Friday, June 28, 2013

We're Having a Dog

I've got the cure!
Today Luke prepares to find Jerry Jax, TJ breaks Molly's heart and Sonny wants Olivia to move in with him!

Here's What Happened - 

TJ dances around the kitchen at Kelly's. He pretends to shoot hoops when Shawn walks in. Shawn notes his good mood and TJ says it's because he and Molly got back together. TJ thanks Shawn for his help and walks out. Once alone, Shawn flashes to his argument with Alexis about the Metro Court debacle. Shawn goes back out to talk to TJ and asks where this leaves Taylor. TJ tells him he wasn't planning on telling Molly about it. Shawn tells him to go talk to Taylor and clear the air.

Outside, Taylor tells Molly she had sex with TJ. Molly can't believe it and demands to know when. Taylor gloats and gives her the details. Molly assumes Taylor is lying to hurt her. Taylor says, "Go ask TJ!" Molly refuses, but then TJ walks out. Molly asks TJ if it's true and he confirms it. TJ blurts out that it didn't mean anything. Molly is horrified and runs off. Taylor apologizes to TJ and claims that she thought Molly already knew. TJ pouts and says he and Molly are over.

Alexis gets home from work and finds a newspaper article about the Metro Court shooting stating there is a new wrinkle in the case. Sam interrupts her with Rafe and asks Alexis to getting tested as a match for Danny. Alexis says of course and Rafe also offers to get tested. Sam thanks both of them and Rafe mentions Silas coming for a visit. Later, Alexis tells Sam that she loves that Sam and Danny are staying there. Sam thinks maybe she is interfering in Alexis's love life and asks about Shawn. Then the doorbell rings, Alexis answers and it's Shawn. Shawn tells Sam he is sorry for what Danny is going through. Sam thanks him and excuses herself to take a nap. Once alone, Shawn tells Alexis that he wants to talk about, 'Us!" Outside, Molly runs into Rafe's arms in tears over TJ.

Morgan answers the door at the Q mansion and greets Carly. She sees Morgan wearing a cast. He informs her that Alice accidentally broke his wrist while they were arm wrestling. Carly isn't pleased and tells Morgan she wants to take him home. They discuss Morgan's gambling. Carly also expresses her concern about him living with Franco. She brings up Michael's rape and Morgan tells her he already knew and claims Franco's not so bad. Then he mentions about Michael telling Kiki about the rape. Carly tells Morgan to have respect for Michael, but Morgan thinks Michael likes Kiki. Carly thinks Kiki is bad for both of them. Carly tells him she is taking him home. Morgan tries to fight, but Carly talks him down.

Ava flashes to her shooting attempt on Franco's life in the Q's living room. Franco reads the newspaper nearby and asks, "A penny for your thoughts?" Then Kiki walks in. They talk to her about ELQ and then tell her they are getting back together. Kiki thinks it seems fishy, but they try to sell it to her. Kiki asks what brought them together. Ava replies, "You did!" Ava tells Kiki she realized it was a mistake to keep her away from Franco when she saw Kiki bonding with the Quartermaine's. Kiki doesn't buy it, so Franco kisses Ava just as Carly and Morgan walk in. Carly asks whats going on and notes this is the reason why she wants to take Morgan out of there. Then Ava introduces herself to Carly and politely suggests that Carly give Franco some slack. Franco asks if Kiki and Morgan will give the three of them some adult time. Once alone, Franco tells Carly he will tell Morgan that she tried to kill him if she doesn't let Morgan stay.

Olivia asks Sonny if he had anything to do with her getting shot in her hospital room. He swears on Dante's life that he had nothing to do with it. Dante overhears as he and Lulu enter the room and he gets annoyed with Sonny. Lulu insists everyone focus on happier things. Her and Dante tell Olivia they have good news about the baby. Dante jokes with Olivia that, "We're having a dog!" Then tells Olivia the truth about having a little girl. Everyone is thrilled! Lulu and Dante step out and Olivia cries to Sonny that they're having a grand daughter. Later, Dante confronts Sonny on Franco's hit. Sonny tells him it's not what Dante thinks and goes back in Olivia's room. Then Sonny informs Olivia that she is coming home with him.

Luke suffers from the effects of the toxin in his hotel room and he passes out. Tracy comes looking for him and finds him on the floor. Tracy gets him up and walks him over the couch. She wants to take him to the hospital for therapy, but Luke insists that won't work. He tells Tracy about his plan to find Jerry Jax. Luke thinks Jerry bought himself a cure with the money he had extorted, while he packs a bag. Then Lulu knocks on the door. Luke tells Tracy he doesn't want Lulu to know and hides his bag. Lulu comes in and asks Tracy how she is feeling. Tracy tells her she is fit as a fiddle. Lulu hugs Tracy and tells her she is thankful Tracy raised her when Laura couldn't. Then Lulu tells them about having a little girl. Luke hugs her. He reminisces about when Lulu was a baby. The conversation makes Luke a little sad. Lulu asks what's wrong, but Tracy quickly interjects to distract her. Lulu hugs Tracy again and sees Luke's bag. She asks where he is going. Luke lies and tells her it's just another adventure. Lulu asks him to promise to be back when her daughter is born. He does and Lulu leaves. After, Tracy tells him he will make it back and not to worry about his lying. Tracy gives Luke a pep talk and tells Luke she is coming with him! Back at the hospital, Lulu tells Dante there is something different about Luke taking off this time. End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy this clip from Aug 2012: Jerry's toxic water!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Demon from Down Under + News Update!

Leaving GH
News Update: In case you haven't heard, Kelly Sullivan is out as Connie/Kate at GH. Read here --- > Kelly Out!

Kelly had this to say on Twitter today @KellySullivanNY:

"Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty. You are my life long family and I cannot express how much I appreciate each of you. You have really made my experience here on GH a wonderful adventure.
I wanted to fill you all in on the details and try to answer some of your questions.
I am not returning to GH after August.
This is not a contract issue, I have been written off the show.
I do not have any information on potential Daytime opportunities.
Lastly, I have no ill feelings towards any of the staff or crew connected to the show or the network. I will miss everyone dearly.
Love, Kelly"

What do you think about Kelly Sullivan leaving?

