Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You're That Serial Killer's Brother

Show me the money!
Today Diane had quite a dress on, Patrick gets Danny's test results and Sonny gets mobular with Carly!

The Recap - 

Felix and Sabrina wake up on the pull out bed with stiff backs at their apartment. They're unpleasantly greeted by Taylor and Brit demanding breakfast. Felix makes food, while Taylor and Brit complain about everything. Then Taylor asks Felix for money to get a prom dress. Felix reluctantly agrees. Brit and Taylor get along great and they discuss Molly and TJ. Brit says Molly has the sex appeal of sliced cheese. Taylor and Brit exit to get dressed and Sabrina asks Felix why he is doing Taylor's bidding. Sabrina thinks Taylor is blackmailing him, but Felix won't admit anything. Then Taylor comes back and demands all of Felix's money. He gives her all he has and Taylor heads out. Sabrina asks him again what Taylor has over him.

Shawn eyes his gun at Kelly's when TJ interrupts him to talk about Molly and prom. TJ explains the situation with Taylor and Molly both wanting to go to the prom with him. Shawn is amused, but tells TJ that if he wants to go with Molly he should go with Molly and tell Taylor the truth. Then Shawn receives a message from Sonny and has to go. After TJ texts Taylor to come to Kelly's. When she arrives she gushes on the phone in front of him about the dress she plans on wearing, before he has a chance to say anything. It makes TJ nervous and he chickens out of telling Taylor how he really feels.

Carly and Sonny discuss the Franco situation in his office. Shortly after, a stranger named Mr. Lazaro enters Sonny's office. He and Sonny discuss their unknown plan in a roundabout way and then Mr. Lazaro leaves. Carly tells Sonny that she forgot how good he was at this. Sonny instantly regrets involving her and demands that she tell him now if she wants to call it off. He thinks murder might not be something she wants on her conscious. However, Carly says she wants to go through with it. Later, Shawn arrives and Sonny tells him that Franco made bail so he should get ready.

Sam calls Ellie at the lab to find out if Danny's test results came back yet. Ellie's lab manager Brad, overhears and grabs the phone. Then he hangs up on Sam. Ellie is applauded, but Brad doesn't care and gives Ellie grief for talking on the phone. Then he gives Ellie all his work and goes on break. A short while later, Spinelli calls Ellie to ask her to lunch. She tells him she can't because of her mean boss. Then Spinelli notices the lab manager at Kelly's and takes the initiative to approach him. Spinelli accidentally spills a drink on Brad and then grabs his cell phone when the he runs to the bathroom to clean up. Spinelli intercepts a call from Brit, who foolishly believes she is speaking to Brad. She tells him that Felix and Sabrina are watching her like a hawk and needs his help.

Patrick leaves a message for Sabrina while he is working at the hospital. After he runs into Silas. Silas wants to talk to Patrick about Danny's condition. Patrick isn't pleased and reminds Silas that he doesn't work at GH.  Silas tells Patrick that nobody can read a report like he can. Patrick denies him access, but Silas insists. Patrick threatens to call hospital security if he doesn't back off and storms off to the lab. Later, Ellie gives Patrick Danny's test results and after reviewing them Patrick doesn't look happy.

Back at Sam's Molly, Spinelli and Alexis arrive to surprise Sam with a celebration for Danny's birthday. They bring balloons and cake. Rafe is also there to celebrate with them. Molly asks Sam to blow out the candles and Sam gets emotional. She gives Danny to Alexis and runs upstairs. Spinelli thinks Sam is probably upset about Franco being alive and Molly can't believe it. She didn't know he was alive. Rafe wants to know why everyone is so scared of Franco so Molly gives him some background. After Rafe asks her what happened with TJ and Molly tells him that TJ has another date. Spinelli leaves and Alexis goes to check on Sam. She finds Sam crying on her bed and assumes it's all about Rafe's custody and Franco, but Sam explains what Silas told her about Danny. Sam is terribly upset, but Alexis says it's ridiculous. We get a mention of Alexis's cancer and they go back downstairs. Alexis and Sam tell them they're taking Danny to the hospital for a check-up and head out. When they arrive at GH, Patrick asks Sam to talk privately.

Franco goes to court and Diane is there to defend him. Diane goes over his vast list of crimes and is doubtful that she can get him exonerated. Franco tells her that he is glad that she is on his side, but Diane informs him that she finds him disgusting and isn't on his side. She agreed to represent him for money and publicity. The judge enters and starts court. Mr. Lazaro the DA arrives and agrees to allow Franco out on bail for $100 K. Franco thinks it happened a little too easy. The courtroom clears out and Silas arrives to speak with Diane. Diane gives Franco his personal effects and sends him off. On the way out Franco greets Silas by saying, "I know you; you're that serial killer's brother!" He leaves and Silas asks Diane when he can take Rafe home. Franco walks out into the foyer and unbeknownst to him Shawn is waiting the hallway with a gun pointed at him. End of show!

I liked today's episode. I could care less about the teen angst and Ellie but otherwise, I enjoyed Alexis, Sam and Diane very much! What you did think of Todd...I mean Franco? wink wink

Enjoy Franco's scenes from today's show!

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  1. Todd does not make a good Franco he sucked!!


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