Friday, June 14, 2013

Save it Michael Moore!

Princess Molly Davis!
Our cliff hanger Friday featured a cancelled prom, some Franco family moments and the potential for upcoming Quartermaine incest. Yikes!

Today's Show - 

TJ tells Shawn the prom was cancelled because of the Metro Court shooting at Kelly's. TJ mentions Olivia, which makes Shawn somber. TJ wants to leave to see Molly, but then Felix and Taylor show up. Taylor is dressed for prom and wants to pose for pictures. Felix snaps some photos, but TJ has to break the news that prom is off. Taylor is devastated and insists that she and TJ go on a date instead. TJ agrees to take her out, but asks Shawn to go check on Molly. He wants Shawn to tell her that he's thinking about her. Shawn says okay. Felix wants to chaperon their date so Taylor doesn't drink, but she threatens him with whatever she is blackmailing him with so Felix backs off. TJ promises he'll take good care of her and they leave. What do you think of Taylor so far?

Molly is ready for the prom, but she has to tell Alexis prom is cancelled due to the shooting. The thought makes Alexis wonder about Shawn's involvement. Molly notices her get upset and wonders out loud if Sonny was involved. Alexis claims she is just worried about Sam. Then Molly realizes that she needs to call Rafe to tell him prom is cancelled, but it's too late because he shows up in his suit. Rafe isn't upset about missing the prom, because he's worried about Danny. However, he tells Molly that he's happy to see her all dressed up. Alexis gets a call from Diane. When she gets off the phone she tells Rafe that the court ruled in Silas's favor and he has to leave Port Charles tomorrow. Molly wants to appeal, but Rafe and Alexis realize it's useless. Then Shawn stops by. Molly makes an excuse to leave them alone and her and Rafe exit. Once alone, Alexis accuses Shawn of being the shooter.

Luke arrives at the Metro Court crime scene to take a drink. Tracy finds him and isn't happy to see him drinking. She asks about his test results, but Luke acts all blase' which puts her on the defensive. She asks if he has a death wish. Tracy calls his doctors to talk about Luke's condition, but Luke says he's not interested. He accuses her of badgering him. Luke says that the medical world is a for profit business. She tells him to, "Save it Michael Moore!" She calls him a coward and storms out. After, Luke grows a pair and makes a doctor appointment.

Franco rings the door at the Q mansion and Alice answers. He introduces himself as Franco Quartermaine. Alice tells him she know he's an insane artist and goes to slam the door. Franco blocks her, but notes how strong Alice is. He insists she let him in and ultimately gets his way. In the living room, Kiki calls Morgan and invites him to move in with her and her new rich relatives. Then Franco walks in with his arms open for a hug and calls her buttercup. She gets off the phone with Morgan and inquires as to what Franco wants. He wants to have a relationship. Kiki throws a sugar bowl at him in response, which makes Alice run in. Kiki asks her to go pick up her boyfriend. Alice doesn't like the idea of leaving Kiki alone with Franco, but she agrees and makes her exit.

Michael goes to see AJ at ELQ. AJ asks how his workout was and Michael says the ELQ gym is great and AJ should join him sometime, lol! They talk about Franco. AJ informs Michael that Franco and "Lauren" already showed up at the house. AJ suggests that Michael try to win over Lauren and bring her over to their side. AJ gets a call and doesn't tell Michael that Lauren is Kiki. Michael heads home to find Morgan on his laptop. He asks if it's porn and Morgan laughs in agreement, but he's really online gambling. Morgan starts packing to move out and Michael remarks on how he has to meet his long lost cousin Lauren at the Q's. They talk about AJ's wishes for Michael at ELQ. Then someone knocks on the door. Michael goes into the shower and Morgan open it. It's Alice to pick him up to see Kiki. Morgan recognizes her as, "The Dominator" and says he won 3 grand on one of her matches. Then they leave without Michael seeing them.

Back at the mansion, Kiki warns Franco to stay away from her. She thinks he's a murderer and Franco explains that there was always a part of him that he couldn't control. He mentions Jason and the way he was obsessed with him. Franco tells her that when Jason was killed, the evil part of him starved and died. He asks if she's brave enough to open her heart to him. AJ interrupts them and asks whats going on. Kiki runs out and Franco calls AJ his blundering brother. Then Tracy enters and suggests that Franco team up with her. Kiki runs to Michael's apartment looking for Morgan, but finds Michael instead. She starts crying on his shoulder about her father. At the end, Morgan arrives with Alice and realizes he's at the Quartermaine house.

Is Morgan slow on the uptake or what? You'd think he'd notice the giant mansion on the ride up the driveway; how many super rich families live in Port Charles anyway? Too funny! Have a great weekend!

The Daytime Emmy Awards are on this Sunday; see my previous post for details --> Daytime Emmy's June 16 2013

P.S. Don't forget to send a little love to all the dad's in your life this Father's Day!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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