Today's Recap - 

Luke explains his situation to Anna in her office and plays Helena's DVD. Anna is very upset to hear the news and asks what he needs. Luke asks her to just provide anything he might need re: police information, weapons, etc. Luke calls Frisco for WSB help! (Although we don't hear or see him lol) Anna does some research and finds out during the whole toxic water scare, Jerry was also looking for the cure for the same toxin that Luke has. However, he's supposed to be dead. Anna says there is a chance that Jerry is alive, which makes Luke determined to found out. He says, "The Demon from Down Under" has the answer!

Rafe and Sam talk at the Davis house about when Silas might take Rafe back to NYC. Spinelli stops by to check on Danny and shortly after Silas knocks on the door. Rafe wonders if he's going to New York, but Silas tells him not yet. Silas rudely announces that Danny is far from out of the woods and insists that Sam has more work to do. Everyone thinks Silas is an ass and has a horrible bedside manner. Silas intentionally scares Sam and tells her that Danny will probably need a bone marrow transplant. He suggests she starts looking for a donor immediately.

Felix worries about Brit getting the test results at his apartment and Taylor overhears him on the phone. Taylor tells Felix she thinks everyone is being too hard on Brit. Felix list's Brit many offenses, but Taylor still thinks Brit is getting treated unfairly. Then Taylor brings up TJ and tells Felix that she had sex with him. Felix lectures her on her bad behavior, but Taylor says not to worry TJ hasn't called her since. Felix threatens to go kick TJ's butt. Taylor asks him not to, even though she appreciates his protective big brother instinct. Later, Felix looks at old pictures of him and Taylor and pines for happier times.

Molly goes to see TJ at Kelly's. They have a chat about Danny's situation. Molly says she can't think about anything else. The statement makes TJ get defensive and he tells Molly he saw her kiss Rafe. Molly tells TJ that he doesn't know the whole story and she is hurt that he assumed the worst. She explains it was a kiss goodbye. TJ feels guilty and flashes to having sex with Taylor. Molly asks about them getting back together. TJ walks into the kitchen without saying anything. Molly follows him and asks him for an answer. TJ says he would love to get back with her, but he's done some really stupid things, Molly tells him that they should leave the past in the past and they kiss. Later, Molly leaves to check on Danny and runs into Taylor outside of Kelly's. Molly informs Taylor that she and TJ just got back together, so Taylor drops the bomb about her having sex with TJ.

Lulu, Dante and Maxie go to the hospital for Maxie's doctor visit. Dante and Lulu gush about the baby, which makes Maxie somber. Lulu wonders what's wrong and asks if something happened with Spinelli. Maxie denies anything is wrong and all of them go into the exam room for her ultrasound. The doctor asks if they want to know the sex. They all decide yes and at the end, it's revealed that Maxie is having a little girl! Lulu and Dante are thrilled while is Maxie less then enthused, but in private Maxie smiles at the news.

The test results are in at the lab. Brit insists it's a violation and threatens Ellie's job and a lawsuit if Patrick and Sabrina open the results. Patrick agrees it's wrong and lets Brit rip up the results. Then he tells her he knows for sure it's not his kid. He thinks if the baby was really his, Brit wouldn't have ripped up the test. Sabrina and Patrick go to leave, but Brit asks Patrick to wait. Brit tells him that he is definitely the father and claims she can prove it. She offers to take a new test, but says that Ellie should already know the results since she ran the test. Ellie confirms that she knows and tells Patrick he's the father. Sabrina and Patrick are disappointed. Patrick apologizes to Brit. Then Brit wheels herself away and Ellie leaves to return to work. Sabrina tells Patrick that she was convinced that Brit was lying. At the end, we see Brit get a text message from Dr. Obrecht that says, "I told you everything would work out!" End of show!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Show - Full Episode

You're loud!
No time for a full recap today. Let me know if you enjoyed the episode!

Enjoy today's show below in 3 parts!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toxic Substances

Dead, but still dangerous!
Today's Show - 

Luke and Tracy discuss his being injected with "toxic substances" at the Haunted Star. Luke drinks and wants to celebrate until the doctors find a cure for him. Tracy thinks he's nuts and wants him to take it easy. Then get-well package is delivered for Luke with a mysterious DVD included. They play it and it's Helena! Helena explains that they are watching it because she is dead. However, she enlightens Luke to the fact that she is responsible for the toxin in his blood. Helena explains that she had a backup plan and shows Luke an earring. She tells him that when he was kidnapped, her men replaced his earring with a poisoned one. Then she teases him that there is a chance for him to live, if he can figure it out the mystery!

Shawn and Carly try to put the pieces together on the balcony of the Metro Court. They're relived to find out it wasn't Shawn's bullet that hit Olivia. Carly wants to talk to Sonny about it, but Shawn suggests that he go speak to Sonny on her behalf. Inside, AJ and Liz argue about "the recording". AJ blames Nik for the whole thing, but that only makes Liz feel more certain that he's still a selfish mama's boy. AJ asks her to let him explain, but Liz isn't receptive. Carly walks by and Liz loudly sneers, "There's the slut now!" Liz tells Carly she knows the truth and asks why Carly she did it. Carly tries to explain it was a terrible mistake. Then they both AJ ask to explain. He says that technically he didn't cheat on Liz, because it was during their temporary breakup. AJ pleads with Liz to understand, but Liz wonders why he did tell her immediately. AJ asks if they are really over. Before she can answer, Carly jumps in and tells Liz not to break up with AJ because of her. She also tells Liz it's partly her fault for toying with Nik in AJ's face. Carly storms off and AJ asks Liz for another shot. Liz replies that she'll think about it.

Olivia and Connie talk about Sonny's wonderful bedside manner at the hospital. Olivia asks if Connie and Sonny renewed their feelings while she was unconscious. Then Sonny arrives with news about the shooting. Shortly after, Shawn arrives and asks Sonny to talk in private. Shawn tells Sonny about the other shooter and suggests that Sonny forgive Carly. Inside Olivia's hospital room, Olivia asks Connie if Sonny was involved in her shooting. Olivia mentions seeing Connie and Sonny deep in chat when she woke up and wonders if that means they're getting closer. Connie notes that Olivia seems to have feelings for Sonny too. Connie also says neither them should ever get involved with Sonny again. Sonny comes back in and promises them he had nothing to do with the shooting, but he'll get whoever did.

