Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Demon from Down Under + News Update!

Leaving GH
News Update: In case you haven't heard, Kelly Sullivan is out as Connie/Kate at GH. Read here --- > Kelly Out!

Kelly had this to say on Twitter today @KellySullivanNY:

"Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty. You are my life long family and I cannot express how much I appreciate each of you. You have really made my experience here on GH a wonderful adventure.
I wanted to fill you all in on the details and try to answer some of your questions.
I am not returning to GH after August.
This is not a contract issue, I have been written off the show.
I do not have any information on potential Daytime opportunities.
Lastly, I have no ill feelings towards any of the staff or crew connected to the show or the network. I will miss everyone dearly.
Love, Kelly"

What do you think about Kelly Sullivan leaving?

Today's Recap - 

Luke explains his situation to Anna in her office and plays Helena's DVD. Anna is very upset to hear the news and asks what he needs. Luke asks her to just provide anything he might need re: police information, weapons, etc. Luke calls Frisco for WSB help! (Although we don't hear or see him lol) Anna does some research and finds out during the whole toxic water scare, Jerry was also looking for the cure for the same toxin that Luke has. However, he's supposed to be dead. Anna says there is a chance that Jerry is alive, which makes Luke determined to found out. He says, "The Demon from Down Under" has the answer!

Rafe and Sam talk at the Davis house about when Silas might take Rafe back to NYC. Spinelli stops by to check on Danny and shortly after Silas knocks on the door. Rafe wonders if he's going to New York, but Silas tells him not yet. Silas rudely announces that Danny is far from out of the woods and insists that Sam has more work to do. Everyone thinks Silas is an ass and has a horrible bedside manner. Silas intentionally scares Sam and tells her that Danny will probably need a bone marrow transplant. He suggests she starts looking for a donor immediately.

Felix worries about Brit getting the test results at his apartment and Taylor overhears him on the phone. Taylor tells Felix she thinks everyone is being too hard on Brit. Felix list's Brit many offenses, but Taylor still thinks Brit is getting treated unfairly. Then Taylor brings up TJ and tells Felix that she had sex with him. Felix lectures her on her bad behavior, but Taylor says not to worry TJ hasn't called her since. Felix threatens to go kick TJ's butt. Taylor asks him not to, even though she appreciates his protective big brother instinct. Later, Felix looks at old pictures of him and Taylor and pines for happier times.

Molly goes to see TJ at Kelly's. They have a chat about Danny's situation. Molly says she can't think about anything else. The statement makes TJ get defensive and he tells Molly he saw her kiss Rafe. Molly tells TJ that he doesn't know the whole story and she is hurt that he assumed the worst. She explains it was a kiss goodbye. TJ feels guilty and flashes to having sex with Taylor. Molly asks about them getting back together. TJ walks into the kitchen without saying anything. Molly follows him and asks him for an answer. TJ says he would love to get back with her, but he's done some really stupid things, Molly tells him that they should leave the past in the past and they kiss. Later, Molly leaves to check on Danny and runs into Taylor outside of Kelly's. Molly informs Taylor that she and TJ just got back together, so Taylor drops the bomb about her having sex with TJ.

Lulu, Dante and Maxie go to the hospital for Maxie's doctor visit. Dante and Lulu gush about the baby, which makes Maxie somber. Lulu wonders what's wrong and asks if something happened with Spinelli. Maxie denies anything is wrong and all of them go into the exam room for her ultrasound. The doctor asks if they want to know the sex. They all decide yes and at the end, it's revealed that Maxie is having a little girl! Lulu and Dante are thrilled while is Maxie less then enthused, but in private Maxie smiles at the news.

The test results are in at the lab. Brit insists it's a violation and threatens Ellie's job and a lawsuit if Patrick and Sabrina open the results. Patrick agrees it's wrong and lets Brit rip up the results. Then he tells her he knows for sure it's not his kid. He thinks if the baby was really his, Brit wouldn't have ripped up the test. Sabrina and Patrick go to leave, but Brit asks Patrick to wait. Brit tells him that he is definitely the father and claims she can prove it. She offers to take a new test, but says that Ellie should already know the results since she ran the test. Ellie confirms that she knows and tells Patrick he's the father. Sabrina and Patrick are disappointed. Patrick apologizes to Brit. Then Brit wheels herself away and Ellie leaves to return to work. Sabrina tells Patrick that she was convinced that Brit was lying. At the end, we see Brit get a text message from Dr. Obrecht that says, "I told you everything would work out!" End of show!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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