki at the hospital. Carly thinks it's a very bad idea. She asks Kiki if her mother knows and Morgan says that Ava supports them. Carly thinks it's crazy and no mother would want their daughter marrying so young. Carly yells that the marriage isn't happening. Morgan tells her she can't stop them, but Carly tersely replies, "Watch me!" Carly storms out. After Kiki wonders if getting married is a good idea or not. Morgan calms her down and they hug, but Kiki privately looks terrified.

Tracy complains to Ned on the phone at the Quartermaine's. She thinks Franco and his 'baby mama" Ava are planning a coup. Ava overhears and wonders if Tracy is getting all her ducks in order. Tracy hangs up and confidently tells Ava that her plans to takeover ELQ have failed. Ava toys with her that she has another plan in mind. Ava informs Tracy she has Franco's ELQ voting shares. Then Ava offers to help Tracy oust AJ. Tracy asks what's in it for her, before Ava can answer Carly storms in. She is furious with Ava and asks what she is up to for condoning Kiki and Morgan getting married. She accuses Ava of only caring about ELQ stock, not Kiki. Carly assures Ava she will find out whatever secret she is hiding. Carly leaves and Tracy asks Ava for her terms to vote AJ out.

Felix asks Michael to help him bring down Brad at his apartment. Michael doesn't want to go near Brad, but Felix explains that he is in a unique position to help find out what Brad is hiding in regards to Brit. Felix gives Michael the background on Brit's pregnancy and his suspicions that Patrick's not the father. Michael reluctantly agrees and asks what Felix wants him to do. Felix answers that he wants Michael to invite Brad over and romance the truth out of him. Michael isn't comfortable at all, but Felix says he doesn't have to do anything just pretend. Michael agrees and calls Brad. Later, Felix gives Michael a make over and they await Brad's arrival.

Taylor treats Brit to lunch at Kelly's to thank her for listening to her vent. Brit thinks she brought her to Kelly's in the hopes of seeing TJ. Brit informs Taylor that she needs to accept that there are no knights in shining armor and she should move on from TJ. They get to talking about Nik and Brit remarks on how nice it is to meet someone like him. Shortly after, Brad walks in with lab results for Brit. Brit asks Taylor to give them a moment alone and Brad sits down with Brit. Then he gets a call from Michael asking him to come hang out. Brit realizes that Brad is being set-up and tells him to go and find out who is behind this. Later, Nik comes to Kelly's and snubs Brit when she tries to say hello. At the end, Brad goes to Michael's apartment ready for action.

Sam is thrilled to find out that Franco is a match for Danny, but Brad quickly reminds her that Franco might die on the operating table. Silas wasn't aware that Franco is being operated on yet and grows concerned. Brad exits and Sam begs Silas to explain Franco's chances. He tells her that Franco might not make it. Sam wants to stop the surgery, but Silas tells her she doesn't have the authority to do that. He offers to try for her. Silas calls the operating room, but it's too late to cancel surgery. Sam is racked with worry and hugs Silas on impulse. Shortly after, Rafe arrives with toys for Danny. He sees Sam upset and asks what's wrong. Sam fills him in, while Silas tries to give a positive spin on the situation. He reminds her about Patrick's talent and how he saved Jason. Sam agrees to stay positive. Silas and Rafe step outside the room to give her a moment. After Sam pulls out Jason's Africa book from the stuff Rafe brought. It inspires her to talk to Jason and ask him to give her a sign that he is there in some way. She asks him to be Danny's angel and watch over him. Silas returns, sees her crying and tries to comfort her. They have a moment and Silas looks at her with attraction! End of show!

Although Franco was mentioned several times, it was a relatively Franco-free day! Score for GH fans!  Plus Silas turns out to have a compassionate side.

Enjoy this special treat - The 1st GH episode - 04/01/1963

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

History Repeats Itself

Where's Carly?
In today's show some people need Franco to live and others want him to die. Laura and Scott almost come to blows and Felix wants to destroy Brad!

Here's What Happened - 

Diane wants to visit Franco in the hospital, but is stopped by the police guard by his door. Inside his hospital room, Franco thinks about his conversation with "Franco" on the bridge. Then he thinks of how Carly saved him. He calls out for Carly. Diane hears and pushes her way into his room. Diane berates him for making his legal issues even worst. Franco doesn't care and just asks for Carly. Diane isn't pleased with his request, but goes to look for Carly anyway.