Alexis goes to Windermere to ask Nik for advice on her relationship with Shawn. Nik asks about Shawn's mobular work for Sonny and lectures Alexis about getting involved with another mob guy. Alexis tells him she knows he's right, but she's loves Shawn. She asks to use Nik's cell phone, which forces Nik to tell Alexis about Liz taking his phone to confront AJ. Alexis asks if this will clear a path for Nik and Liz.

Ava asks Franco who he thinks tried to kill him at the Q mansion. Franco flashes to Carly, but tells Ava it's privileged information. Ava pushes him to tell her, but Franco doesn't give in. They start to discuss Kiki and the plan to get her on their side. Ava suggests they get back together to win Kiki over. Franco gets angry at the suggestion, but Ava decides he needs a reminder of their past attraction and kisses him. Then she walks out, hoping she sold him on her plan. End of show!

I've had enough of Ava and Franco, but I don't think we've even scratched the surface yet. Helena's evil plot was a lot of fun though! Plus, I'm hoping AJ and Liz still have a shot.

See you tomorrow!

Enjoy this classic Clip: GH 1981 - The Weather Machine

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pickled Liver

Listen to this!
Today we learned that Ava has more secrets, Luke has an unknown enemy and the police department in Port Charles is useless!

Monday's Recap - 

Liz hears AJ admit to sleeping with Carly on Nikolas' phone. She gets upset and asks Nik if it's true. He confirms it and admits to her that he bought the recording from Tracy to break her and AJ up. He also tells her about warning AJ not to mistreat her and keeping the recording as insurance. Then AJ calls Liz to see if she is coming to dinner. Liz tells him that she'll meet him soon. Then she asks Nik to watch the kids and takes off.

Tracy & Luke hang out at the hospital, while they wait for his test results. She lectures him on what lead to him having a "Pickled Liver" when the doctor comes in. He tells Luke there is nothing wrong with his liver, but there are high levels of toxins in his blood that they can't identify. The doctor also tells him that this didn't occur naturally. Somehow he ingested it or someone injected this into him. Could a Cassadine be responsible?

Shawn wants to confess at the police station, but Carly tries to talk him out of it. Dante and Anna realize that they have the wrong guy, so Dante asks Shawn to tell them what he knows. Carly advises him not to. Shawn takes a moment and then tells Dante and Anna that he wanted to offer his help if they needed it. Everyone realizes that there isn't enough evidence to hold Carly or Shawn so they walk out. They head to the park and discuss another potential shooter. Shawn and Carly agree to work together to find who it is. They go back to the Metro Court and find another bullet casing, proving Shawn's bullet didn't hit Olivia. Back at the station, Anna and Dante realize they are looking for another person. They know Carly and Shawn are involved, but can't prove it. However, they are anxious to find the guilty party.

AJ and Lucy run into each other at the Metro Court. He mentions that he is meeting Liz there for dinner. Shortly after Laura and Scotty run into them. Scott and AJ make small talk while Lucy asks to talk to Laura in private. She wants Laura to help her relaunch Deception cosmetics. Laura asks how Lucy will fund this endeavor, but Lucy says just like the Nurse's Ball the funds will come. Before Laura has a chance to say no Lucy tells Scott to toast to their new business. Laura goes along with her and agrees, but also takes note of how close Lucy and Scott seem to be. Later, Liz arrives to see AJ. She plays him the recording of him admitting to sleeping with Carly, leaving AJ speechless.

Kiki and Michael discuss being attracted to each other at the boathouse. Kiki asks why she couldn't have met Michael first. Michael jokes that they'd have to get around being related. They agree to keep their distance from each other and shake on it. Morgan walks in and sees them. He kisses Kiki as a show in front of Michael. Michael gets a little uncomfortable, but tells Morgan he must stop gambling. Morgan shrugs it off and leaves with Kiki.

Ava and Franco discuss conspiring together while Morgan eavesdrops at the Q's. Franco realizes someone is there and catches Morgan. Franco asks him what he is doing. Morgan explains that he wants his laptop. Franco calls him "crouching hormones" and "horny ears", but sends him on his way with the laptop. After, Franco and Ava talk about their first date and wax poetic momentarily on their past together. Then she gets upset and calls him crazy. He feels that she should have let him know his child, but she explains she was terrified to let him be a father. She offers to keep quiet about his relish poisoning if he will he help her get money from ELQ. Franco wants her to help him get close to Kiki and threatens that if she tells on him there will be no reason for him to continue behaving. Ava agrees, but asks if more people will try to kill him. Franco says he know who was responsible and they won't try again. Then Ava flashes to pulling the trigger at the Metro Court! End of show!

How is it that the police couldn't find the bullet casing at the Metro Court, but Shawn did?  Is this the end for Liz and AJ? Are you surprised that Ava was the shooter?

Here's tomorrow's preview!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Who Really Shot Olivia + GH 35th Anniversary Special

Do you ever wear a top, Kiki?
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas and Spencer meet Liz and Aiden at the park for some play time. Liz wants to leave Nik alone with the kids, but Nik asks her to stay. She tells him she's meeting AJ and isn't comfortable staying. Nik plays the friend card and talks her into hanging out for a little bit. Liz tells him that if he wants to be her friend, Nik has to respect her choices. Nik flashes to his chat with AJ about his recording of AJ admitting he slept with Carly. However, he replies to Liz that she has his word he will not interfere in her life. They sit down to chat and Nik tells Liz he'll be in town on business for awhile. Then Spencer and Aiden surprise them with water guns. They get drenched and Nik takes his shirt off for Liz to wear. Oddly Nik doesn't seem to have any scar from his shooting two months ago? Then Nik has trouble with his cell phone, because of the water. Liz tells him to give it to Aiden, because he's great with technology. At the end, Aiden returns the phone and accidentally plays the recording of AJ confessing to sleeping with Carly. Nik tries to quickly grab the phone, but Liz stops him so she can listen.

AJ and Duke talk relish sabotage at ELQ. They try to figure out who might have been responsible. Duke mentions Ava. AJ fills Duke in on Ava and Kiki's tie to the Quartermaine's and he asks Duke what he knows about Ava. Duke gives AJ some background on the Jerome's he knew. AJ says it's a common last name, but Duke remarks that Ava said the same thing to him and he got the feeling she was playing a game. AJ tells Duke about Morgan and Kiki dating and Michael and Kiki being related. AJ has second thoughts about asking Michael to cozy up to Kiki.

