Saturday, June 8, 2013

GH Rumors - June 2013

According to General Hospital Happenings here are some rumors for June! Take with a grain of salt!

Shawn carries out the hit that lands the wrong person in the hospital. Will Dante and Alexis catch on?
Sonny is overcome with guilt for his actions. 

Will AJ and Carly conspire to kill Franco?

Sam is unable to dig up any dirt on Silas.

Tracy avoids telling Laura anything about Luke's illness in order to keep Laura at a distance. 

Lulu has an unexpected set back...will she lose everything she has remembered?

Someone tells Liz about AJ and Carly's night of passion.

It seems that the person watching Alexis, Sam and Anna may also be acquainted with the Jerome's 

Lucy tries to enlist Laura's help in her newest money making scheme.

Lucy tells Felicia about her troubles with Christina, and when Christina comes around looking for Lucy, Felicia gives her a history lesson.

Serena and Christina are both chips off the old block.

Sabrina and Felix's sister, Taylor do not hit it off

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