Friday, June 28, 2013

We're Having a Dog

I've got the cure!
Today Luke prepares to find Jerry Jax, TJ breaks Molly's heart and Sonny wants Olivia to move in with him!

Here's What Happened - 

TJ dances around the kitchen at Kelly's. He pretends to shoot hoops when Shawn walks in. Shawn notes his good mood and TJ says it's because he and Molly got back together. TJ thanks Shawn for his help and walks out. Once alone, Shawn flashes to his argument with Alexis about the Metro Court debacle. Shawn goes back out to talk to TJ and asks where this leaves Taylor. TJ tells him he wasn't planning on telling Molly about it. Shawn tells him to go talk to Taylor and clear the air.

Outside, Taylor tells Molly she had sex with TJ. Molly can't believe it and demands to know when. Taylor gloats and gives her the details. Molly assumes Taylor is lying to hurt her. Taylor says, "Go ask TJ!" Molly refuses, but then TJ walks out. Molly asks TJ if it's true and he confirms it. TJ blurts out that it didn't mean anything. Molly is horrified and runs off. Taylor apologizes to TJ and claims that she thought Molly already knew. TJ pouts and says he and Molly are over.

Alexis gets home from work and finds a newspaper article about the Metro Court shooting stating there is a new wrinkle in the case. Sam interrupts her with Rafe and asks Alexis to getting tested as a match for Danny. Alexis says of course and Rafe also offers to get tested. Sam thanks both of them and Rafe mentions Silas coming for a visit. Later, Alexis tells Sam that she loves that Sam and Danny are staying there. Sam thinks maybe she is interfering in Alexis's love life and asks about Shawn. Then the doorbell rings, Alexis answers and it's Shawn. Shawn tells Sam he is sorry for what Danny is going through. Sam thanks him and excuses herself to take a nap. Once alone, Shawn tells Alexis that he wants to talk about, 'Us!" Outside, Molly runs into Rafe's arms in tears over TJ.

Morgan answers the door at the Q mansion and greets Carly. She sees Morgan wearing a cast. He informs her that Alice accidentally broke his wrist while they were arm wrestling. Carly isn't pleased and tells Morgan she wants to take him home. They discuss Morgan's gambling. Carly also expresses her concern about him living with Franco. She brings up Michael's rape and Morgan tells her he already knew and claims Franco's not so bad. Then he mentions about Michael telling Kiki about the rape. Carly tells Morgan to have respect for Michael, but Morgan thinks Michael likes Kiki. Carly thinks Kiki is bad for both of them. Carly tells him she is taking him home. Morgan tries to fight, but Carly talks him down.

Ava flashes to her shooting attempt on Franco's life in the Q's living room. Franco reads the newspaper nearby and asks, "A penny for your thoughts?" Then Kiki walks in. They talk to her about ELQ and then tell her they are getting back together. Kiki thinks it seems fishy, but they try to sell it to her. Kiki asks what brought them together. Ava replies, "You did!" Ava tells Kiki she realized it was a mistake to keep her away from Franco when she saw Kiki bonding with the Quartermaine's. Kiki doesn't buy it, so Franco kisses Ava just as Carly and Morgan walk in. Carly asks whats going on and notes this is the reason why she wants to take Morgan out of there. Then Ava introduces herself to Carly and politely suggests that Carly give Franco some slack. Franco asks if Kiki and Morgan will give the three of them some adult time. Once alone, Franco tells Carly he will tell Morgan that she tried to kill him if she doesn't let Morgan stay.

Olivia asks Sonny if he had anything to do with her getting shot in her hospital room. He swears on Dante's life that he had nothing to do with it. Dante overhears as he and Lulu enter the room and he gets annoyed with Sonny. Lulu insists everyone focus on happier things. Her and Dante tell Olivia they have good news about the baby. Dante jokes with Olivia that, "We're having a dog!" Then tells Olivia the truth about having a little girl. Everyone is thrilled! Lulu and Dante step out and Olivia cries to Sonny that they're having a grand daughter. Later, Dante confronts Sonny on Franco's hit. Sonny tells him it's not what Dante thinks and goes back in Olivia's room. Then Sonny informs Olivia that she is coming home with him.

Luke suffers from the effects of the toxin in his hotel room and he passes out. Tracy comes looking for him and finds him on the floor. Tracy gets him up and walks him over the couch. She wants to take him to the hospital for therapy, but Luke insists that won't work. He tells Tracy about his plan to find Jerry Jax. Luke thinks Jerry bought himself a cure with the money he had extorted, while he packs a bag. Then Lulu knocks on the door. Luke tells Tracy he doesn't want Lulu to know and hides his bag. Lulu comes in and asks Tracy how she is feeling. Tracy tells her she is fit as a fiddle. Lulu hugs Tracy and tells her she is thankful Tracy raised her when Laura couldn't. Then Lulu tells them about having a little girl. Luke hugs her. He reminisces about when Lulu was a baby. The conversation makes Luke a little sad. Lulu asks what's wrong, but Tracy quickly interjects to distract her. Lulu hugs Tracy again and sees Luke's bag. She asks where he is going. Luke lies and tells her it's just another adventure. Lulu asks him to promise to be back when her daughter is born. He does and Lulu leaves. After, Tracy tells him he will make it back and not to worry about his lying. Tracy gives Luke a pep talk and tells Luke she is coming with him! Back at the hospital, Lulu tells Dante there is something different about Luke taking off this time. End of show!

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Enjoy this clip from Aug 2012: Jerry's toxic water!

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