Michael finds Kiki topless in the boathouse. Kiki just stands there while Michael stares at her. Then Morgan walks in and asks what's going on. Michael and Kiki both tell Morgan that Michael didn't know she was in there, but Morgan still thinks Mike's a pervert. Michael changes the subject and calls Morgan out for stealing his credit card. Kiki isn't happy to learn that Morgan is gambling again. Morgan acts cocky, but admits it. Kiki lectures Morgan on the dangers of gambling and recounts what happened the last time. Morgan claims he was gambling for Kiki so he could win enough money to free her from Franco. Kiki buys it and hugs Morgan. Michael get annoyed and tells Morgan to go cancel his gambling account. Morgan storms off and Michael asks Kiki what they're going to do about the kiss.

Ava finds Franco at the Q mansion. They have a chat about Kiki. Franco questions her relationship with their daughter. Ava accuses Franco of returning to Port Charles as part of some crazy art project. Ava tries to cut the conversation short and asks where AJ is. Franco wants to know what she wants with AJ and Ava responds that she is offering AJ, "Your head on a silver platter!" Franco believes that AJ will ultimately embrace him, but Ava tells him that AJ won't feel that way after he knows Franco poisoned the relish. Franco quickly sneaks his iPad under the couch and plays coy with her about the bad relish. Ava says she has proof he was responsible. Ava tells him she was at the Chew studio and talked to the producer "Todd" who told her there was an unknown man in the dressing room. She showed him a photo and Todd ID'ed Franco. Ava accuses Franco of purposely trying to drive ELQ stock down and grabs his iPad from under the couch. They talk about working together and Morgan happens to overhear from outside the living room door.

Alexis and Sonny talk about Olivia at the hospital. Alexis tells Sonny she thinks he's responsible. Sonny denies it, but Alexis tells him that Shawn told her the truth so he doesn't need to deny it. Sonny tells her that he didn't want this to happen and Alexis asks him to explain to her what really went down. Sonny flashes to his talk with Shawn about Carly ordering the hit. Then Shawn interrupts them and Alexis tells him Olivia is okay for now. Shawn asks to talk to Sonny, which annoys Alexis so she walks off. After she leaves, Shawn tells Sonny that Anna might be onto Carly. Sonny freaks out and Shawn offers to turn himself in. Sonny doesn't want Shawn to take the fall, but Shawn is certain it's the best way. Sonny wants him to play it out, but Shawn wants to protect Sonny and Carly, plus he feels guilty. Shawn can't believe that he missed so badly when he fired, because he thought he had Franco in his sights. At the end, Sonny sees Alexis again and tells her that Shawn went to the police station to confess.

Anna finds Shawn and Carly at the park in deep conversation. Anna wants to question Carly at the police station and offers her a ride. Carly reluctantly goes and gives Shawn a nervous glance as she walks off with Anna. Over at the police station, Dante goes to view the gun they think was used in Olivia's shooting. He also finds the bullet casing and is certain it's the right weapon. Carly and Anna arrive and Dante insists that he wants to help question Carly. Anna allows it. They go into interrogation and Dante almost immediately loses his cool. He tells Carly that Olivia is awake and that he found the gun. Dante says they will trace it back to Sonny, but Carly blurts out that Sonny wasn't responsible. Anna yells, "Who was it?" Carly decides to call her lawyer. Then Shawn arrives ready to confess. At the same time, Dante finds out the bullet and gun he had aren't the right match. End of Show! So does that mean there was another gunman? Oy Vey! 

Well that wraps up another week of GH. What do you think of the current state of the show? Personally on a scale of 1-10, I'd say GH is like a 5 right now. I still love my show and the wonderful characters, but the current plots are boring. Here's hoping for some fresh material this summer! Have a great weekend!

Random I know, but enjoy these clips of GH's 35th Anniversary Special. I remember that it aired in prime time...those were the days. Sigh 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Did You Say Jerome?

Carly did it!
We got a Kristina mention today; so I guess that's her official exit story?

Today's Show - 

Rafe is overjoyed to tell Molly and Lucy that he's staying in PC at the Davis house. Lucy thinks her chat with Silas about being a vampire in yesterday's show must have convinced Silas to stay. Someone knocks on the door and Lucy runs to answer. It's Shawn looking for Alexis. Lucy asks him if everything is okay and he says that he's worried about Danny. They sit out on the porch and Lucy chats Shawn up about TJ and what a good kid he is. She tells Shawn that he is TJ's hero. Shawn replies, "I'm no hero," and makes a polite exit. Back inside, Lucy asks Rafe and Molly to send all of their positive energy and good thoughts to Danny. She tells Rafe to put his metal chain in his hand for good luck and they all join hands for Danny.

Anna has a quick chat with Duke on her cell phone at the hospital. Sonny sees her by Olivia's room and asks if she is there to arrest him, Anna answers no and hangs up with Duke. Sonny tells her to get the hell out then. Dante overhears and tells Sonny he asked Anna to come to investigate Olivia's shooting. He tells Sonny to wait with Olivia. Sonny goes in her room and Connie is at Olivia's bedside. Connie cries that she is worried Olivia won't wake up. Connie says that Olivia is all she has left in the world, but Sonny tells her that isn't true. She tells him that despite her mental health issues, she's glad that he's with her now. Olivia hears them and finally opens her eyes. Connie tells Olivia that she loves her and Sonny chimes in with, "We both do." Connie looks at him slightly off put. Sonny asks Olivia why she took the risk of jumping in front of the bullet and she answers that she'd doing anything for him. Out in the hallway, Anna and Dante chat about the shooting. Dante tells Anna that he thinks Carly is involved. He tells her about the heated conversation Lulu saw Sonny and Carly have and that he thinks it was a hit gone wrong. They discuss the details of the case and Anna agrees that Carly seems suspicious. Anna tells Dante she thinks Shawn is the shooter. Shortly after she leaves to find Carly and Dante goes back into Olivia's room. He is thrilled to see Olivia awake. They all gush over Olivia, which humbles Connie. She leaves to get the doctor and Dante tells Olivia that he promised god that he will find the person responsible, while Sonny is standing behind him.

