Monday, June 3, 2013

Aren't Rich People All The Same?

Let's kill Franco!
Today's Recap - 

Carly and Sonny storm into Sonny's restaurant while Shawn is on the phone. They head into his office where Carly demands Sonny kill Franco. Sonny isn't sure and tells her they should let the cops handle it. She gets annoyed and says she'll find someone else if Sonny won't. She goes to walk out, but Sonny stops her. Sonny tells her to stay out of it and she realizes that Sonny already has a plan to put an end to Franco. Sonny admits it and tells Carly that he doesn't want to take her down with him. Carly tells him that she can handle it and wants to know if they can be partners in this. Sonny says okay and they call Shawn in to ask if he is comfortable with killing Franco. Without hesitation, Shawn agrees.

Kiki and Morgan talk about Michael at Michael's apartment. Morgan complains about him, but Kiki jumps to Michael's defense. Morgan doesn't understand why she would defend him and questions her. Kiki lies to Morgan and tells him they should appreciate Michael's hospitality. Then Kiki talks to Morgan about Ava and her bio-dad. After she explains the situation, he asks if she will look up her family. Kiki thinks about it and says she isn't sure because "aren't rich people all the same?"

Alexis, Sam, Molly, Rafe and Danny go to the courthouse for Rafe's custody trial. Before entering, Alexis asks Sam about Franco being alive. Sam tells her what happened and that Franco didn't rape her. Alexis is relieved and disgusted at the same time, but says they can talk about it later. Then they enter the courtroom and Silas is already waiting inside. Silas tells Sam that Rafe should be with his family. Diane shows up to defend Silas, which upsets Alexis and Sam a great deal. The trial begins and the judge asks Rafe about his feelings in the situation. Rafe tells the court that he wants to stay with Sam, but Diane tells the judge Sam is an unfit mother. Diane brings up Jason's criminal history as well as Sam past arrest records. The judge asks Sam to take the stand. Afterward the judge announces he wants to reconvene tomorrow and walks out. Alexis and Sam again question Diane for defending Silas, but he speaks on Diane behalf and claims he told Diane to represent him. Diane tells Alexis they can discuss it further once she calms down. Diane leaves and Silas goes to follow, but Sam grabs his arm. She tells him she wants to discuss things right now. Alexis, Molly and Rafe leave her to it and Silas randomly starts to exam Danny. Sam sees this and asks him what he is doing. Silas nonchalantly answers that there is something wrong with Danny.

Michael and AJ talk about the prison rape at the Q mansion. AJ wants to know why Michael didn't tell him about it. Michael tells him that he didn't want AJ to pity him and because he didn't want AJ to blame Carly and Sonny. AJ gets worked up and tells Michael not to defend them. Michael says it was his own fault that he went to prison. He explains the details of the situation to AJ and asks AJ not to hold a grudge. They have a nice heart to heart and then start discussing the Lauren Franc situation. AJ says Lauren is the only swing vote, but Michael reminds him that Franco has voting shares.

Monica finds Tracy rolling around in a wheelchair at the hospital. After Tracy explains why she is there, Monica informs her that Franco is alive and also about Michael's rape. Monica cries to Tracy about how upset AJ was to find out. Monica blames herself for not fighting harder to raise Michael in AJ's absence. Tracy has compassion and tells Monica not to blame herself. Monica wonders how Michael got through it all. Tracy says it's because he is a Quartermain. Monica asks how Franco could do all of this and Tracy replies it's because he's also a Quartermain. Then is dawns on her that Franco has stock in ELQ.

Ava greets Franco in jail. She tells him she was disappointed to find out he's alive, while he gloats Todd-style about their past sexual relationship. He brings up Lauren and Ava explains why she kept her away from him. Franco says he would never hurt his daughter. He also tells Ava that when he is released he plans to find Lauren. Ava tells him that he won't be getting out easily and even if he did she wouldn't let me him near her. Franco says he can find her via the Quartermain's. He talks about Jason and accuses Ava of knowing all about them already. She admits to knowing and he offers to work with her to control the ELQ shares. Ava tells him to, "Go to hell!" and walks out. At the end, Diane comes to visit Franco. She asks him why he called her and Franco smirks that he needs her to get him released.

I wish Franco wasn't so Todd-like, but he is entertaining! What did you think of today's episode?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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