Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dangerous in the Worst Possible Ways

We're What?
This episode showed Sonny is losing his grip, Alexis and Shawn's relationship troubles and teens getting their sexy on!

Today's Recap - 

Lauren and Michael try to wrap their heads around being cousins at the Q mansion. Morgan, Franco and AJ all chip in to fill in the blanks. Michael's rape comes up and Morgan is shocked to learn about it. Kiki is disgusted with Franco's role in Michael's assault. Morgan is mad that Michael confided in Kiki about his rape and wonders what's going on between them. Kiki tells Michael in private that their kiss never happened. Franco intimidates Morgan, while AJ stays nearby to monitor. At the end, Morgan clears the air with Michael and Kiki takes Morgan to see their room at the Q's.

I like sex --> Watch - TJ reminded me of this today
TJ is devastated to see Molly kiss Rafe at the park and he takes off with Taylor in the limo. He rants about Molly betraying him so Taylor gets TJ to drink to numb is pain. He tells her the booze isn't helping him, so Taylor kisses him. They start to make-out, but TJ puts the brakes on. She tells him that he should move on with her, since Molly has moved on with Rafe. TJ gets nervous and tells her that he doesn't have a condom. However, Taylor does and at the end TJ decides to go for it.

Rafe tells Molly that kissing her was magic, but he knows it wasn't the same for her. Molly tells Rafe that he's a great kisser, but she still wants TJ. She cares about Rafe as a friend and is sorry to see him go. Rafe wants her to be happy and if TJ is the right guy he wants her to be with him. Molly confides in him that she's not sure if TJ feels the same, because of Taylor. At the end, Rafe walks her home and they promise to see each other again.

Shawn wants to know how Alexis feels about him after learning the truth. He also wants to know if she will turn him into the police, but she tells she can't do that. She says that she has always been attracted to men who are, "dangerous in the worst possible ways." Alexis thinks it was Sonny who ordered the hit, but Shawn tells her that someone else is involved. Shawn gets annoyed that Alexis is judging him and throws her hit and run with Keifer in her face. Alexis thinks it's a bad comparison and they argue. Molly interrupts them by walking in from her night out with Rafe. After, Shawn makes an excuse to leave and takes off.

Sonny holds a gun on Carly at her house. He reminds her that if Olivia dies, she dies. Carly tries to explain her actions to him, but Sonny isn't having it. He takes off in anger, leaving Carly alone to feel guilty. Later on, Lulu stops by to talk to Carly. Lulu hints at how it must drive Carly crazy that Franco is still alive. Carly tries to act neutral, but she is clearly unnerved. Lulu pushes a little more and says she hopes the person responsible is brought to justice and that Olivia needs to wake up! Then Lulu leaves knowing she rattled Carly.

At the hospital, Lulu and Dante keep vigil at Olivia's bedside. Lulu is sorry that she couldn't remember Olivia before and Dante promise's to find the person responsible, even if it's Sonny. Lulu suggests to Dante that Carly also had a lot of motive to want Franco dead. They start discussing the possibility of a hit gone wrong, when Sonny walks in. Lulu leaves to get some coffee and a change of clothes. Sonny tells Olivia that he's sorry at her bedside, while Dante listens with suspicion. Dante tells Sonny that he wants the person that hurt his mother to pay for what they did in an aggressive manner. Sonny gets offended and directly asks Dante if there is something specific he wants to know. End of show!

Carly is just ridiculous right now, but at least we know Sonny isn't at fault for the millionth time!

P.S. Tyler Christopher is back on contract at GH see here ---> Back on Contract

Here's the preview for tomorrow show!

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