Michael goes jogging in the park to stop thinking about Kiki, when Carly finds him. They get around to talking about Olivia and Carly blurts out its all her fault. Michael asks what is bothering her and Carly fibs that because it happened at her hotel she feels responsible. Then Michael tells Carly that Morgan moved to the Q's with Kiki and that he's related to her. Carly says it's a bizarre coincidence and asks if Michael has a problem with Kiki. Then his cell phone rings and Michael gets a call about his credit card. He makes a hasty departure and shortly after Shawn finds Carly at the park. Shawn confides in Carly that it will devastate him if Olivia dies. He also let's her know that he told Alexis. Carly asks if Alexis will tell the police. Shawn says Alexis won't for Sonny. He wants to turn himself in and Carly pleads with him not to so she won't get implicated. Anna sees them talking from a distance and it appears she might have overheard some of their conversation. Carly sees Anna standing behind them and can't believe it.

Kiki thinks about kissing Michael at the Q mansion when Morgan interrupts her. He sees her looking at at a picture of Michael with AJ and Monica. He acts jealous, but then stays he's just joking because it would be gross for her and Michael to be attracted to each other. They start to make-out when Kiki gets a call from Ava. Kiki asks if Ava is calling about her ELQ shares, but Ava says no she just wanted to check on her. Kiki doesn't buy it and hangs up. After she tells Morgan that Ava is trying to use her and recounts the things that she feels Ava has lied to her about. She claims all Ava cares about is money. While listening to Kiki, Morgan sees that his credit card limit is maxed out on his laptop. He gets frustrated and suggests they go swimming to relax. They take off to the boat house. Meanwhile Michael storms into the mansion looking for Morgan. He finds Morgan's laptop and figures out that Morgan stole his credit card to gamble. Michael takes off looking for Morgan. At the boathouse, Morgan takes a swim while Kiki changes inside. Michael runs in looking for Morgan and once again sees Kiki with her top off.

Ava arrives at the ELQ offices and knocks on AJ's door. Duke is there and asks her to come in. She introduces her as Ava Jerome. Surprised Duke asks, "Did you say Jerome?" Ava replies yes that's her name and asks if it's a problem. Duke questions if she is related to Victor, Julienne or Olivia Jerome. She says that their names don't ring a bell. Duke tells her their all dead, because they were in a dangerous line of work. He explains his mobular past with Jerome's. Duke says he assumed none of the Jerome's are left, unless there is something he doesn't know. Ava smirks and asks him to tell AJ she stopped by. Then she walks out with a odd look on her face.

Silas informs Sam that he decided to stay in Port Charles because of her relationship with Rafe. Sam is surprised that he cares all of a sudden. She lists all of the cold things he's done and said since she met him. Silas admits that Lucy had an effect on him, even though he thinks she's crazy. He said he will stay put for the time being, but not forever. Alexis interrupts them and isn't pleased to see Silas. He tells her know that he's staying for now. Alexis shows Sam a list of medicines for Danny. Silas says he has a better idea. Alexis tells him to shove it, but Sam wants to hear what he has to say. Silas has a protocol that he thinks will have less side effects and better results. Sam wants to try his method, even though she thinks Silas is a jerk. Then they all go to talk to Danny's doctor. At the end, Sam thanks Silas for helping her. Alexis goes back home and tells Rafe, Lucy and Molly about how Silas helped Danny. Molly mentions sending a text to Kristina with the good news. Lucy tells Alexis about Shawn's visit and that he seemed upset. End of show!

I don't know much about online gambling, but Morgan must be the biggest fool there is to leave a giant credit card limit warning message on his laptop for all to see. Otherwise, I enjoyed Duke and Ava the most!

Enjoy the Duke/Ava Scenes from today!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homely Meddling Mugs

Today we got a Scooby-Doo reference, got a glimpse of Brit's compassionate side and Felix gets watched in the shower!

Wednesday's Recap -

Taylor tries to sneak into Felix's apartment, but he confronts her for doing the walk of shame. He demands to know where she was and accuses her of drinking. Brit rolls into the room and once again Taylor starts throwing around whatever she is blackmailing Felix with. He gets fed up and leaves for work. After Brit applauds Taylor for handling Felix and asks what she has on him. Taylor warns Brit not to get in between her and her brother, but Brit says she was just curious. After they talk about prom and Brit tells her that she never went to prom, because her mother thought it was beneath her. I miss Dr. Obrecht! Brit warns her on the risks of unprotected sex. Brit talks about her tryst with Patrick and how she ended up alone with a baby on the way. At the end of the show, Taylor leaves and Brad arrives with Brit's secret medical file for her to hide.

Ellie and Spinelli sneak into the lab to get a peak at Brit's medical file. They find the file, but all there is inside is a posted note. Brad suddenly enters and tells Ellie that she's fired. He says he knew they would stick their homely meddling mugs in his business and calls them, "Scoobies!" He wants to call security, but Spinelli stops him. He informs Brad that he can't fire Ellie or it will draw attention to whatever he's doing with Brit. Brad thinks twice and let's Ellie keep her job.

TJ pouts in the park over Molly when Shawn finds him. TJ tells him about seeing Molly kissing Rafe. Shawn tells him to put Molly in the past and move forward, but TJ says he already did with Taylor. TJ admits to Shawn that he had sex with Taylor. Shawn isn't happy to hear it, especially since it was his first time. TJ confirms that he was a virgin, but claims it's all good because Molly has moved on and Taylor is hot. Shawn also puts two and two together that TJ was drinking and grounds him. TJ asks Shawn not to tell Alexis about any of this and they head home.

Patrick and Sabrina make out in one of the hospital exam rooms, but stop when Sabrina reminds him that they have a date with Ellie at the lab. Sabrina wants to get Brit's blood for a DNA test. Patrick has concerns, but Sabrina tries to talk him into it. Then Felix shows up and asks if Patrick is on broad with bringing Brit down. Patrick agrees and all three of them head over to the lab to put their plan in action. Felix says loudly outside the lab that he's going to take a hot shower, which lures Brad out of the lab to watch Felix. Once gone, Sabrina and Patrick enter and ask Ellie to use a previous sample of Brit's blood to run the test. Ellie agrees to help and starts the DNA test.

