Thursday, June 20, 2013

Did You Say Jerome?

Carly did it!
We got a Kristina mention today; so I guess that's her official exit story?

Today's Show - 

Rafe is overjoyed to tell Molly and Lucy that he's staying in PC at the Davis house. Lucy thinks her chat with Silas about being a vampire in yesterday's show must have convinced Silas to stay. Someone knocks on the door and Lucy runs to answer. It's Shawn looking for Alexis. Lucy asks him if everything is okay and he says that he's worried about Danny. They sit out on the porch and Lucy chats Shawn up about TJ and what a good kid he is. She tells Shawn that he is TJ's hero. Shawn replies, "I'm no hero," and makes a polite exit. Back inside, Lucy asks Rafe and Molly to send all of their positive energy and good thoughts to Danny. She tells Rafe to put his metal chain in his hand for good luck and they all join hands for Danny.

Anna has a quick chat with Duke on her cell phone at the hospital. Sonny sees her by Olivia's room and asks if she is there to arrest him, Anna answers no and hangs up with Duke. Sonny tells her to get the hell out then. Dante overhears and tells Sonny he asked Anna to come to investigate Olivia's shooting. He tells Sonny to wait with Olivia. Sonny goes in her room and Connie is at Olivia's bedside. Connie cries that she is worried Olivia won't wake up. Connie says that Olivia is all she has left in the world, but Sonny tells her that isn't true. She tells him that despite her mental health issues, she's glad that he's with her now. Olivia hears them and finally opens her eyes. Connie tells Olivia that she loves her and Sonny chimes in with, "We both do." Connie looks at him slightly off put. Sonny asks Olivia why she took the risk of jumping in front of the bullet and she answers that she'd doing anything for him. Out in the hallway, Anna and Dante chat about the shooting. Dante tells Anna that he thinks Carly is involved. He tells her about the heated conversation Lulu saw Sonny and Carly have and that he thinks it was a hit gone wrong. They discuss the details of the case and Anna agrees that Carly seems suspicious. Anna tells Dante she thinks Shawn is the shooter. Shortly after she leaves to find Carly and Dante goes back into Olivia's room. He is thrilled to see Olivia awake. They all gush over Olivia, which humbles Connie. She leaves to get the doctor and Dante tells Olivia that he promised god that he will find the person responsible, while Sonny is standing behind him.

Michael goes jogging in the park to stop thinking about Kiki, when Carly finds him. They get around to talking about Olivia and Carly blurts out its all her fault. Michael asks what is bothering her and Carly fibs that because it happened at her hotel she feels responsible. Then Michael tells Carly that Morgan moved to the Q's with Kiki and that he's related to her. Carly says it's a bizarre coincidence and asks if Michael has a problem with Kiki. Then his cell phone rings and Michael gets a call about his credit card. He makes a hasty departure and shortly after Shawn finds Carly at the park. Shawn confides in Carly that it will devastate him if Olivia dies. He also let's her know that he told Alexis. Carly asks if Alexis will tell the police. Shawn says Alexis won't for Sonny. He wants to turn himself in and Carly pleads with him not to so she won't get implicated. Anna sees them talking from a distance and it appears she might have overheard some of their conversation. Carly sees Anna standing behind them and can't believe it.

Kiki thinks about kissing Michael at the Q mansion when Morgan interrupts her. He sees her looking at at a picture of Michael with AJ and Monica. He acts jealous, but then stays he's just joking because it would be gross for her and Michael to be attracted to each other. They start to make-out when Kiki gets a call from Ava. Kiki asks if Ava is calling about her ELQ shares, but Ava says no she just wanted to check on her. Kiki doesn't buy it and hangs up. After she tells Morgan that Ava is trying to use her and recounts the things that she feels Ava has lied to her about. She claims all Ava cares about is money. While listening to Kiki, Morgan sees that his credit card limit is maxed out on his laptop. He gets frustrated and suggests they go swimming to relax. They take off to the boat house. Meanwhile Michael storms into the mansion looking for Morgan. He finds Morgan's laptop and figures out that Morgan stole his credit card to gamble. Michael takes off looking for Morgan. At the boathouse, Morgan takes a swim while Kiki changes inside. Michael runs in looking for Morgan and once again sees Kiki with her top off.

Ava arrives at the ELQ offices and knocks on AJ's door. Duke is there and asks her to come in. She introduces her as Ava Jerome. Surprised Duke asks, "Did you say Jerome?" Ava replies yes that's her name and asks if it's a problem. Duke questions if she is related to Victor, Julienne or Olivia Jerome. She says that their names don't ring a bell. Duke tells her their all dead, because they were in a dangerous line of work. He explains his mobular past with Jerome's. Duke says he assumed none of the Jerome's are left, unless there is something he doesn't know. Ava smirks and asks him to tell AJ she stopped by. Then she walks out with a odd look on her face.

Silas informs Sam that he decided to stay in Port Charles because of her relationship with Rafe. Sam is surprised that he cares all of a sudden. She lists all of the cold things he's done and said since she met him. Silas admits that Lucy had an effect on him, even though he thinks she's crazy. He said he will stay put for the time being, but not forever. Alexis interrupts them and isn't pleased to see Silas. He tells her know that he's staying for now. Alexis shows Sam a list of medicines for Danny. Silas says he has a better idea. Alexis tells him to shove it, but Sam wants to hear what he has to say. Silas has a protocol that he thinks will have less side effects and better results. Sam wants to try his method, even though she thinks Silas is a jerk. Then they all go to talk to Danny's doctor. At the end, Sam thanks Silas for helping her. Alexis goes back home and tells Rafe, Lucy and Molly about how Silas helped Danny. Molly mentions sending a text to Kristina with the good news. Lucy tells Alexis about Shawn's visit and that he seemed upset. End of show!

I don't know much about online gambling, but Morgan must be the biggest fool there is to leave a giant credit card limit warning message on his laptop for all to see. Otherwise, I enjoyed Duke and Ava the most!

Enjoy the Duke/Ava Scenes from today!

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