Patrick and Sabrina wake up together and he talks to her about Franco. Patrick worries that the tumor will kill Franco, but also thinks the surgery could too. Patrick says the surgery could cause brain damage or alter his personality. Patrick thinks the tumor explains a lot of his criminal behavior. Sabrina assures him that no one can perform surgery better then him. He thanks her for supporting him and they kiss. Later at the hospital, Sabrina and Patrick meet up by the nurses station and promise to get Franco through surgery.

Morgan asks Ava where Kiki is at the Quartermaine's. Ava doesn't know and is concerned that Kiki might found out that Silas is her father. They argue about how to handle Silas, but they both agree that Morgan needs to marry Kiki fast. He shows her a rings he wants to buy Kiki on his iPad and Ava tells him that he's lucky he's cute. Morgan responds, "Thanks Mom!"

Carly comes to check on Danny at the hospital. Silas is with Sam and Sam thanks Carly for saving Danny. She also thanks Carly for saving Franco, because he might be the right donor match for Danny. Sam asks Carly why she decided to help Franco. Before Carly can answer, Diane comes and tells her that Franco is demanding to see her. Carly agrees and walks off to see Franco. Diane stays behind and Silas asks her about her continued defense of Franco. He also informs her about Franco's tumor. Diane thinks it will make or break her case and takes off to get prepared. Once alone, Silas tells Sam they should know if Franco is a match for Danny soon. She asks Silas if Danny will remain stable enough to receive the transplant. Ava interrupts them and asks to speak with Silas. Sam excuses herself to check on Danny. Then Silas tells Ava about Franco's tumor. They have a chat about Kiki and Silas tells Ava he doesn't believe a thing she has told him. Silas walks off and goes to Danny's room. He finds Sam there looking over Danny's crib. Sam asks him about Ava and why he was surprised to learn she has a daughter. Before he can answer, Brad comes in with the results of Danny's tests. As it turns out, Franco is a perfect match!

Felix tells Brad, "The party's over" at the hospital. Brad asks what he is referring to and Felix says he knows that he tried to blackmail Michael into bed. Felix also calls Brad out for conspiring with the 'britch" and thinks whatever their hiding is about Patrick who he refers to as P. Diddy. Brad pretends that he was just being nice to Brit, but Felix insists that something fishy is going down in the lab. Brad tells Felix to keep his mouth shut or he'll spill the beans about Michael "banging" his cousin. Morgan steps off the elevator just as Brad is saying this and overhears. Morgan asks Brad to clarify. Brad says technically is was just a kiss. Morgan wants to know when and where this happened. Brad wonders what difference it makes and Morgan realizes it doesn't because Kiki is marrying him. Morgan walks off and Felix slams Brad into the wall. He yells, "Do you get off making everyone's life miserable?" Brad says, "No, but I am getting off on this!" Yuck! Felix is about to punch him, but Sabrina arrives in time to stop him. Brad takes off and Sabrina asks Felix what's going on. Felix breaks down Brad's gross behavior for her and his suspicions about Brad and Brit. Sabrina agrees they need to do something about Brad.

Kiki comes knocking on Michael's door. Michael answers wet with a towel on. She tells him that she is marrying Morgan and Michael replies that he knows. He asks, "when is the wedding?" Kiki tells him about how fast it all happened and it makes Michael wonder what Morgan's rush is. Kiki says its for the best, because they can't keep having feelings for each other. Then the girl Michael took home from The Floating Rib comes out from Michael's bedroom wearing Michael's Pickle Lila t-shirt. Michael introduces her to Kiki as Penny and tells Penny that Kiki is his cousin. Penny is relived and says, "For a minute I thought you were the girl Michael is trying so hard to get over." Kiki gets uncomfortable and goes to leave. Michael tries to stop her, but Kiki insists it's best they both move on and leaves. After, Penny asks what happened and Michael says that Kiki is upset because her father is in the hospital. Then Penny departs just as Felix shows up. Felix is pleased to see that Michael had some fun. Michael asks what he wants and Felix replies that he needs Michael's help.