Alexis plans a farewell breakfast for Rafe at her place, but it doesn't help cheer Molly up. Rafe, Sam and Danny come over and shortly after Silas arrives. Sam rags on him for not having any compassion. Lucy rushes in, see Silas and is upset that Silas is stealing all of their private time. Rafe says his goodbye to Sam. Sam and Alexis leave to take Danny to the hospital for his doctor's appointment. Lucy suggests that Rafe take Molly outside to say their goodbye, so she can talk to Silas alone. Outside, Molly gives Rafe a gift. She hands him a copy of her new book: Maine Squeeze. She wrote an inscription inside to him and Rafe is touched. Inside, Lucy tells Silas that he's the real vampire, because he's being so cold. Silas gets annoyed and wants to hurry things up. Lucy and Molly hug Rafe goodbye and they leave for the airport.

Luke goes to see Tracy at the Q mansion. He asks to take her on a date. She calls him a chicken, because she thinks he is just avoiding going to the hospital, However, Luke tells her he wanted to go get his test results and was hoping she'd come with him. Tracy agrees to accompany him and they leave for the hospital. Once they arrive they have to wait for the doctor to give them the results. They run into Alexis who tells them about Danny being sick. Alexis asks what their doing at the hospital and Tracy quickly answers that they're waiting to get test results for her.

Later, Alexis and Sam run into Spinelli at the hospital. He offers to help Sam however he can. Sam takes Danny into the exam room and Silas arrives. Back at the Davis house, Molly and Lucy talk about missing Rafe. Someone knocks on the door and Molly runs to answer. Rafe is standing there and he tells her that Silas had a change of heart and decided to stay in Port Charles. End of show!

What did you think of today's episode? Personally I always gets bored when Ellie is on the screen, but I did enjoy Lucy and the Davis girls!

Enjoy Lucy's Scenes from today's show!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dangerous in the Worst Possible Ways

We're What?
This episode showed Sonny is losing his grip, Alexis and Shawn's relationship troubles and teens getting their sexy on!

Today's Recap - 

Lauren and Michael try to wrap their heads around being cousins at the Q mansion. Morgan, Franco and AJ all chip in to fill in the blanks. Michael's rape comes up and Morgan is shocked to learn about it. Kiki is disgusted with Franco's role in Michael's assault. Morgan is mad that Michael confided in Kiki about his rape and wonders what's going on between them. Kiki tells Michael in private that their kiss never happened. Franco intimidates Morgan, while AJ stays nearby to monitor. At the end, Morgan clears the air with Michael and Kiki takes Morgan to see their room at the Q's.

I like sex --> Watch - TJ reminded me of this today
TJ is devastated to see Molly kiss Rafe at the park and he takes off with Taylor in the limo. He rants about Molly betraying him so Taylor gets TJ to drink to numb is pain. He tells her the booze isn't helping him, so Taylor kisses him. They start to make-out, but TJ puts the brakes on. She tells him that he should move on with her, since Molly has moved on with Rafe. TJ gets nervous and tells her that he doesn't have a condom. However, Taylor does and at the end TJ decides to go for it.

Rafe tells Molly that kissing her was magic, but he knows it wasn't the same for her. Molly tells Rafe that he's a great kisser, but she still wants TJ. She cares about Rafe as a friend and is sorry to see him go. Rafe wants her to be happy and if TJ is the right guy he wants her to be with him. Molly confides in him that she's not sure if TJ feels the same, because of Taylor. At the end, Rafe walks her home and they promise to see each other again.

Shawn wants to know how Alexis feels about him after learning the truth. He also wants to know if she will turn him into the police, but she tells she can't do that. She says that she has always been attracted to men who are, "dangerous in the worst possible ways." Alexis thinks it was Sonny who ordered the hit, but Shawn tells her that someone else is involved. Shawn gets annoyed that Alexis is judging him and throws her hit and run with Keifer in her face. Alexis thinks it's a bad comparison and they argue. Molly interrupts them by walking in from her night out with Rafe. After, Shawn makes an excuse to leave and takes off.

Sonny holds a gun on Carly at her house. He reminds her that if Olivia dies, she dies. Carly tries to explain her actions to him, but Sonny isn't having it. He takes off in anger, leaving Carly alone to feel guilty. Later on, Lulu stops by to talk to Carly. Lulu hints at how it must drive Carly crazy that Franco is still alive. Carly tries to act neutral, but she is clearly unnerved. Lulu pushes a little more and says she hopes the person responsible is brought to justice and that Olivia needs to wake up! Then Lulu leaves knowing she rattled Carly.

At the hospital, Lulu and Dante keep vigil at Olivia's bedside. Lulu is sorry that she couldn't remember Olivia before and Dante promise's to find the person responsible, even if it's Sonny. Lulu suggests to Dante that Carly also had a lot of motive to want Franco dead. They start discussing the possibility of a hit gone wrong, when Sonny walks in. Lulu leaves to get some coffee and a change of clothes. Sonny tells Olivia that he's sorry at her bedside, while Dante listens with suspicion. Dante tells Sonny that he wants the person that hurt his mother to pay for what they did in an aggressive manner. Sonny gets offended and directly asks Dante if there is something specific he wants to know. End of show!

Carly is just ridiculous right now, but at least we know Sonny isn't at fault for the millionth time!

P.S. Tyler Christopher is back on contract at GH see here ---> Back on Contract

Here's the preview for tomorrow show!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kissing Cousins: Quick Recap + Full Episode

Today's Show - 
  • Alexis confronts Shawn on shooting Olivia & he admits it
  • Tracy & AJ both try to get Franco on their side
  • TJ & Tyler hang out in a limo and drive around town
  • Rafe & Molly dance in the park, kiss & TJ sees them
  • Michael and Kiki swap bad father stories, they kiss & then find out they're cousins
  • Morgan finally gets a clue & realizes that Kiki's a Quartermaine

Enjoy today's show in 3 parts below!

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

What did you think of today's show? My favorite scenes were with Alexis and Shawn!

Here's the Preview for tomorrow show!

Daytime Emmy's: Complete Winners List + Video Clips

Did you watch last night? Not the best night for GH. Check out the winner's list and a couple videos clips below.

And the Soap winners are:

Days of Our Lives, NBC

Kristen Alderson, General Hospital, ABC

Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives, NBC

Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless, CBS

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless, CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

Julie Marie Berman, General Hospital, ABC

Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

Backstage with Julie! She talks about leaving GH.

Kristen Wins!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Save it Michael Moore!

