Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toxic Substances

Dead, but still dangerous!
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Luke and Tracy discuss his being injected with "toxic substances" at the Haunted Star. Luke drinks and wants to celebrate until the doctors find a cure for him. Tracy thinks he's nuts and wants him to take it easy. Then get-well package is delivered for Luke with a mysterious DVD included. They play it and it's Helena! Helena explains that they are watching it because she is dead. However, she enlightens Luke to the fact that she is responsible for the toxin in his blood. Helena explains that she had a backup plan and shows Luke an earring. She tells him that when he was kidnapped, her men replaced his earring with a poisoned one. Then she teases him that there is a chance for him to live, if he can figure it out the mystery!

Shawn and Carly try to put the pieces together on the balcony of the Metro Court. They're relived to find out it wasn't Shawn's bullet that hit Olivia. Carly wants to talk to Sonny about it, but Shawn suggests that he go speak to Sonny on her behalf. Inside, AJ and Liz argue about "the recording". AJ blames Nik for the whole thing, but that only makes Liz feel more certain that he's still a selfish mama's boy. AJ asks her to let him explain, but Liz isn't receptive. Carly walks by and Liz loudly sneers, "There's the slut now!" Liz tells Carly she knows the truth and asks why Carly she did it. Carly tries to explain it was a terrible mistake. Then they both AJ ask to explain. He says that technically he didn't cheat on Liz, because it was during their temporary breakup. AJ pleads with Liz to understand, but Liz wonders why he did tell her immediately. AJ asks if they are really over. Before she can answer, Carly jumps in and tells Liz not to break up with AJ because of her. She also tells Liz it's partly her fault for toying with Nik in AJ's face. Carly storms off and AJ asks Liz for another shot. Liz replies that she'll think about it.

Olivia and Connie talk about Sonny's wonderful bedside manner at the hospital. Olivia asks if Connie and Sonny renewed their feelings while she was unconscious. Then Sonny arrives with news about the shooting. Shortly after, Shawn arrives and asks Sonny to talk in private. Shawn tells Sonny about the other shooter and suggests that Sonny forgive Carly. Inside Olivia's hospital room, Olivia asks Connie if Sonny was involved in her shooting. Olivia mentions seeing Connie and Sonny deep in chat when she woke up and wonders if that means they're getting closer. Connie notes that Olivia seems to have feelings for Sonny too. Connie also says neither them should ever get involved with Sonny again. Sonny comes back in and promises them he had nothing to do with the shooting, but he'll get whoever did.

Alexis goes to Windermere to ask Nik for advice on her relationship with Shawn. Nik asks about Shawn's mobular work for Sonny and lectures Alexis about getting involved with another mob guy. Alexis tells him she knows he's right, but she's loves Shawn. She asks to use Nik's cell phone, which forces Nik to tell Alexis about Liz taking his phone to confront AJ. Alexis asks if this will clear a path for Nik and Liz.

Ava asks Franco who he thinks tried to kill him at the Q mansion. Franco flashes to Carly, but tells Ava it's privileged information. Ava pushes him to tell her, but Franco doesn't give in. They start to discuss Kiki and the plan to get her on their side. Ava suggests they get back together to win Kiki over. Franco gets angry at the suggestion, but Ava decides he needs a reminder of their past attraction and kisses him. Then she walks out, hoping she sold him on her plan. End of show!

I've had enough of Ava and Franco, but I don't think we've even scratched the surface yet. Helena's evil plot was a lot of fun though! Plus, I'm hoping AJ and Liz still have a shot.

See you tomorrow!

Enjoy this classic Clip: GH 1981 - The Weather Machine

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