Scott calls Laura to come get breakfast in their hotel room. No house yet?  Laura comes out with a suitcase and tells Scotty that she's got a plane to catch. She explains that Luke is dying and Luke's quest to find Jerry Jax. She fills Scott in on the water poisoning and Jerry's $88 million dollars of missing money. Scott listens, but asks what that has to do with her. Laura says it's because of Lulu that she can't just sit back and let Luke die. Scotty gets upset so Laura tells him to come with her. Scott is happy that she asked him, but he says no. He is running for DA and wants to build a life in Port Charles. Then he says it will be the death of their marriage if she goes to look for Luke. Laura assures Scott that she loves him and she just wants to do the right thing for Lulu. Scotty can't help but be insecure and brings up when Laura took off with Luke when they were first married. Laura says, "This is not history repeating itself!" She just needs to help Luke for her kids and asks him to give her his blessing. Scott thinks it over and says okay. Laura leaves and promises to call him everyday. Scott keeps his cool, but once she's gone he kicks the chair over in anger.

Carly goes to see Franco and asks why he wanted to speak with her. He thinks it might have been a dream when he saw her on the bridge, but she tells him it was real. He asks her why she would help him and also reminds her that she told him she loved him. She explains to him that he thought he was Jason and she was just talking as she would have to Jason. Franco doesn't understand his own behavior. Then Patrick walks in and gives him the break down of what's going on with his tumor. Patrick explains the risks of surgery and hands Franco a consent form. Despite the risks, Franco signs and Carly takes pity on him. Outside the door, Morgan and Kiki meet up right as Franco is getting wheeled off to surgery. Kiki asks why he needs surgery and he answers, "So I can be a dad." After, Carly tells Kiki about the risks of the surgery. Morgan steps in to console Kiki and then drops the news to Carly that he is marrying Kiki. At the end, Ava gives Franco a pep talk before going into surgery. She also hands him a proxy giving her power to vote his ELQ shares in case something happens to him. She uses Kiki to get him to sign, he reminds her he might die and then gets taken to surgery. End of show!

I feel confident saying that Franco will survive and will save Danny in time. The question is will he be naughty or nice when he wakes up?

Here's the preview for tomorrow show!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Show - Full Episode

Where's my son?
General Hospital was interrupted today due the royal baby announcement. So I was happy to find the episode in full online. Back to normal recaps tomorrow!

Enjoy today's GH below!

Had it with Franco yet?

Jack Wagner Sounds Off!

Check out Jack Wagner's tweeter rant ...OMG! You know what though, I agree with him. Frisco looked like a jerk at the Nurse's Ball!

Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 34m
My tweets aren't about any1 but me n the way I feel. N I'm NOT beating myself
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
Sleep well tweets, I know I
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
BTW I checked w God b4 I chose 2 FINALLY speak my truth about a couple things, He said "It's about time". TY God 4 having my back!!
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
I also think so much reality TV is bullshit! A lot of the people r wasted most of the time. Sad the networks sell this shit message 2 kids
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
It's my fault, I should hv had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy. I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character,I could hv fuckin screamed n should hv but didn't want 2 make waves. Shame on me
Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk 9h
Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jason vs. Franco

Jason or Franco?
Interesting show today - Franco continues to lose it, Kiki gets trapped in marriage and Laura wants to run to Luke's rescue!

Monday's Recap - 

Silas and Carly revive Sam at the penthouse. Sam is determined to find Danny, but Carly convinces her to get medical treatment first. Silas takes Sam to the hospital where Liz and Monica fix her up. Back at the Penthouse Carly wants to track Franco down, but Dante tells her to leave it to the police. Of course she doesn't listen and takes off to find Franco anyway.

Kiki is turned off by Morgan's proposal in the Q's den, but he makes her feel guilty and ultimately talks her into it. Meanwhile in the living room, Ava drinks while AJ listens to her woes. Out in the foyer, Monica tells Tracy she knows that Luke is the one who is sick. After Tracy joins Ava and AJ in the living room and they discuss ELQ. Then Kiki and Morgan burst in and make their wedding announcement. AJ thinks it's fishy and Ava isn't pleased.

Michael chats up a new girl at The Floating Rib, but wishes she were Kiki. He impulsively kisses her to distract himself. She asks Michael to come home with her, but Michael says no. Later, Michael gets call from AJ saying that Kiki and Morgan are getting married. After, Michael changes his mind and asks the girl to go home with him after all.

Leslie delivers the results of Luke's tests to Laura at The Floating Rib. Leslie tells Laura that Luke is in big trouble and probably left town to die. Laura can't accept that and wants to go after him. Leslie informs her that it might be time to let Luke go, but Laura refuses. Then she heads to the Quartermaine's to enlist Tracy to help her.