Princess Molly Davis!
Our cliff hanger Friday featured a cancelled prom, some Franco family moments and the potential for upcoming Quartermaine incest. Yikes!

Today's Show - 

TJ tells Shawn the prom was cancelled because of the Metro Court shooting at Kelly's. TJ mentions Olivia, which makes Shawn somber. TJ wants to leave to see Molly, but then Felix and Taylor show up. Taylor is dressed for prom and wants to pose for pictures. Felix snaps some photos, but TJ has to break the news that prom is off. Taylor is devastated and insists that she and TJ go on a date instead. TJ agrees to take her out, but asks Shawn to go check on Molly. He wants Shawn to tell her that he's thinking about her. Shawn says okay. Felix wants to chaperon their date so Taylor doesn't drink, but she threatens him with whatever she is blackmailing him with so Felix backs off. TJ promises he'll take good care of her and they leave. What do you think of Taylor so far?

Molly is ready for the prom, but she has to tell Alexis prom is cancelled due to the shooting. The thought makes Alexis wonder about Shawn's involvement. Molly notices her get upset and wonders out loud if Sonny was involved. Alexis claims she is just worried about Sam. Then Molly realizes that she needs to call Rafe to tell him prom is cancelled, but it's too late because he shows up in his suit. Rafe isn't upset about missing the prom, because he's worried about Danny. However, he tells Molly that he's happy to see her all dressed up. Alexis gets a call from Diane. When she gets off the phone she tells Rafe that the court ruled in Silas's favor and he has to leave Port Charles tomorrow. Molly wants to appeal, but Rafe and Alexis realize it's useless. Then Shawn stops by. Molly makes an excuse to leave them alone and her and Rafe exit. Once alone, Alexis accuses Shawn of being the shooter.

Luke arrives at the Metro Court crime scene to take a drink. Tracy finds him and isn't happy to see him drinking. She asks about his test results, but Luke acts all blase' which puts her on the defensive. She asks if he has a death wish. Tracy calls his doctors to talk about Luke's condition, but Luke says he's not interested. He accuses her of badgering him. Luke says that the medical world is a for profit business. She tells him to, "Save it Michael Moore!" She calls him a coward and storms out. After, Luke grows a pair and makes a doctor appointment.

Franco rings the door at the Q mansion and Alice answers. He introduces himself as Franco Quartermaine. Alice tells him she know he's an insane artist and goes to slam the door. Franco blocks her, but notes how strong Alice is. He insists she let him in and ultimately gets his way. In the living room, Kiki calls Morgan and invites him to move in with her and her new rich relatives. Then Franco walks in with his arms open for a hug and calls her buttercup. She gets off the phone with Morgan and inquires as to what Franco wants. He wants to have a relationship. Kiki throws a sugar bowl at him in response, which makes Alice run in. Kiki asks her to go pick up her boyfriend. Alice doesn't like the idea of leaving Kiki alone with Franco, but she agrees and makes her exit.

Michael goes to see AJ at ELQ. AJ asks how his workout was and Michael says the ELQ gym is great and AJ should join him sometime, lol! They talk about Franco. AJ informs Michael that Franco and "Lauren" already showed up at the house. AJ suggests that Michael try to win over Lauren and bring her over to their side. AJ gets a call and doesn't tell Michael that Lauren is Kiki. Michael heads home to find Morgan on his laptop. He asks if it's porn and Morgan laughs in agreement, but he's really online gambling. Morgan starts packing to move out and Michael remarks on how he has to meet his long lost cousin Lauren at the Q's. They talk about AJ's wishes for Michael at ELQ. Then someone knocks on the door. Michael goes into the shower and Morgan open it. It's Alice to pick him up to see Kiki. Morgan recognizes her as, "The Dominator" and says he won 3 grand on one of her matches. Then they leave without Michael seeing them.

Back at the mansion, Kiki warns Franco to stay away from her. She thinks he's a murderer and Franco explains that there was always a part of him that he couldn't control. He mentions Jason and the way he was obsessed with him. Franco tells her that when Jason was killed, the evil part of him starved and died. He asks if she's brave enough to open her heart to him. AJ interrupts them and asks whats going on. Kiki runs out and Franco calls AJ his blundering brother. Then Tracy enters and suggests that Franco team up with her. Kiki runs to Michael's apartment looking for Morgan, but finds Michael instead. She starts crying on his shoulder about her father. At the end, Morgan arrives with Alice and realizes he's at the Quartermaine house.

Is Morgan slow on the uptake or what? You'd think he'd notice the giant mansion on the ride up the driveway; how many super rich families live in Port Charles anyway? Too funny! Have a great weekend!

The Daytime Emmy Awards are on this Sunday; see my previous post for details --> Daytime Emmy's June 16 2013

P.S. Don't forget to send a little love to all the dad's in your life this Father's Day!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spinal Tap

I swear it wasn't me!
Today's Recap - 

Patrick and Sabrina wake up in the afterglow of their love making.  Unfortunately, they have to get up and head out to work. Sabrina puts on her glasses on and Patrick tells her the glasses are sexy. They make out a little more, but Patrick gets a call that Danny's tests results came in interrupting them.

Shawn grills Carly at the Metro for lying about the hit. He's furious that she manipulated him, but Carly yells, "It's too late now! He advises her to leave town, because Sonny knows. Shawn gives a great performance while he rants to Carly about all the people this will hurt. He storms off leaving her alone and feeling guilty.

Silas insists that Sam include him on Danny's test results at the hospital. He tells her that Danny needs a spinal tap. Sam isn't happy and tells him to shut the hell up. Silas tells her he won't hold her negative attitude against Danny and advises her to call him when she's ready to treat him properly. Later, Patrick arrives to tell Sam the results of Danny's test. Alexis arrives to comfort her and Patrick regretfully informs her that Danny has Leukemia. Sam realizes Silas was right.

Alexis and Franco have some playful banter at Kelly's. He's so Todd! He mentions Olivia's shooting and gives her the news that Sonny was arrested. Diane comes to talk to Franco and Alexis starts to wonder if Shawn was involved with Olivia getting shot. Alexis tells Diane that Danny might have Leukemia and storms out. Franco asks if it's true and Diane can't believe he cares. She suggests he focus on his various charges to avoid jail. Then, Silas walks in. Diane asks him for an extension for Rafe's court hearing because Sam can't be there. Silas coldly responds no, because Danny will need all Sam's attention not Rafe!

