Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who is he?

Good stuff!
Today's show had some highs and a few lows. We meet Kiki Jerome and Steven Clay's brother, but all we learn about the new Todd Manning is that he's not Todd Manning, sniff!

The Recap - 

TJ mopes over prom tickets at Kelly's and Felix tries to comfort him. He fills Felix in on what happened with Molly and Rafe. Felix warns TJ that his temper is going to drive Molly into Rafe's arms. He suggests that TJ go to Molly and plead with her to forgive him. TJ agrees it's worth a shot and takes off to Molly's house.

Rafe comes to visit Molly at home while she babysits for Danny. Rafe apologizes to her for letting things with TJ get out of hand. He feels guilty for kissing her and admits that he's in love with her. He tells her all the things that made him fall for her and Molly is touched. He also talks about his "crazy" bio dad, Steven Clay. At the end, he asks Molly if they can be friends and he suggests that she give TJ another chance. Molly decides that she wants to be friends and hugs him. TJ walks up at that moment and sees them.

Sam sees a doctor who she believes is Steven Clay. She runs away from him and drops her phone in the process. He follows her and tries to return it to her. Sam wonders why he's not dead and he tells her whatever she thinks she knows about Steven Clay she is wrong. Then he is called away to a patient. He comes back over to Sam at the end of the show and she threatens to call the police. He tells her he's not Steven Clay, he's his brother.

Michael pushes his way into Ava's apartment and screams for Morgan. Morgan comes out and introduces the girl at the door as his girlfriend. She says her name is Kiki aka jeromearoundtheworld. They gush over one another in front of Michael. Michael questions the authenticity of Kiki's feelings for Morgan. He doesn't think she intends to help Morgan, but then they hear a knock on the door. Kiki opens the door, greets a group of young guys and tells them to hit the bar. The she tells Michael their loaded and she plans on gambling with them to earn the money for Morgan. Michael takes Morgan aside and warns him not to take this route. Morgan ultimately ignores him and sits down to play with Kiki.

Shawn and Sonny fly off to find Morgan. While in flight, they discuss Sonny's history dealing Mike's gambling. Mike mention! Sonny is worried that maybe Morgan is a gambling addict. Shawn thinks he's just a kid who got in over his head. They go over the details of Morgan's online chat with jeromearoundtheworld. Sonny is convinced Morgan is being set up.

Over at The Chew everyone tries to recover from the sickening relish. Nik tries to help Elizabeth and no one knows which relish is guilty for the food poisoning. AJ also tries to help Liz, while Tracy helps Mario from The Chew. Both Nik and AJ take want to play hero to Liz, so they take her to the hospital together. Tracy attempts to talk about Pickle Eddie to Mario while he's ill on stage. He can't stomach the word relish and asks his assistant to get him away from her.

In the green room, the producer named Todd, ironically finds a mysterious man who we know to be Todd Manning. He asks if he has a pass and what his name is. Before he can answer, one of the PA's yells out, "Todd!" Then he enters and tells the producer he needs him immediately. After the man of mystery watches Tracy from the green room TV. She talks to Edward when she is alone on the stage. Then she comes to return Mario's shoes to the green room, but doesn't see him. Afterward, he watches the TV again and sees all  of The Chew talking about possibly being poisoned. He makes a call and says, "I'm done here and ready to go to Port Charles!" 
Watch here!

Carly looks for Morgan at the hospital in NYC. She shows one of the nurse's a picture of Michael and Morgan and the nurse informs her they left. AJ finds her in the hallway while he's out looking for help for Elizabeth. Carly quickly briefs him about the Michael/Morgan situation then takes off.  AJ follows her and tries to assure her that Michael can take care of things. When AJ mentions wanting to check on Liz, Carly gives him a look. They talk about sleeping together and Tracy overhears. Meanwhile, Liz faints and Nik carries her to be treated by Steven Clay's brother. They put her on fluids, while Nik chats with nurse about how Liz stayed by his side in the hospital. When Liz wakes up, she sees Nik and asks, "Where's AJ?"

Who do you think Roger Howarth's new character will be? What do you think of his new edgy look? Personally I miss the scar! 

In honor of that, watch how Todd got his scar from OLTL! 

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