Friday, May 3, 2013

Pickle Me Eddie

 Today felt like a bit of a filler day, but it was still fun. We learn that Morgan vanished, AJAR stills hates one another and that The Chew is more ethical then most. Can anyone say shameless self promotion ABC?

Here's what happened - 

Sonny and Shawn go to Morgan's dorm room. The Dean tries to stop him from entering, but Sonny insists they let him in. The Dean relents and upon opening the door, they are greeted by Morgan's roommate, Travis, holding a gun on them. Shawn draws his weapon. Sonny tries to talk the kid down and convinces him to drop the gun. It turns out to be a fake. However, the Dean wants to call the police on Sonny and Shawn for bringing a real gun into the school. Sonny works his magic and the Dean backs down. Then Travis explains the gambling ring to Sonny and admits that Morgan owed $50 K. Sonny asks where Morgan is and Travis tells him that Morgan run away.

Carly has visions of her romp with AJ in her head and gets grossed out at the Metro Court. She hears a phone ringing her in purse, looks at it and sees it's Liz calling. Then suddenly AJ pops up and yells, "Don't answer that!" They realized the took each other's phone by accident. They argue about how much they hate each other and how Carly feels that Liz deserves better then AJ. He feels deep regret as does Carly and the vow to stay silent again.  AJ leaves and Carly finally looks at her own cell phone. She sees that she missed several messages from Sonny. She listens to all the messages and realizes that Morgan must be in some trouble. She finally calls Sonny and he tells her that Morgan disappeared. Carly freaks and wants to come and help. Sonny tells her to stay in Port Charles in case he comes home.

I'm delicious!

Nik daydreams of Liz at Windermere, tuning out Tracy who is there to talk relish with him. Tracy tells him that AJ is trying to market his knock off relish on The Chew and she wants Nik to stop it. Nik suggests they get on the show instead of AJ. I sense a crossover episode coming on The Chew. Nik insists they change the name and Tracy tells him he already has one. She pulls out a bottle and shows him, "Pickle Eddie" and she replaced Lila's picture with Edward's on the bottle. She says it's the only name she thinks her mother would approve of. He isn't thrilled with it, but Tracy thinks it's perfect. She uses AJ as bait to get Nik to go along with the name. Nik tries to get AJ dumped from the show, but it doesn't work. Instead The Chew agrees to have a surprise taste off with both relishes.

Brit claims to have morning sickness at the hospital for all to see. Liz talks to Patrick about Brit's choice to keep the baby.  He asks Liz to check on Brit and make sure she is okay. He wants to do the right thing for the child. Liz checks and comes to tell Patrick something is wrong with Brit. Sabrina has to break the news to Felix that Brit is still preggers. Felix thinks it's fishy and thinks that Brit never planned to have an abortion. Then Patrick brings Brit into the room where Sabrina and Felix are. Felix asks Liz if she actually saw Brit throwing up. Liz says no. Then he tells Sabrina he thinks Brit is faking the whole thing. Patrick overhears them. They lie and tell him they were talking about Epiphany putting them on the Night shift. (Nod to GH: Night shift) Later, Sabrina gets Brit alone and accuses her of faking morning sickness. Sabrina starts to rip into Brit and then Patrick opens the door.

Michael goes to the Q mansion to find AJ. Monica makes a comment about Carly being a bad match for AJ. He asks why she said that and Monica dances around the issue. They start talking about AJ and Carly's past. Michael believes they would never reunite. AJ returns home and Michael tells him about the Chew. Apparently Duke arranged the whole thing and AJ is proud of Michael for being such a good marketer. He and Michael plan to travel to the show together. Michael leaves and Monica has a talk with AJ about taking Liz with him to New York to seal the deal with her. It prompts AJ to go to the hospital to see Liz and he invites her along with him.

Johnny gets a visit from Olivia at Pentonville. She questions Johnny about Morgan's situation and wonders if it's some kind of set up or trap for Sonny. He says it's all true and wonders why she is so concerned about Sonny. He thinks something is going on between her and Sonny. Olivia denies it and she explains how the situation with Dante brought them closer together as friends. Johnny doesn't buy it and warns Olivia not to get hurt. At the end, they say goodbye and she tells him she knows he's a good person deep down. She tells him maybe she'll visit him again someday. Sigh, that's the final Jolivia scene I guess...maybe forever.

Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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