Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ready to Move On

In this episode we find out that Duke isn't afraid to wear makeup, Carly makes a guilty criminal and Shawn is a really bad shot!

Here's what happened - 

Duke and Anna play dress up with Emma while they babysit. Emma puts makeup on Duke, amusing Anna greatly. Emma runs to get some jewelry for Duke, so Anna and Duke use the private time to talk about Robin. Anna thinks Robin would approve of Patrick moving on. Emma returns with earrings for Duke and they take pictures. Both of them remark on how Emma reminds them of Robin. Duke explains to Emma that a Scottish kilt isn't the same thing as a skirt. Then Anna gets a call about a shooting and has to leave. After Emma gets Duke to put on tu-tu and dance the tango with her. Later, they fall asleep waiting for Anna to return.

Sabrina and Patrick finally get some alone time at his place. They kiss and Patrick informs her that he actually has some dessert for her. He steps out of the room and Sabrina looks at a picture of Patrick and Robin's wedding. She puts it down and shortly after Patrick returns with cupcakes. They start making out and Patrick invites her to spend the night with him. She asks if he is sure he wants to sleep with her in the house he shared with Robin. Patrick tells her about the DVD that Robin left for him telling him to move on. He says that he wants Sabrina to be comfortable there and he wants her to be a part of his life. Sabrina is moved and kisses him. At the end, they make their way into the bedroom.

AJ surprises Liz with coffee and food on her break at work. He tells her he also needs a break from Franco. They go to a private area and talk about Michael. Liz asks if AJ believes that Franco didn't have anything to do with Michael's rape. AJ says he's not sure, but he oddly relates to Franco because he understands what it's like to cause a lot of damage. He fills Liz in on the whole Kiki/Ava situation. AJ tells Liz he thinks its all getting ridiculous and he just wanted to get away and be with her. Liz tells him she is glad that he's there, because she wanted to tell him that Danny is at the hospital for tests. Talking about a sick child brings up feelings about Jake for Liz. AJ offers to let her bend his ear about Jake, but she politely says she has to get back to work. Liz thanks him for coming to visit, they say goodbye and AJ quietly leaves.

Lulu and Dante make some love at their apartment and after decide to order Chinese food. Dante gets a call about a shooting at the Metro Court and has to go before the food arrives. After he leaves, Lulu calls Maxie to come and keep her company. Once Maxie arrives, they pig out and chat about the fortunes in their fortune cookies. Maxie's fortune reads, "the truth will come out." Lulu's reads, "Something will be lost to you forever!" Maxie pulls out a pair of Lulu's red shoes that she borrowed from last year. She tells Lulu this is what must have been lost to her. Lulu laughs and thanks her for returning them. Then she jokes to Maxie that returning the shoes must be the truth that needs to come out. Maxie gets uncomfortable, but nervously smiles in agreement.

Shawn takes a shot at the Metro Court. Unfortunately, Olivia gets in the way and takes the bullet. Shawn is devastated that he hit Olivia. Carly stares into space guilt ridden. Connie and Sonny try to stop Olivia's bleeding while Franco calls for help. Shawn tries to escape the room he is in. Franco starts to connect the dots and thinks Carly had something to do with it, but Carly is too distracted to confirm or deny. The ambulance arrives and starts to work on Olivia. Anna and Dante arrive on the scene as the medics are wheeling Olivia out. Dante is shocked to see his mother hurt, but Sonny yells at him to stay behind and find, "the son of a bitch who did this!" Dante and Anna go to question Carly and Franco. Franco says he saw a flicker of light coming from one of the rooms. Anna asks Carly to show her the room in question. Carly gives Anna the keys, while Dante and Anna enter the room to investigate. The room is clear and Dante sees the line of sight where Olivia was shot from. Anna asks Carly for all video footage of the hotel. Carly agrees, but acts off which Anna takes note of. At the end, Anna finds a shell casing on the carpet.

Beam me up, Scotty!
Nik comes to see Alexis at the hospital wearing an odd Star-Trek type shirt. He brings a stuffed elephant for Danny and offers his resources for Danny's medical needs. Alexis wants to change the subject and asks about his dilemma with Liz. Nik doesn't want to talk about that so they start talking about Shawn. Alexis mentions that Shawn was in the park the night Nik was shot. Nik starts asking a lot of questions. Alexis informs him that Shawn works for Sonny. Nik gets alarmed and warns her to be careful. Then Shawn arrives at the hospital. Alexis introduces them, but Nik quickly excuses himself saying he is going to visit Sam. Once their alone, Alexis asks Shawn if his business is done for the night. He says yes and she goes on to ask what he was doing. Shawn doesn't want to get into it, but Alexis stays curious. Then Carly calls Shawn, interrupting their talk to ask him what went wrong. The look on Shawn's face from Carly's questions make Alexis nervous. When they hang up, Carly turns around and Franco is standing behind her.

Nik and AJ run into each other, both on the way to visit Sam and Danny. Nik tells AJ that he knows AJ slept with Carly. AJ denies it and reminds Nik that he hates Carly. Nik tells him that he has Tracy's recording to prove it, but hasn't told Liz. AJ asks why not. Nik says he doesn't want to hurt Liz, so AJ asks for the recording back. Nik says no it's his insurance policy. He threatens that if AJ messes up with Liz, he will spill the beans about his tryst with Carly.

Sonny and Connie arrive with the medics and Olivia in the ER. Liz sees her and rushes to help. Connie and Sonny step aside and Connie tells him about Olivia's vision. They hug and wait for news. Liz returns and tells them that Olivia is stable, but will need surgery. Sonny goes to visit Olivia and Olivia opens her eyes. She asks if Sonny is okay and he says he is fine. He just wants her to get well and tells her that he needs her in his life. Sonny kisses Olivia's forehead, while Connie looks on with concern. Is she jealous, concerned for her cousin or both? End of show!

Do you think Olivia will die? I think she'll pull through; after all Sonny needs some bolognese!

Here are the Patrick & Sabrina Scenes from today!

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