Franco takes Danny to Jason's bridge and Liz finds them. A second "mad world"Franco appears to him and attacks Liz with a knife. Franco, believing he's Jason, pulls his gun, shoots and Liz takes the bullet he intended for imagery Franco. Then he imagines bad Franco tosses Liz over the bridge and into the water. We see that Liz is okay and actually at the hospital. It's all in Franco's tumor ridden brain. He continues to argue with his "other" half and analyzes Franco's obsession with Jason. At the end, a confused Franco considers throwing Danny off the bridge, but thankfully Carly interrupts him by yelling out, "Jason!" End of show!

What did you think of today' show?

Enjoy this clip of happier times - Sam & Jason's wedding!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Fun Post - Classic GH Moments

Let's have a drink at The Floating Rib, maybe play a game of pool and watch some of my favorite GH moments. No special reason, just because it's the weekend and us GH fans love our history!

Enjoy a random collection of a few of GH's golden oldies!

Grant Putnam Kidnaps Anna - 1988

Carly tells Bobby She's her Daughter - 1998

Frisco's Return - 1989

Mikkos Reveals his plan to Freeze the World - 1981

Luke & Laura's Wedding - 1981 - Full Episode

Friday, July 19, 2013

Feet up with Brenda Barrett

You only care about doctors you can trick into bed!
Friday's Recap - 

Monica confronts Leslie at the nurse's station and calls her Lester. She demands to know what Leslie is doing. Leslie claims she was checking her email, but Monica doesn't buy it. Leslie tells Monica that she is a doctor and "predates" Monica. Monica tells her she predates the stone age and definitely doesn't work at GH. Monica wants to call security, so Leslie makes a snarky remark that the only doctor's Monica cares about are the ones she can trick into bed. Monica wants to bury the hatchet and apologizes. They make nice and Leslie explains to Monica Laura's concerns about Luke. Leslie tells her that Luke was the one getting tests, not Tracy and asks Monica to let her look at his file. Monica doesn't think it's ethical, but Leslie talks her into it and asks for 2 minutes. Monica agrees and walks away. Leslie sees Luke tests and gets choked up. She takes a print out for Laura and thanks Monica for her help.

Felix runs into Michael at The Floating Rib. They get to talking and Felix brings up the gossip about Michael supposedly sleeping with Brenda. Felix refers to Brenda as a, "Vertically Challenged Supermodel!" Then Felix asks Michael if he's still going, "Feet up with Brenda Barrett!" Michael breaks it to Felix that it never happened. Michael tells Felix about how Brenda faked the incident to get back at Carly. Felix tells him that it was a cold thing to do, but at least they weren't blood relatives. The comment makes Michael cringe and then he goes for more drinks. Felix joins in and they get to talking about Brad. The swap details of their dealings with Brad. Felix tells Michael that Brad is gross and offers to help anyway he can. Michael says the only thing he needs is help getting over a girl. So Felix takes it upon himself to get a couple of random girls in the bar to chat with Michael.

Morgan wants to know who Kiki's father really is at the hospital. Ava pushes Morgan into Franco's empty room for privacy and claims what he heard was just a misunderstanding. Then Ava makes him guilty by listing all the ways she has helped him. Ava tells him if he says the wrong thing, Kiki will get hurt. She admits that Franco isn't Kiki's father, but tells Morgan he shouldn't want that to come out anymore then she does. Ava tells him that if Kiki finds out she's not really related to Michael she'll break up with Morgan. Morgan says Kiki will pick him, but Ava plays on his insecurities. She tells him to keep quiet and let her deal with Silas and tells Morgan to deal with Kiki. At the end, Ava sits alone in Franco's room and looks at Kiki's birth certificate. The father's name is listed as Silas Clay!

Kiki comes to the Q's looking for Morgan, but finds AJ instead. AJ can tell that Kiki is upset and convinces her that he needs to talk to her about Michael. AJ tells her that he knows about what happened with Michael. Kiki is very embarrassed and is reluctant to discuss it further. AJ tells her that he is family and just wants to help. Kiki relents and begins to list Michael's many attributes. Kiki tells him about how her and Michael came to kiss. AJ immediately starts worrying about ELQ and says, "How the hell are we going to handle an incest scandal!" Kiki scolds AJ for thinking of business before his son, but AJ claims that he doesn't want Michael to get publicly humiliated. Then Kiki says she needs to find Morgan to do damage control. AJ asks if Morgan is really what she wants. She tells AJ that she cares about Morgan and doesn't want to hurt him. AJ tells her he is sorry if anything he said upset Kiki. She thanks him and replies that he give her something to think about. AJ walks out and Morgan immediately comes in afterward. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes to Kiki. Oh Vey!

