Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Push the Succubus Down the Stairs!

I remember bolognese!
This episode revealed what seems to be a delicious bolognese recipe, we meet Felix's sassy little sister and get some dire news about poor little Danny!

Today's Show - 

Silas exams Danny at the courthouse. Sam isn't pleased and pushes him away. Silas tells her to, "drop the attitude and pay attention," because Danny is sick. Sam thinks Danny just has a little rash, but Silas coldly disagrees and tells her to take Danny to the hospital today. Sam thinks he has no bedside manner and storms out. Later, Sam takes Danny to the hospital and asks Patrick to look at him. Patrick takes Danny into the exam room. Sam tells Patrick that Danny has a cold that he can't shake and about what Silas told her. She wants Patrick to appease her nerves so he suggests they run some tests. Patrick tells her to go home until they get the results. Sam prepares to leave while telling Danny that he will be just fine. Then Silas comes in behind her. He corrects Sam and claims that Danny is far from okay. He tells Sam it's cancer! Oh no!

Molly tries to make Rafe feel better at Sam's place. He is convinced that he is going to be sent to live with Silas. Molly tries to convince him that Alexis will save the day. He perks up a little and brings up prom. He asks if she wants to drive up to Niagara Falls after prom. Molly gets slightly uncomfortable and says they should wait to see what the weather will be. Rafe worries that she only asked him to prom to punish TJ. Molly dances around the subject and he asks her if she wants to ask TJ to prom again. Then the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Rafe answers and it's Silas. He tells Rafe that he belongs with him in NYC. Silas abruptly walks out and after Rafe let's Molly off the hook for prom. She thanks him and says she going to find TJ. She leaves and Rafe sadly rips up his prom tickets!

Read about her  - Samantha Logan
At Kelly's we meet Felix's little sister, Taylor Dubois. She is staying the summer and wants to know where all the hot Port Charles boys are. Then she eyes TJ. He is moping over a picture of Molly. TJ comes over to see if they need anything and Felix asks him if Molly has taken him back yet. He shakes his head and Felix introduces his sassy sister. Felix makes his exit and leaves Taylor behind. She flirts with TJ and asks for a sundae. Taylor and TJ share the sundae and talk about his relationship with Molly. Later, Molly comes to apologize to TJ. She asks him to go to prom with her after all, but Taylor interjects. She tells Molly that she is now TJ's date.

Brit demands Sabrina fluff her pillows at Sabrina's place. Meanwhile Sabrina tries to chat with Patrick on her cell phone. Then Brit rings a bell to let Sabrina know she wants a foot rub. Patrick thanks Sabrina for helping him and promises that he will make it up to her. They hang up and Sabrina runs over to Brit. Brit demands water, ice and lectures Sabrina on germs. Sabrina tells Brit she can handle anything Brit can dish out. Brit reminds her that this was her idea. Then Felix walks in. Both he and Brit ask Sabrina what the other is doing there. Felix asks Sabrina what the Britch is doing in their apartment. Brit wheels herself away and Felix freaks out on Sabrina. Sabrina claims that she was acting the way she thought Felix would. He responds that he would have pushed the succubus down the stairs! Sabrina tells him she is hoping she can trip Brit up while she and Brit are under the same roof.

After his chat with Sabrina, Patrick is approached by Maxie at the hospital. Maxie yells at him for allowing Brit to live with him, but he informs that her that Brit is living with Sabrina instead. Maxie gets even more upset and asks how he could stick Brit on Sabrina. Patrick says that Sabrina is, "taking one for the team!" Maxie tells him that Robin would approve and that he shouldn't mess things up with Sabrina. He says he admires her for being a surrogate. Maxie tells him she is worried about the baby with Lulu having lost her memory. Patrick assures her that everything will be okay. At the end of the show, Patrick goes to Sabrina's place and tells everyone that he is taking Sabrina on a long overdue date.

Olivia finds Dante and Lulu at the nurse's station and Lulu greets her as, "Hi Mom!" Lulu starts to recite Olivia's bolognese recipe, alerting Olivia that her memory has returned. They hug and shortly after Maxie finds them. Lulu also tells Maxie about her memory returning. Maxie asks when it all come back to her and Lulu says it happened on The Haunted Star. The thought makes Lulu remember that it was Franco that she rented The Haunted Star to. Maxie confirms it and explains to Dante, Olivia and Lulu what happened at the party. At the end, they all rejoice about Lulu's returned memory.

Did you enjoy today?

Here are Felix's scenes from today's show! I really think they were the most fun.

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