Anna interrogates Sonny at the police station. She think's he ordered the hit on Franco. Sonny loses his temper, throws a chair and screams, "It wasn't me!" Anna thinks Sonny has the most motive, but let's him go after warning him that she will get the shooter. Later, Alexis calls Anna about Sonny's arrest and who the shooter is. Anna tells her she has no information and hangs up. Then Shawn arrives at Anna's behest. She wants to know where he was when Olivia was shot. Anna goes over his military history and questions his employment with Sonny. She asks him to make it right and confess. Shawn calls her bluff and goes to leave. Anna lets him go, but warns him to not leave town.

Lulu and Dante talk at Olivia's bedside. Dante wonders if Sonny is involved just as Sonny arrives to overhear Dante's concerns. Sonny says a prayer for Olivia and swears to Dante that he's not responsible. Dante asks who is and Sonny notices Carly watching them through the hospital room window. Carly takes off when Sonny sees her and he goes after her. Carly tries to get on the elevator, but Sonny stops her and sneers, "I know and you've gone too far!" Then he tells her if Olivia dies, she dies too. Lulu comes to find Sonny and sees them in a heated discussion. They notice her looking at them so Lulu makes an excuse and runs off. Lulu goes back to Dante and tells him that something looked intense between Carly and Sonny. Back at the elevators, Franco interrupts Sonny and Carly to tell then he'll be quiet about the hit on his life for now! End of show!

There were some good scenes and acting today! 

Here are Patrick's scenes from today, enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Much is A lot of Sex?

I've had lots of sex!
Sabrina and Patrick finally make it to the bedroom! Sonny sees red and Franco figures out what really happened at the Metro Court shooting!

Today's Show - 

Sabrina gets cold feet about sex at Patrick's place and he asks if she is a virgin. She laughs it off and blurts out that she's had a lot of sex. Patrick asks, "How much is a lot of sex?" She corrects her statement and says she's had a normal amount of sex, but just with one person. Apparently she had a long term boyfriend from high school through college. Sabrina explains that it didn't work out and that's how she ended up in the Port Charles nursing program. They make out and she tells him how happy she is. Patrick says she means a lot to him and they take each other clothes off. They fall on the bed and the love making begins. After, they have pillow talk about Felix of all things. Sabrina explains that she knows Felix would be happy they got together as he called it from the beginning. Sabrina gushes that she can't believe Patrick fell for someone like her. Patrick reminds her of how amazing and beautiful she is and that he's the lucky one. At the end, Sabrina says their evening together was perfect and they go at it again!

Taylor and TJ horse around at Kelly's, while Molly's watches from the window. Suddenly a pipe explodes in the kitchen and TJ goes to investigate. Taylor notices Molly watching and gives her a knowing wave. Molly runs off and Taylor is pleased with herself for teasing her. TJ calls Alexis to find Shawn to no avail. So he attempts to fix the busted pipe alone. Taylor plays sexy assistant and tries to help him. Their efforts fail. Water sprays everywhere drenching them. Taylor promptly uses it as an excuse to take her top off. TJ get nervous. Taylor quickly takes his off too and sends him off to the dryer.

Dante gets a call from the hospital about Olivia, while investigating at Metro Court with Anna. The hospital tells him that Olivia is stable, but still in jeopardy. Dante is relieved by the news, but is still very worried. Anna shows him the shell casing she found and tells him that they'll get the person responsible. Then she sends him off to the hospital to check on his mother and Anna stays behind to continue working.

Connie interrupts Sonny's chat with Olivia in the ER to ask who did this. Sonny says he doesn't know, but he will find out. He leaves to get some information. Connie stays by Olivia's side, while Olivia falls asleep. Shortly after Dante arrives. He asks Connie about Olivia's status so Connie gives him the details of the shooting. She explains the vision that Olivia had and her attempt to save Sonny. Dante goes to Olivia's bedside and talks to her. He jokes that Lulu needs her bolognese recipe. Then Dante gets choked up and cries that he can't imagine his life without her.

Franco confronts Carly at the Metro Court. He tells her she is liable for the shooting. First he says it's because she is the owner of the hotel, then he comes right out and claims to be certain that she hired someone to kill him. Carly tells him that he's crazy, but Franco puts the pieces together. Anna interrupts their conversation to give them a quick update on Olivia being stable. Franco makes a comment about Carly being happy to hear that. Anna gets a little suspicious, but leaves to do more investigating. After Franco again accuses Carly of trying to kill him. Carly asks him why he didn't share his theory with Anna. He says it's part of his attempt to make amends on Jason's behalf. Carly advises him to let it go. Franco claims he's not the same bad man anymore and makes his exit.

Alexis wants to know where Shawn was at the hospital. He acts distracted, making Alexis concerned. Then he walks off to supposedly check on TJ. Sonny sees him and wants to talk. Shawn asks about Olivia and starts to ramble about the botched hit. Sonny doesn't understand, but Shawn explains what happened. Shawn tells him that Carly ordered the hit. Sonny is irate and asks for the blow by blow of how Carly was involved. Sonny tells Shawn not to talk to anyone, because he wants to deal with Carly himself. Then Olivia gets wheeled out for surgery and Sonny briefly stops her to give her some encouragement. Connie goes to the waiting room, while Sonny and Dante have as quick conversation. Dante asks if he's the reason his mother got shot. Also Anna talks to hotel staff and concludes that Franco was the target of the hit. She confronts Sonny at the hospital and asks him to come down to the station.

Molly arrives to talk to Alexis at the hospital and they discuss Danny's situation. Molly briefly leaves to get some snacks and TJ calls Alexis looking for Shawn. Alexis asks TJ if he had spoken with Shawn earlier, but TJ doesn't know what she is talking about. Alexis realizes that Shawn lied to her. Molly returns with some chocolate for them to munch on. Alexis brings up prom, but Molly says that she's not going, because of Danny. Alexis pulls the truth out of her and Molly confesses that she doesn't want to lead Rafe on and really wants to go with TJ. Later, they walk off to go visit Sam and run into Shawn on the way. Molly leaves them alone and Alexis confronts Shawn in his lie. End of show!

Are you happy for Patrick and Sabrina? Do you think Carly will get caught?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!