Patrick, Liz and Carly continue to discuss Franco's tumor at the hospital. Carly doesn't believe it, but Patrick thinks it might explain a lot of his awful behavior. Carly goes on a rampage and recounts all of Franco's terrible acts. She brings up Jason's tumor and says it didn't make Jason evil. Carly insists that she will get to the bottom of this and storms out! After Liz and Patrick discuss surgery options for Franco. Liz tells him she'll add it to Patrick's schedule. Then they get to talking about Brit. Liz mentions her concerns about Brit spending time with Nik and notes that Patrick wasn't ever able to cut ties with her. Liz asks Patrick to warn Nikolas about the dangers of getting involved with Brit. Patrick says he'll think about it then gets back to talking about Franco. He remarks that if he doesn't operate soon, Franco's tumor will kill him!

Sam finds Franco in her penthouse convinced he's Jason. She doesn't understand what is going on and calls him sick. So to convince her he is really Jason, Franco kisses her. Sam pushes him off and punches him. She says, "touch me again and I'll kill you!" He continues to call her his wife, which infuriates Sam. She tells him she will call the police, but he takes the phone and tosses it across the room. She asks where Danny is and he answers that Danny is sleeping upstairs. Sam tries to go check, but Franco blocks her from going upstairs. He tells her that she can't go near Danny. He thinks Sam isn't thinking straight and says she will be a danger to Danny. Sam gets her gun and tells him to get out of her way. Franco calls her bluff, so Sam cocks her gun and says, 'Try me!" Franco tries to wrangle the gun from her and a shot goes off!

Silas finds Danny's room empty at the hospital. The nurse tells him that she thought he took Danny for tests. Silas grows concerned, so he calls Sam's phone. Then Carly runs in and introduces herself to Silas. She asks him about Franco's whereabouts, but Silas tells her it's against hospital policy to tell her. Carly says she'll search everywhere until she finds him. Silas stops her and Carly yells that Franco is faking the tumor. Silas informs Carly that Danny is missing and asks Carly where she thinks Franco would take him. Carly says she has an idea and they leave together. Carly takes him to Sam's penthouse. They see that the door is ajar and when they enter they find Sam passed out on the floor! End of show!

Did you enjoy today's show? I liked Felix's comedy, AJ & Ava's rhetoric and the Franco/Sam drama. Also Monica and Leslie were classic fun! Morgan and Kiki...not so much! 

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Your Daddy!

Kiki's Dad?
Today our vets make their weekly appearance, Morgan has it out with Michael and Carly towers over Elizabeth!

Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy rereads Luke's goodbye letter again at the Quartermaine's. She gets upset and starts crying. Monica walks in and asks her what's wrong. Tracy pretends it's nothing, but Monica doesn't buy it. Monica tells Tracy that Alexis mentioned that Tracy was having medical tests done at the hospital. Tracy gets defensive, but Monica admits that she looked into Tracy's records and found nothing. Monica thinks Tracy had her records ex-sponged in some attempt to preserve her status at ELQ. Monica asks Tracy to please tell her if she is sick. Tracy confidently assures her that nothing is wrong. Monica gives up and walks out of the room. At the end, Tracy pleads with Luke's voice mail to return her call.

Laura and Scotty have dinner at Kelly's and talk about Luke. Scotty assures Laura that Luke will turn up like a bad penny, but Laura feels it's more serious this time. Plus she wants him home for the birth of Lulu's child. Scotty gets suspicious and asks Laura if she still has feelings for Luke. Laura isn't pleased with his question. Scotty isn't happy that she won't let Luke go and yells that, "Luke Spencer can drop dead!" Then he storms out just as Leslie is walking in. Leslie asks Laura what happened. Laura confides in Leslie that she thinks Luke is in trouble, but doesn't know how to help. Leslie says that she can find out, because she used to be a big deal over at General Hospital. She tells Laura not to forget that Scotty is her husband, not Luke. After, Scotty returns and they apologize to each other. Leslie goes to the hospital and announces herself as, "Dr. Leslie Webber," to one of the nurses and manages to get the nurse to let her use her log on to get on the computer. Then Monica comes up behind Leslie and angrily asks what she is doing.

