Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Look Very Flushed AJ!

Miss Me?
Today was a good day! Not only is the weather beautiful in NJ, but GH rocked today. The only exceptions for me would be Ellie and Nulu!

Here's what happened - 

Spinelli visits Betsy Franc to ask about Franco's potential daughter. She's is angry about Franco's death, but let's Spinelli in. He asks about his daughter, but she denies that Franco had a child. He says that Heather Webber told him that he did indeed spawn. Betsy pretty quickly admits that it's true. She says that it was painful for Franco and they never talked about her, because Lauren's mother kept her away. Spinelli convinces her to give him some information and Betsy hands him an old address. He leaves and Betsy locks the door and says to a unknown person, "You can come out now!"

Ellie confronts Maxie about her miscarriage. Maxie denies it and claims it's someone else's file. Ellie doesn't buy it and says she wants to go to the lab to check on things. Maxie stops her and comes clean about being pregnant with Spinelli's baby. Ellie is horrified and realizes that no one else knows the truth, including Spinelli.  She tells Maxie it's wrong and she has to tell Spinelli. Maxie asks her not to, but then Spinelli calls.

Nikolas and Elizabeth share a passionate kiss at Windermere, but Liz puts the brakes on midway into it. She doesn't want to hurt Lucky or ruin Nik's relationship with him. Nik insists there is more to their relationship then just an affair. He thinks it's time for them to be together without feeling guilty. Liz admits she has feelings for him, but doesn't believe it can work. She turns him down and Nik asks if AJ has anything to do with how she feels. Liz tells him that she thinks she might have overreacted where AJ is concerned. She also tells him that given Nik's feelings, AJ may have been right to feel threatened. She wants to go see AJ, but Nik tells her its a waste of time. Nik tells her he came back after being shot for her. Feeling confused, Liz leaves in tears. After, Nik has flashbacks of him and Liz having sex.

Milo stops Lulu's kiss, but she doesn't give up and goes in for another. He resists again and tells her it's wrong, because Dante's a good guy. They go back and forth until Dante bangs on the door. Lulu insists on opening the door, but after she does she quickly gives Dante the blow off and tries to close it again. Dante blocks the door and pushes his way inside. He begs her to come home with him, but Lulu says she wants to stay with Milo because she is more comfortable there. Dante asks Milo why he lied to him about Lulu's whereabouts and punches him. Lulu takes Milo's side and scolds Dante. She asks Dante to apologize. Dante bites the bullet and tells Milo he's sorry. Dante requests that she comes home with him and promises not to pressure her. He says,"You are the love of my life and I miss you so much!" Sweet Dante scene. Nonetheless, Lulu says she's not ready to go. So Dante says okay, in that case he'll stay there with them. Take that Nulu!

Carly and AJ continue their make-out session in the Q living room. AJ says, "We can't do this here" and they take off to his bedroom. AJ breaks a lamp on his desk in the heat of passion. Carly pushes him on the bed and jumps on top of him. Afterward, both of them can't believe what they did and feel regret. They claim to still hate each other and vow to never speak of it again. Then Monica knocks on the door and asks if everything is okay. Carly hides under the sheets, while AJ steps outside to talk to Monica. Monica says, "You look very flushed AJ!" Then she takes his pulse - hilarious! She thinks he having another panic attack so AJ has to clue her into the fact that he's not alone. Monica assumes it's Elizabeth and goes on and on about how wonderful Elizabeth is. Carly overhears and rolls her eyes. At the end of the show, Monica is looking at pics of AJ and Liz from the Nurse's Ball on her iPad. Then the door bells rings and surprise surprise, it's Liz!

What a fun show today! Is Betsy Franc the worst actress ever? Just saying! Nulu was getting on my nerves too!

Here's the clip of Jason killing Franco, enjoy!

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