Monday, June 10, 2013

Brit + Bitch = Britch!

I'm not a Britch!
Today's Recap - 

Felix attempts to hash things out with Brit at his apartment. He explains to her that, "Brit + Bitch = Britch!" Brit claims that she's truly a very caring person and not a britch. Felix strongly disagrees and asks Brit who made her so mean. Brit yells, "My mother!" Brit explains that her mother is sort of a "mad scientist" and her father is a deranged international terrorist. He tells her that he can't forgive her ruthless personality just because she had a bad childhood. Then Felix asks if it's even Patrick's baby. Brit insists that Patrick is the father so Felix dares her to prove it. Brit reminds him that she's sick and won't take any tests that could harm the baby. Felix says there is no need to worry, because there is a non invasive test available.

Carly confronts Franco at the Q mansion. She gives him a momentum of the previous stalking and terrorizing that he did. She hands him a pink box with a little baby wind up toy inside. Carly reminds him that he send that to her when he was threatening Jocelyn. Franco tries to explain to her that he's sorry. Carly asks him to prove it by leaving town. She recounts his various offenses and Franco explains that it was his "art" that drove him to do it. Then Carly asks him to dinner at the Metro Court to discuss things and he eagerly agrees.

Dante goes to see Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny about Lulu's memory coming back and Sonny congratulates him. Dante fills Sonny in on the details and her phony Cassadine wedding too. Then they start talking about Franco's resurrection. Sonny rants to Dante that Franco should be in jail. Dante distracts him by informing Sonny that Connie's charges were dropped. Sonny tells him about Connie dumping him for her mental health. Dante suggests that if he and Lulu could get through their recent mess, maybe Sonny and Connie can patch things up too. Sonny mentions that it's Connie's birthday and that he has a gift he bought for her months ago sitting on his desk.

Lulu gets a visit from Laura at her apartment while she is preparing dinner. Laura wanted to see for herself that Lulu's memory had returned. Laura asks what finally made her remember and Lulu answers, "It was all Dante!" Lulu gives Laura the details of how Dante saved her and Laura remarks, "That's love!"  They open up some wine and talk about the future. Laura tells her about how wonderful her honeymoon in Hawaii with Scotty was and then notices that Lulu's meatballs might be burning. Lulu gets upset that she ruined dinner. She wonders why Dante would put up with her and lists all of his wonderful qualities. She says she doesn't know what she would do without him and then Dante walks in. Laura exits and Dante takes note of the burned meatballs. He thanks her for the effort and tells her he doesn't care. Then they cuddle and make out.

Alexis and Shawn discuss Danny's condition at the hospital. Alexis cries while Shawn tries to console her. He assures her that he is there for her. Alexis tell him how grateful she is that he is in her life and Shawn says, "I love you Alexis!" She melts and tells him that she loves him too. It's hard to her to get it out, but Shawn appreciates her words. Then he gets a call from Carly. Alexis steps away and Carly informs Shawn that the Franco hit is back on. Shawn is confused, but Carly insists that the hit is on at Metro Court. Shawn asks if Sonny is okay with it. Carly lies and says it was Sonny's idea. When Alexis returns Shawn tells her he has to go. She asks if Sonny has a job for him. Then on second thought she apologizes, because she works for Sonny too. Alexis tells him that she is scared and wants him to be careful. Shawn assures that he is coming right back!

Sabrina and Patrick get their first official date started at the Metro Court. Patrick tells her how amazing he thinks she is and once again thanks her for letting Brit move in. Sabrina tells Patrick that she is still suspicious about Brit and is trying find out if Brit is lying. Patrick says that he hasn't forgotten what Brit is capable of and Sabrina wonders if the baby is even his child. Sabrina mentions a noninvasive test that only requires a sample of his DNA. Patrick says they need to stop talking about Brit and suggests they go back to his place for some dessert! She agrees and they make their way to the elevator.

Olivia and Connie reminisce about love at the Metro Court. Olivia starts thinking about Sonny, while Connie talks about her feelings for him. Connie asks Olivia if she could imagine falling in love again. They briefly talk about Steve. Olivia tells Connie that it's over and she sent the ring back. Connie assures her that she is beautiful, smart and will find love again. Then Franco walks in and shocks them. Connie asks him to leave, but Carly shows up and announces, "He's with me!" Olivia and Connie can't believe Carly would invite Franco to dinner as Carly escorts Franco to a private table out on the patio. Shortly thereafter, Sonny shows up to give Connie the birthday gift he had for her. Olivia watches him give the gift to her woefully. However she puts that aside and informs Sonny that Carly is there with Franco. Shawn waits in the shadows with a gun pointed at Franco. Then Sonny rushes out to ask Carly what's going on. Shawn struggles to make the shot with all the people in the way. Inside, Olivia gets a vision of Sonny getting shot. She panics and runs out to warn Sonny thinking Franco has a gun. A single shot rings out, but we don't get to see who took the hit! End of show!

I enjoyed today's show, how about you?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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