Michael runs into Morgan outside of Kelly's and wants to talk about Kiki. Morgan gets angry and yells at Michael for bringing it up again. Michael tries to make peace and wants to clear the air. Morgan expresses his frustration with Michael and asks Michael what happened with him and Kiki. Michael tries to explain that Kiki made him feel better about the whole Franco thing and things went too far. Morgan still thinks something is off. Michael confesses that they kissed. Morgan freaks and punches Michael. Then he storms off to find Kiki. Later, Kiki sees Michael outside of Kelly's and Michael tells her that Morgan knows they kissed. Kiki is very angry that he told Morgan and asks why he hurt her. Michael tells her he wouldn't do that and wants her to be happy. They almost embrace, but Kiki realizes she needs to fix things with Morgan.

Patrick and Liz discuss Franco's identity issue at the hospital. Patrick leaves to get Franco's test results. After, Carly finds Liz at the nurse's station and asks what's up with Franco. Liz tells her about Franco thinking he's Jason. Carly is certain it's a game. Then Patrick returns with the test results. Carly insists on seeing them, but Patrick reminds her that it's against hospital policy. Liz and Patrick excuse themselves to view the results in private. Patrick sees that Franco has a brain tumor and just as he tells Liz, Carly bursts into the room. She pleads with Patrick to share with her and he agrees. They all look at Franco's brain scan and Patrick shows them the tumor. He thinks it's been there a long time and that Franco's identity crisis is probably not an act.

Ava, Kiki, Silas & Sam wonder where Franco is in his room at the hospital. Silas is more concerned with the fact that Kiki is Ava's daughter. Sam goes to find Franco, while Silas stays to grill Kiki about her parents. He asks who her father is and she answers Franco, but wonders why he cares. Ava jumps in to explain that Silas is Danny's doctor and claims he's interested in her as a possible donor match. Ava advises Kiki to avoid seeing Franco in such a bad state and not to wait. Kiki agrees and leaves. Once alone, Silas asks Ava directly if Kiki is his daughter. Morgan happens to walk up to Franco's room and listens to their conversation. Morgan hears Silas say, "Convince me that Kiki isn't mine!" Then he asks how old Kiki is and Ava says 19. Ava doesn't understand why Silas cares, since he refused to talk about their past. She tells Silas to forget her and Kiki and suggests he go take care of Sam. Silas walks out annoyed and Ava shortly follows. In the hallway, Morgan stops Ava and asks why she lied about Kiki's age since Kiki is really 21. Morgan asks,"Franco isn't Kiki's father is he?"

Franco goes to Danny's room in the hospital and holds him. He introduces himself to Danny as Jason and says, "I'm your daddy! Shortly after, Sam finds Danny's hospital room empty. The nurse claims that Danny must have been taken for tests. Sam waits for a brief time, but then the nurse returns to tell her that Danny wasn't scheduled for any tests. Sam thinks she knows where he might be and takes off. Then we see that Franco took Danny back to Sam's penthouse. He looks at a picture of Sam, Jason & Danny and thinks he is looking at himself. He tells Danny that he knows how to make it so Danny never hurts again. Next we see Sam enter the penthouse calling out for Franco. He runs down the stairs in a black tee shirt and black leather jacket and announces, "Franco's not here, it's just me!" End of show!

Morgan's acting wasn't half bad today. Franco in Jason-wear was hilarious too! 

Enjoy this classic clip of GH 1979 - Dr. Leslie Webber

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bada Bing!

RIP Gandolfini!
In today's show Olivia calls Connie out, Franco insists he's Jason Morgan and Sam gets more bad news about Danny!

Here's what happened -

Liz sees Nik and Brit chatting about Lamaze class at the hospital. Then they hug, which really puts Liz over. Nik says goodbye to check on Danny, so Liz takes it upon herself to ask Brit what she is doing with Nik. Brit gets defensive and explains to Liz how she came to meet Nikolas and how he joined her for Lamaze. Liz's interest alerts Brit to Nik and Liz's past relationship. Brit tells Liz, "If you blew your chance with Nikolas don't blame me!" Brit walks off and runs into Brad. Brad is nervous about Michael being clued into their nefarious business. Brit tells him to keep his mouth shut and to stop blackmailing people. Patrick interrupts them, but doesn't hear what they were talking about. Brit tells Patrick Nik was a great substitute for him at Lamaze. Patrick promises to be there next time!

