Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Much is A lot of Sex?

I've had lots of sex!
Sabrina and Patrick finally make it to the bedroom! Sonny sees red and Franco figures out what really happened at the Metro Court shooting!

Today's Show - 

Sabrina gets cold feet about sex at Patrick's place and he asks if she is a virgin. She laughs it off and blurts out that she's had a lot of sex. Patrick asks, "How much is a lot of sex?" She corrects her statement and says she's had a normal amount of sex, but just with one person. Apparently she had a long term boyfriend from high school through college. Sabrina explains that it didn't work out and that's how she ended up in the Port Charles nursing program. They make out and she tells him how happy she is. Patrick says she means a lot to him and they take each other clothes off. They fall on the bed and the love making begins. After, they have pillow talk about Felix of all things. Sabrina explains that she knows Felix would be happy they got together as he called it from the beginning. Sabrina gushes that she can't believe Patrick fell for someone like her. Patrick reminds her of how amazing and beautiful she is and that he's the lucky one. At the end, Sabrina says their evening together was perfect and they go at it again!

Taylor and TJ horse around at Kelly's, while Molly's watches from the window. Suddenly a pipe explodes in the kitchen and TJ goes to investigate. Taylor notices Molly watching and gives her a knowing wave. Molly runs off and Taylor is pleased with herself for teasing her. TJ calls Alexis to find Shawn to no avail. So he attempts to fix the busted pipe alone. Taylor plays sexy assistant and tries to help him. Their efforts fail. Water sprays everywhere drenching them. Taylor promptly uses it as an excuse to take her top off. TJ get nervous. Taylor quickly takes his off too and sends him off to the dryer.

Dante gets a call from the hospital about Olivia, while investigating at Metro Court with Anna. The hospital tells him that Olivia is stable, but still in jeopardy. Dante is relieved by the news, but is still very worried. Anna shows him the shell casing she found and tells him that they'll get the person responsible. Then she sends him off to the hospital to check on his mother and Anna stays behind to continue working.

Connie interrupts Sonny's chat with Olivia in the ER to ask who did this. Sonny says he doesn't know, but he will find out. He leaves to get some information. Connie stays by Olivia's side, while Olivia falls asleep. Shortly after Dante arrives. He asks Connie about Olivia's status so Connie gives him the details of the shooting. She explains the vision that Olivia had and her attempt to save Sonny. Dante goes to Olivia's bedside and talks to her. He jokes that Lulu needs her bolognese recipe. Then Dante gets choked up and cries that he can't imagine his life without her.

Franco confronts Carly at the Metro Court. He tells her she is liable for the shooting. First he says it's because she is the owner of the hotel, then he comes right out and claims to be certain that she hired someone to kill him. Carly tells him that he's crazy, but Franco puts the pieces together. Anna interrupts their conversation to give them a quick update on Olivia being stable. Franco makes a comment about Carly being happy to hear that. Anna gets a little suspicious, but leaves to do more investigating. After Franco again accuses Carly of trying to kill him. Carly asks him why he didn't share his theory with Anna. He says it's part of his attempt to make amends on Jason's behalf. Carly advises him to let it go. Franco claims he's not the same bad man anymore and makes his exit.

Alexis wants to know where Shawn was at the hospital. He acts distracted, making Alexis concerned. Then he walks off to supposedly check on TJ. Sonny sees him and wants to talk. Shawn asks about Olivia and starts to ramble about the botched hit. Sonny doesn't understand, but Shawn explains what happened. Shawn tells him that Carly ordered the hit. Sonny is irate and asks for the blow by blow of how Carly was involved. Sonny tells Shawn not to talk to anyone, because he wants to deal with Carly himself. Then Olivia gets wheeled out for surgery and Sonny briefly stops her to give her some encouragement. Connie goes to the waiting room, while Sonny and Dante have as quick conversation. Dante asks if he's the reason his mother got shot. Also Anna talks to hotel staff and concludes that Franco was the target of the hit. She confronts Sonny at the hospital and asks him to come down to the station.

Molly arrives to talk to Alexis at the hospital and they discuss Danny's situation. Molly briefly leaves to get some snacks and TJ calls Alexis looking for Shawn. Alexis asks TJ if he had spoken with Shawn earlier, but TJ doesn't know what she is talking about. Alexis realizes that Shawn lied to her. Molly returns with some chocolate for them to munch on. Alexis brings up prom, but Molly says that she's not going, because of Danny. Alexis pulls the truth out of her and Molly confesses that she doesn't want to lead Rafe on and really wants to go with TJ. Later, they walk off to go visit Sam and run into Shawn on the way. Molly leaves them alone and Alexis confronts Shawn in his lie. End of show!

Are you happy for Patrick and Sabrina? Do you think Carly will get caught?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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