Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spinal Tap

I swear it wasn't me!
Today's Recap - 

Patrick and Sabrina wake up in the afterglow of their love making.  Unfortunately, they have to get up and head out to work. Sabrina puts on her glasses on and Patrick tells her the glasses are sexy. They make out a little more, but Patrick gets a call that Danny's tests results came in interrupting them.

Shawn grills Carly at the Metro for lying about the hit. He's furious that she manipulated him, but Carly yells, "It's too late now! He advises her to leave town, because Sonny knows. Shawn gives a great performance while he rants to Carly about all the people this will hurt. He storms off leaving her alone and feeling guilty.

Silas insists that Sam include him on Danny's test results at the hospital. He tells her that Danny needs a spinal tap. Sam isn't happy and tells him to shut the hell up. Silas tells her he won't hold her negative attitude against Danny and advises her to call him when she's ready to treat him properly. Later, Patrick arrives to tell Sam the results of Danny's test. Alexis arrives to comfort her and Patrick regretfully informs her that Danny has Leukemia. Sam realizes Silas was right.

Alexis and Franco have some playful banter at Kelly's. He's so Todd! He mentions Olivia's shooting and gives her the news that Sonny was arrested. Diane comes to talk to Franco and Alexis starts to wonder if Shawn was involved with Olivia getting shot. Alexis tells Diane that Danny might have Leukemia and storms out. Franco asks if it's true and Diane can't believe he cares. She suggests he focus on his various charges to avoid jail. Then, Silas walks in. Diane asks him for an extension for Rafe's court hearing because Sam can't be there. Silas coldly responds no, because Danny will need all Sam's attention not Rafe!

Anna interrogates Sonny at the police station. She think's he ordered the hit on Franco. Sonny loses his temper, throws a chair and screams, "It wasn't me!" Anna thinks Sonny has the most motive, but let's him go after warning him that she will get the shooter. Later, Alexis calls Anna about Sonny's arrest and who the shooter is. Anna tells her she has no information and hangs up. Then Shawn arrives at Anna's behest. She wants to know where he was when Olivia was shot. Anna goes over his military history and questions his employment with Sonny. She asks him to make it right and confess. Shawn calls her bluff and goes to leave. Anna lets him go, but warns him to not leave town.

Lulu and Dante talk at Olivia's bedside. Dante wonders if Sonny is involved just as Sonny arrives to overhear Dante's concerns. Sonny says a prayer for Olivia and swears to Dante that he's not responsible. Dante asks who is and Sonny notices Carly watching them through the hospital room window. Carly takes off when Sonny sees her and he goes after her. Carly tries to get on the elevator, but Sonny stops her and sneers, "I know and you've gone too far!" Then he tells her if Olivia dies, she dies too. Lulu comes to find Sonny and sees them in a heated discussion. They notice her looking at them so Lulu makes an excuse and runs off. Lulu goes back to Dante and tells him that something looked intense between Carly and Sonny. Back at the elevators, Franco interrupts Sonny and Carly to tell then he'll be quiet about the hit on his life for now! End of show!

There were some good scenes and acting today! 

Here are Patrick's scenes from today, enjoy!

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