Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homely Meddling Mugs

Today we got a Scooby-Doo reference, got a glimpse of Brit's compassionate side and Felix gets watched in the shower!

Wednesday's Recap -

Taylor tries to sneak into Felix's apartment, but he confronts her for doing the walk of shame. He demands to know where she was and accuses her of drinking. Brit rolls into the room and once again Taylor starts throwing around whatever she is blackmailing Felix with. He gets fed up and leaves for work. After Brit applauds Taylor for handling Felix and asks what she has on him. Taylor warns Brit not to get in between her and her brother, but Brit says she was just curious. After they talk about prom and Brit tells her that she never went to prom, because her mother thought it was beneath her. I miss Dr. Obrecht! Brit warns her on the risks of unprotected sex. Brit talks about her tryst with Patrick and how she ended up alone with a baby on the way. At the end of the show, Taylor leaves and Brad arrives with Brit's secret medical file for her to hide.

Ellie and Spinelli sneak into the lab to get a peak at Brit's medical file. They find the file, but all there is inside is a posted note. Brad suddenly enters and tells Ellie that she's fired. He says he knew they would stick their homely meddling mugs in his business and calls them, "Scoobies!" He wants to call security, but Spinelli stops him. He informs Brad that he can't fire Ellie or it will draw attention to whatever he's doing with Brit. Brad thinks twice and let's Ellie keep her job.

TJ pouts in the park over Molly when Shawn finds him. TJ tells him about seeing Molly kissing Rafe. Shawn tells him to put Molly in the past and move forward, but TJ says he already did with Taylor. TJ admits to Shawn that he had sex with Taylor. Shawn isn't happy to hear it, especially since it was his first time. TJ confirms that he was a virgin, but claims it's all good because Molly has moved on and Taylor is hot. Shawn also puts two and two together that TJ was drinking and grounds him. TJ asks Shawn not to tell Alexis about any of this and they head home.

Patrick and Sabrina make out in one of the hospital exam rooms, but stop when Sabrina reminds him that they have a date with Ellie at the lab. Sabrina wants to get Brit's blood for a DNA test. Patrick has concerns, but Sabrina tries to talk him into it. Then Felix shows up and asks if Patrick is on broad with bringing Brit down. Patrick agrees and all three of them head over to the lab to put their plan in action. Felix says loudly outside the lab that he's going to take a hot shower, which lures Brad out of the lab to watch Felix. Once gone, Sabrina and Patrick enter and ask Ellie to use a previous sample of Brit's blood to run the test. Ellie agrees to help and starts the DNA test.

Alexis plans a farewell breakfast for Rafe at her place, but it doesn't help cheer Molly up. Rafe, Sam and Danny come over and shortly after Silas arrives. Sam rags on him for not having any compassion. Lucy rushes in, see Silas and is upset that Silas is stealing all of their private time. Rafe says his goodbye to Sam. Sam and Alexis leave to take Danny to the hospital for his doctor's appointment. Lucy suggests that Rafe take Molly outside to say their goodbye, so she can talk to Silas alone. Outside, Molly gives Rafe a gift. She hands him a copy of her new book: Maine Squeeze. She wrote an inscription inside to him and Rafe is touched. Inside, Lucy tells Silas that he's the real vampire, because he's being so cold. Silas gets annoyed and wants to hurry things up. Lucy and Molly hug Rafe goodbye and they leave for the airport.

Luke goes to see Tracy at the Q mansion. He asks to take her on a date. She calls him a chicken, because she thinks he is just avoiding going to the hospital, However, Luke tells her he wanted to go get his test results and was hoping she'd come with him. Tracy agrees to accompany him and they leave for the hospital. Once they arrive they have to wait for the doctor to give them the results. They run into Alexis who tells them about Danny being sick. Alexis asks what their doing at the hospital and Tracy quickly answers that they're waiting to get test results for her.

Later, Alexis and Sam run into Spinelli at the hospital. He offers to help Sam however he can. Sam takes Danny into the exam room and Silas arrives. Back at the Davis house, Molly and Lucy talk about missing Rafe. Someone knocks on the door and Molly runs to answer. Rafe is standing there and he tells her that Silas had a change of heart and decided to stay in Port Charles. End of show!

What did you think of today's episode? Personally I always gets bored when Ellie is on the screen, but I did enjoy Lucy and the Davis girls!

Enjoy Lucy's Scenes from today's show!

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