Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We Don't Fit Anymore

Time to let go

Today's Recap - 

Molly arrives at Kelly's to find it dark and closed to the public. She finds a bag of Scrabble letters that she figures out spell, "Will you go to prom with me?" Then TJ comes out from the kitchen and asks her directly, but Molly says no. TJ freaks and wants to know why. Molly tells him she can't say yes until she tells him the truth. Then she blurts out that Rafe kissed her. TJ's blood boils and he wants to kill Rafe. Molly calms him down and they agree to go to prom after all  She leaves, but forgets her cell phone. TJ looks at it and sees that Rafe sent a text asking Molly to talk to him. So TJ responds as Molly and tells Rafe to come to Kelly's.

Rafe and Sam take little Danny to church and talk about losing Jason and Rafe's mother Allison. Sam suggests they go to Kelly's to get a burger, but Rafe feels funny about going there. Sam asks why and he tells her that he kissed Molly there. He explains how he came to have feelings for Molly. Then he confesses to Sam that he's in love with Molly. Then Rafe sees that Molly responded to his text and asked him to come to Kelly's. He takes off to meet her. When he arrives TJ punches Rafe and warns him to stay away from Molly. Meanwhile back at the church Sam says a prayer for Jason. Then she has a creepy experience with the all the candles suddenly blowing out and a strange noise coming from the rear of the church. She yells out, "Whose there?" Is it Steven Clay or Caleb Morley? I sense more vampire stuff on the horizon.

Luke goes to Milo's apartment looking for Lulu and finds Laura there. They decide to wait for Lulu together. While they wait they make idol chat about Bobby, Nikolas and the history with Monica and Leslie. Luke gets around to asking if she's really going to marry Scotty. Laura says yes she is. She also tells Luke that she doesn't regret any of their moments together. Luke agrees it was a pretty good ride. Laura wonders if they still have something and gets teary eyed talking about it. Luke goes in for a sweet kiss, then Laura responds and they go in for a real kiss. When they stop Laura reveals that it felt a little off and Luke agrees its not the same anymore. Laura realizes they don't fit. Luke agrees maybe it's time to let go. 

Watch their fabulous scenes here!

Scotty looks at the picture of Luke and Laura that Laura dropped at the Metro Court. Lucy comes off the elevator and runs into him. Lucy looks fabulous and says she is waiting for Kevin. She tries to talk Scotty through his Laura woes. He's full of angst wondering if Laura still loves Luke. Then Kevin calls to cancel so Lucy and Scott go to dinner together. At the end of the show, Laura comes to find Scotty and tells him that Luke and her put the past in the past. She claims to be ready to set a wedding date with him.

Lulu, Dante and Maxie go to the hospital together. Lulu tries to understand why Maxie would want to be a surrogate mother for her. A nurse comes to tell then that Brit is running late for their appointment. So Maxie uses it as a reason to excuse herself and leaves to get her insurance card. After she's gone, Dante has flashbacks of Lulu helping him give his sperm sample. Dear lord! He fills Lulu in and asks if she remembers. It does trigger her memory, but Lulu denies it and walks off.

Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage at her apartment. Then she comes clean about him being the father. Spinelli doesn't understand so Ellie gives him all the details. Maxie walks in and Spinelli confronts her. Maxie is furious that Ellie told, but Spinelli tells her that he wants the baby and kisses Maxie. Ellie is shocked and Spinelli says that he loves Maxie and has to let her go. Then Lulu and Dante walk in. Maxie tells them the truth about the baby. Lulu freaks out and pulls Dante's gun on them. The whole was very silly and then it's revealed that it's just Ellie's fantasy and never really happened. Spinelli is still asking who the real father is. Ellie lies and says it's really Dante and Lulu's second embryo. Ugh and I was hoping they would end this. I guess it will continue to drag on and on. Sigh!

Also at the very end both Spinelli and Luke are hot on Lauren Franc's trail, but who will find her first??

I loved the Luke and Laura scenes today! How about you?

Here's tomorrow preview!


  1. It's about time that LnL called it quits and hope that it sticks. Luke loves wallowing in the mud with his whores and booze.

  2. It is so depressing. that is not the Luke Spencer That I know. The Luke Spencers that I know died in 2008. The last few years he has been a shell of a man with no soul. I don't know how he could stand in front of the love of his life crying brokenhearted and show no emotion. All he cares about now is booze,money and Tracey. I think he became what he hated most his father.

  3. I'm somewhere in the middle. On one hand, all the recent 50th hoopla put the magic that Luke & Laura once had front and center. On the other hand, with Genie Francis being off the show for so long it seems natural that Luke would move on. I also always liked the Luke & Tracy relationship, whether their together or just friends.

    I don't like Laura with Scotty though. I think that makes no sense whatsoever. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out. No matter what, I do think there is still a chance Luke & Laura will fall back in love one day. If GH ever does go off the air, my wish would be for all the super couples to ride off into the sunset together.


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