Friday, June 7, 2013

Welcome to the Quartermaine Mansion

I think Jason's expression says it all in regards to the Franco situation. Jason killed him and it should have been left there! Steve Burton is on Y&R and James Franco is off doing his thing, so why are GH fans being tortured with this silliness?

Here's what happened - 

Ellie and Spinelli have a romantic dinner at the Metro Court and talk about the "slew" of dates they'd like to have in the future. Ellie remarks that her boss, Brad, might keep her from future dates with Spinelli. However, both of them have plans to get Brad out of her life. Spinelli tells her about his interception of Brad cell phone call from Brit. Ellie wonders why Brad would help Brit and Spinelli suggests they do some snooping to find out. They head off to the hospital to take a look at Brit's medical file.

Liz goes into the exam room where Alexis and Sam are waiting with Danny. Sam tells Liz that Danny is at the hospital to be tested for Leukemia. Liz and Alexis try to assure Sam it might not be as bad as it sounds. Alexis steps out briefly to call Shawn and Liz begins to prep Danny for his procedure. Liz tries to comfort Sam, but Sam is very scared and starts crying. Sam tells Liz that she misses Jason so much and Liz replies, "I know." Then Alexis returns with Patrick and some other doctors for Danny's biopsy. Danny makes it through the procedure with ease, but the doctors want to keep him overnight for observation. Liz steps out and sees Spinelli and Ellie in the hallway. She hints to Spinelli that Sam might need him. Ellie tells him to go and decides to snoop on her own. Spinelli goes to see Sam and gives her some support. Ellie finds Brit's file in the lab, but Brad catches Ellie and warns her to back off.

Shawn, Sonny and Carly discuss their next plan to kill Franco at Sonny's office. Carly can't wait and wants to act now, but Sonny and Shawn try to explain the benefits of patience. Sonny tries to assure her that he wants to protect his family, but Carly reminds him that Jason didn't take action against Franco they way he should have. Then Shawn gets a call from Alexis and she tells him about Danny. Shawn tells Sonny and Carly about Danny's test and Carly gets it in her head that Franco somehow made Danny sick. Sonny and Shawn aren't convinced, but Carly makes a compelling argument. She says, "Franco has to die now!" Sonny says nothing is happening until he says so. Shawn leaves to go see Alexis at the hospital. Sonny tells Carly to let him handle things. She agrees and leaves, but privately vows to kill Franco on her own!

Morgan and Kiki discuss her wealthy family at Michael's apartment. Morgan tells her to just go introduce herself. Michael walks in and asks who their talking about. They tell him to mind his own business. Kiki makes a quick exit and kisses Morgan goodbye. After Morgan and Michael start talking about Michael looking in Kiki's purse. Then Morgan tells him their moving out so Michael can't put anymore moves on Kiki. Michael says nothing was going on, but Morgan doesn't believe it. Michael tells Morgan maybe he should leave after all. Morgan cools off and they make peace. Later, Morgan mentions the mysterious rich family that Kiki is related too and Michael gets a curious look on his face.

Patrick and Sabrina run into each other at the hospital. Patrick tells Sabrina that he has a friend he wants to surprise later hinting at their upcoming date. They make sweet talk and then go their separate ways. Meanwhile over at Sabrina's apartment, Brit calls Brad. Brit starts ranting about the last time they spoke and Brad realizes that she wasn't talking to him. Brit chalks it up to his being high and demands that Brad come over to Sabrina's place. Felix walks in and overhears. She quickly hangs up and he says, "Don't stop conspiring on my account!" Shortly after, Sabrina walks in too. She tells Brit she needs to take blood from her before getting ready for a date with Patrick. Brit isn't pleased, but lucky for her Brad stops by conveniently to take her blood instead. Felix and Sabrina give up and leave the room, while Brad tells Brit that he thinks Spinelli foiled his phone. Brit tells him to go destroy her file. Brad goes to walk out, but Patrick is standing at the door when he opens it. Brad quickly hustles out, making Patrick suspicious. However, Sabrina comes out looking beautiful which distracts him. Brit gets jealous and is desperate to get Patrick's attention. She asks him to feel her stomach, because the baby is kicking. Patrick takes a quick feel, but Felix intercepts and sends them on their date. When Sabrina and Patrick leave, Felix turns to Brit and smirks, "Alone at last!"

Ava crashes the Quartermain's while Franco is there. Franco puts his arms around AJ and Tracy and greets Ava by saying, "Welcome to the Quartermaine Mansion!" Tracy and AJ push him away in disgust. Ava asks what he is doing there and Franco asks the same of her. Franco tells them that Ava is trying to use his daughter to get a slice of the Quartermain pie. Both AJ and Tracy seize the moment and try to play Ava for Lauren's shares, but Franco tells them not to trust her. Tracy gets suspicious and Franco tells Ava to find his daughter to prove her good intentions. Ava bluntly tells him that he will only see Lauren over her dead body. Of course, then Kiki walks in. AJ asks, "I'm guessing you're Lauren Franc?" Franco gets excited and introduces himself as her father. He tells Kiki they have so much to catch up on. Ava freaks and grabs a knife. She tells Franco she'll kill him first. Tracy takes the knife and tries to make nice with everyone. Then AJ and Tracy try to impress Kiki with bribes. Suddenly everyone starts fighting. Kiki screams at them to shut up and announces that she just needs a loan. AJ and Tracy jump in and take Kiki on a tour of the house. Franco tells Ava he's going to have a relationship with his daughter whether she likes it or not. Ava tells him to watch his back and takes off. Shortly after Carly arrives and snears, "Hello Franco!"

I can't stress enough how much I love Roger H! Nor do I want to beat a dead horse, but this whole Franco/Quartermaine thing is a hot mess! Do you agree?

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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