Kiki notices blood on the floor at the boathouse and thinks it's Franco's. Morgan knows Sonny is responsible, but tries to convince Kiki that whoever tried to shoot Franco at the Metro Court must have been the one behind his beating. Kiki expresses her desire to get to know Franco and her anger at his getting hurt. Morgan feels bad and tries to cheer Kiki up, but she decides to go visit Franco instead leaving Morgan in the lurch.

Connie goes to Lulu and Dante's place to talk to Olivia. Olivia isn't pleased to talk about the topic of Sonny, but Connie pushes the subject. She tells Olivia she knows something happened between her and Sonny. Connie asks if Olivia is okay with her and Sonny getting back together. Olivia says she has always put Connie first and doesn't feel she does the same in return. Olivia wonders why Connie didn't stop her from moving in with Sonny in the first place. Olivia thinks when Maxie light a fire under Connie it prompted her desire to get Sonny back. Then Olivia says, "Bada Bing and your back with Sonny!" Connie thinks Sonny is the love of her life, but she didn't want to hurt Olivia. Olivia gets pissed and walks away. Later, Dante checks on Olivia and sees her crying.

Dante goes to Sonny's house to confront Sonny about Olivia. Dante thinks Sonny broke Olivia's heart and accuses him of using his mother. Sonny tries to explain to Dante how it all went down, but Dante isn't convinced and asks why did Sonny hurt Olivia. Dante thinks Connie only came back to Sonny, because she didn't want to lose Sonny to Olivia. Later, Morgan comes to see Sonny and tries to return the money he thinks Sonny attempted to pay him off with for turning his cheek on Franco's attack. Sonny tells Morgan he doesn't need to buy him off, because he's his son. Sonny also tells him that he isn't asking him to lie to anyone and puts the money back in his hand. Sonny reminds Morgan that he will do anything to protect him from Franco. At the end, Connie goes to see Sonny and asks him if getting back together is the right thing. He says of course, they hug, but both of them look unsure.

Michael joins AJ for coffee at Kelly's. They talk about Kiki and Ava's interest in ELQ. Then Michael tells AJ about kissing Kiki at the hospital when he got tested for Danny. He also tells AJ about Brad's sexual blackmail attempt. AJ asks what Michael was able to get on Brad to get him to back off. Michael gives him the details and AJ is pleased with Michael's resourcefulness. Then AJ asks how they are going to address Michael's attraction to Kiki. Michael insists that he knows he must resist her and stay away.

Franco thinks he's Jason Morgan and asks for Sam at the hospital. Silas thinks Franco is lying, which Franco takes great offense at. Ava looks on in disbelief. Patrick asks her and Silas to leave so he can examine Franco. Then Patrick tries to calm Franco down. Out in the hallway, Ava asks Silas why he thinks Franco is faking. He answers because it's an easy way for Franco to avoid telling him about Ava's relationship with him. Silas insists that Ava tell him what she is hiding. Ava plays coy, denies it and then goes back in Franco's room. Patrick has an orderly come to take Franco for tests. On the way to get his tests done, Franco sees Liz in the hallway. He tells her that he is Jason and to watch out because "Franco" is on the loose. After, Liz runs to ask Patrick what is going on. At the end, Kiki also comes to Franco's room and Ava is there to greet her. Ava mentions Franco's identity issue and Kiki insists on getting all the details.

Alexis and Sam discuss Sam's father in the hospital. Molly walks in and overhears Sam mention her father. Molly is about mention her Ouija board message regarding Sam's dad when Brad enters and tells Sam he has the results of Danny's bone marrow matches. Then Nik walks in and Brad callously tells Sam there isn't a match for Danny. Sam is devastated. The subject of Sam's father comes up again, so Alexis explains to all of them how she met Sam's dad. Molly asks if it's possible his name started with a J and she explains the Ouija incident. Silas interrupts to tell Sam about Franco calling himself Jason. Sam is livid and yells, "I'm gonna kill him!" Then she storms out of the room. Sam heads for Franco's room and finds Ava and Kiki instead. Silas follows and sees Kiki. He asks who Kiki is and she says she is Ava's daughter. Silas gives Ava a suspicious look. At the end, Franco goes to see Danny and calls him his son!

Looks like Silas might be Kiki's real father? What do you think?

P.S. For fans of The Lying Game, I'm sorry say it's been cancelled. At least Tyler will be on GH full time now! Read here---> Lying Game Cancelled 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!