Friday, June 21, 2013

Who Really Shot Olivia + GH 35th Anniversary Special

Do you ever wear a top, Kiki?
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas and Spencer meet Liz and Aiden at the park for some play time. Liz wants to leave Nik alone with the kids, but Nik asks her to stay. She tells him she's meeting AJ and isn't comfortable staying. Nik plays the friend card and talks her into hanging out for a little bit. Liz tells him that if he wants to be her friend, Nik has to respect her choices. Nik flashes to his chat with AJ about his recording of AJ admitting he slept with Carly. However, he replies to Liz that she has his word he will not interfere in her life. They sit down to chat and Nik tells Liz he'll be in town on business for awhile. Then Spencer and Aiden surprise them with water guns. They get drenched and Nik takes his shirt off for Liz to wear. Oddly Nik doesn't seem to have any scar from his shooting two months ago? Then Nik has trouble with his cell phone, because of the water. Liz tells him to give it to Aiden, because he's great with technology. At the end, Aiden returns the phone and accidentally plays the recording of AJ confessing to sleeping with Carly. Nik tries to quickly grab the phone, but Liz stops him so she can listen.

AJ and Duke talk relish sabotage at ELQ. They try to figure out who might have been responsible. Duke mentions Ava. AJ fills Duke in on Ava and Kiki's tie to the Quartermaine's and he asks Duke what he knows about Ava. Duke gives AJ some background on the Jerome's he knew. AJ says it's a common last name, but Duke remarks that Ava said the same thing to him and he got the feeling she was playing a game. AJ tells Duke about Morgan and Kiki dating and Michael and Kiki being related. AJ has second thoughts about asking Michael to cozy up to Kiki.

Michael finds Kiki topless in the boathouse. Kiki just stands there while Michael stares at her. Then Morgan walks in and asks what's going on. Michael and Kiki both tell Morgan that Michael didn't know she was in there, but Morgan still thinks Mike's a pervert. Michael changes the subject and calls Morgan out for stealing his credit card. Kiki isn't happy to learn that Morgan is gambling again. Morgan acts cocky, but admits it. Kiki lectures Morgan on the dangers of gambling and recounts what happened the last time. Morgan claims he was gambling for Kiki so he could win enough money to free her from Franco. Kiki buys it and hugs Morgan. Michael get annoyed and tells Morgan to go cancel his gambling account. Morgan storms off and Michael asks Kiki what they're going to do about the kiss.

Ava finds Franco at the Q mansion. They have a chat about Kiki. Franco questions her relationship with their daughter. Ava accuses Franco of returning to Port Charles as part of some crazy art project. Ava tries to cut the conversation short and asks where AJ is. Franco wants to know what she wants with AJ and Ava responds that she is offering AJ, "Your head on a silver platter!" Franco believes that AJ will ultimately embrace him, but Ava tells him that AJ won't feel that way after he knows Franco poisoned the relish. Franco quickly sneaks his iPad under the couch and plays coy with her about the bad relish. Ava says she has proof he was responsible. Ava tells him she was at the Chew studio and talked to the producer "Todd" who told her there was an unknown man in the dressing room. She showed him a photo and Todd ID'ed Franco. Ava accuses Franco of purposely trying to drive ELQ stock down and grabs his iPad from under the couch. They talk about working together and Morgan happens to overhear from outside the living room door.

Alexis and Sonny talk about Olivia at the hospital. Alexis tells Sonny she thinks he's responsible. Sonny denies it, but Alexis tells him that Shawn told her the truth so he doesn't need to deny it. Sonny tells her that he didn't want this to happen and Alexis asks him to explain to her what really went down. Sonny flashes to his talk with Shawn about Carly ordering the hit. Then Shawn interrupts them and Alexis tells him Olivia is okay for now. Shawn asks to talk to Sonny, which annoys Alexis so she walks off. After she leaves, Shawn tells Sonny that Anna might be onto Carly. Sonny freaks out and Shawn offers to turn himself in. Sonny doesn't want Shawn to take the fall, but Shawn is certain it's the best way. Sonny wants him to play it out, but Shawn wants to protect Sonny and Carly, plus he feels guilty. Shawn can't believe that he missed so badly when he fired, because he thought he had Franco in his sights. At the end, Sonny sees Alexis again and tells her that Shawn went to the police station to confess.

Anna finds Shawn and Carly at the park in deep conversation. Anna wants to question Carly at the police station and offers her a ride. Carly reluctantly goes and gives Shawn a nervous glance as she walks off with Anna. Over at the police station, Dante goes to view the gun they think was used in Olivia's shooting. He also finds the bullet casing and is certain it's the right weapon. Carly and Anna arrive and Dante insists that he wants to help question Carly. Anna allows it. They go into interrogation and Dante almost immediately loses his cool. He tells Carly that Olivia is awake and that he found the gun. Dante says they will trace it back to Sonny, but Carly blurts out that Sonny wasn't responsible. Anna yells, "Who was it?" Carly decides to call her lawyer. Then Shawn arrives ready to confess. At the same time, Dante finds out the bullet and gun he had aren't the right match. End of Show! So does that mean there was another gunman? Oy Vey! 

Well that wraps up another week of GH. What do you think of the current state of the show? Personally on a scale of 1-10, I'd say GH is like a 5 right now. I still love my show and the wonderful characters, but the current plots are boring. Here's hoping for some fresh material this summer! Have a great weekend!

Random I know, but enjoy these clips of GH's 35th Anniversary Special. I remember that it aired in prime time...those were the days. Sigh 

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