Monday, June 24, 2013

Pickled Liver

Listen to this!
Today we learned that Ava has more secrets, Luke has an unknown enemy and the police department in Port Charles is useless!

Monday's Recap - 

Liz hears AJ admit to sleeping with Carly on Nikolas' phone. She gets upset and asks Nik if it's true. He confirms it and admits to her that he bought the recording from Tracy to break her and AJ up. He also tells her about warning AJ not to mistreat her and keeping the recording as insurance. Then AJ calls Liz to see if she is coming to dinner. Liz tells him that she'll meet him soon. Then she asks Nik to watch the kids and takes off.

Tracy & Luke hang out at the hospital, while they wait for his test results. She lectures him on what lead to him having a "Pickled Liver" when the doctor comes in. He tells Luke there is nothing wrong with his liver, but there are high levels of toxins in his blood that they can't identify. The doctor also tells him that this didn't occur naturally. Somehow he ingested it or someone injected this into him. Could a Cassadine be responsible?

Shawn wants to confess at the police station, but Carly tries to talk him out of it. Dante and Anna realize that they have the wrong guy, so Dante asks Shawn to tell them what he knows. Carly advises him not to. Shawn takes a moment and then tells Dante and Anna that he wanted to offer his help if they needed it. Everyone realizes that there isn't enough evidence to hold Carly or Shawn so they walk out. They head to the park and discuss another potential shooter. Shawn and Carly agree to work together to find who it is. They go back to the Metro Court and find another bullet casing, proving Shawn's bullet didn't hit Olivia. Back at the station, Anna and Dante realize they are looking for another person. They know Carly and Shawn are involved, but can't prove it. However, they are anxious to find the guilty party.

AJ and Lucy run into each other at the Metro Court. He mentions that he is meeting Liz there for dinner. Shortly after Laura and Scotty run into them. Scott and AJ make small talk while Lucy asks to talk to Laura in private. She wants Laura to help her relaunch Deception cosmetics. Laura asks how Lucy will fund this endeavor, but Lucy says just like the Nurse's Ball the funds will come. Before Laura has a chance to say no Lucy tells Scott to toast to their new business. Laura goes along with her and agrees, but also takes note of how close Lucy and Scott seem to be. Later, Liz arrives to see AJ. She plays him the recording of him admitting to sleeping with Carly, leaving AJ speechless.

Kiki and Michael discuss being attracted to each other at the boathouse. Kiki asks why she couldn't have met Michael first. Michael jokes that they'd have to get around being related. They agree to keep their distance from each other and shake on it. Morgan walks in and sees them. He kisses Kiki as a show in front of Michael. Michael gets a little uncomfortable, but tells Morgan he must stop gambling. Morgan shrugs it off and leaves with Kiki.

Ava and Franco discuss conspiring together while Morgan eavesdrops at the Q's. Franco realizes someone is there and catches Morgan. Franco asks him what he is doing. Morgan explains that he wants his laptop. Franco calls him "crouching hormones" and "horny ears", but sends him on his way with the laptop. After, Franco and Ava talk about their first date and wax poetic momentarily on their past together. Then she gets upset and calls him crazy. He feels that she should have let him know his child, but she explains she was terrified to let him be a father. She offers to keep quiet about his relish poisoning if he will he help her get money from ELQ. Franco wants her to help him get close to Kiki and threatens that if she tells on him there will be no reason for him to continue behaving. Ava agrees, but asks if more people will try to kill him. Franco says he know who was responsible and they won't try again. Then Ava flashes to pulling the trigger at the Metro Court! End of show!

How is it that the police couldn't find the bullet casing at the Metro Court, but Shawn did?  Is this the end for Liz and AJ? Are you surprised that Ava was the shooter?

Here's tomorrow's preview!

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  1. Did we ever find out who paid for the Nurse's Ball?


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