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Friday's Recap: Damn You Luke Spencer!

The One and Only!
I just got to watch GH today and I can't help but wish the Franco stuff was left dead and buried. During the Guza years at the height of Francophrenia I know it wasn't always pretty. However, I think it was iconic for the show. Plus James Franco's particular brand of strange made it creepy good. It took forever, but when Jason finally killed him it was a relief and I think we needed more time before a resurrection occurred. That's just my opinion; other's may disagree.

Friday's Show - 

Anna lives! Milo comes to visit Anna at the police station. He wants to file a missing person's report, because Lulu didn't come back to his apartment. He tells Anna he needs to find Lulu, before Sonny finds out. Unfortunately, Sonny shows up in time to hear Milo tell Anna this. Sonny tells Milo that Lulu left with her husband. Milo apologizes to Anna for wasting her time and leaves. Then Sonny tells Anna he wants to visit Franco. They have a tense conversation, because Anna doesn't think it's a good idea. I sense a possible chemistry test between these two.

Dante wakes up alone. Shortly after, Lulu arrives with breakfast and coffee made the way Dante likes it, because she remembers. They make love again and after talk about the Milo situation. Lulu feels that she took advantage of Milo. Of course, then Milo knocks on the door. Lulu answers the door and tells Milo that she got her memory back. She also thanks him for helping her. Milo uncomfortably congratulates them before making a quick exit. After Dante asks Lulu to see Kevin Collins one more time just to make sure she is okay.

Tracy calls Ava outside of Luke's hospital room and leaves her a vaguely threatening voice message about Lauren. When she enters his room, Luke is missing. Tracy says, "Damn you Luke Spencer!" Then he walks out of the bathroom in his street clothes. Tracy notices that the bed wasn't slept in and that his hospital gown was braided to the bed. Tracy assumes Luke was planning on escaping. Luke tries to make excuses, but Tracy tells him to admit that he is scared to face his health issues. Luke tries to deflect, but Tracy sees right through him. She insists that he get testing done. The nurse comes to get Luke and he reluctantly goes. Lulu finds him in the hallway and tells Luke that she remembers everything. She hugs Luke and Tracy, but then asks why Luke is there. Luke lies and claims he there for Tracy. He pushes Tracy into a wheelchair that the nurse brought for him and quickly wheels her off before Lulu can ask more questions.

Kiki finds Michael sleeping on the couch at his apartment. They have a chat about Ava. Kiki says she can't trust her mom anymore, but doesn't tell Michael exactly what happened. Michael questions if she was lying to Morgan the way Ava lied to her. Kiki takes offense and they argue. He blurts out that he was raped. Kiki feels bad for him and Michael gives her the back story. Michael talks about Franco, but doesn't officially say his name.

Early 90's picture. They looked so much alike!
Monica asks AJ to fill her in on the mysterious party at the Q mansion. He asks Monica why she didn't tell him that Michael went to prison. Monica says it was because AJ was a fugitive at the time. Then AJ informs her of Michael's rape. Monica is devastated to hear that news, but gets paged to go to the hospital and has to leave. AJ stays behind in turmoil over what happened to his son. He breaks a vase in anger just as Ava walks into the living room. Ava says she came there to talk to Tracy. AJ gets curious and grills her on Franco's daughter. He also informs her that Franco is very much alive. AJ probes Ava more and eventually puts two and two together. He tells Ava he knows Lauren is her daughter. Ava tells AJ it's not his business. Then he warns her not to let Lauren sign any documents from Tracy and offers to double any offer Tracy made. Ava tells him she'll keep it in mind. Before leaving, she asks if Franco mentioned his daughter. AJ says yes and that Ava can find Franco at the police station. Later, Michael shows up to see AJ. AJ asks why Michael didn't tell him sooner about the rape and they hug.

Franco gets a visitor in lock up. Carly comes to question him on his true motives. They have a talk about Michael and Franco insists that he wanted to protect Michael. Carly recounts the events that lead to Michael going to prison re: Claudia's murder and Franco's role in the whole thing. However, he continues to claim that he never meant to hurt Michael. She asks, "Why now?" and he answers that it's time to make amends. He realized that he made a major mistake with Jason and since he's dead he needed to make it right with everyone Jason loved. Carly tells him that she doesn't believe that he changed and leaves. She sees Sonny on her way out of the police station and they talk about "wiping Franco off the face of the earth!" At the end, Ava comes to see Franco!

I think Roger H. is a fabulous actor and I love him on GH, but he will always be Todd Manning to me. For those who never saw this be warned it's not nice. View my old post about how Todd got started on OLTL: Marty Saybrooke's Rape, Spring Fling 1993

What are your thought's on Franco's return?

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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