Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sucker Punch

Did we raise him right?

I just sat down to watch GH today; sorry for the delay! Let's dig in and get into the recap...

Carly and Anna talk about Morgan outside of Kelly's. Carly wants Anna to help her find Morgan, but Anna informs her that his disappearance was outside of her jurisdiction. She suggests that Carly hire a private investigator. Carly says she was trying to contact Spinelli, but can't reach him. Then she realizes that Sam can help her and she takes off. Anna goes inside Kelly's and Duke joins her shortly thereafter with a bottle of Pickle Lila for her to try. They discuss AJ going on the chew, while Anna chows down on the relish.

Rafe tries to hide his black eye from Sam at her apartment by wearing a pair of sunglasses. However, she takes off his sunglasses and sees his black eye anyway. Sam puts two and two together and asks if TJ hit him. Rafe admits it and Sam freaks out, but Rafe wants to call TJ to work it out by himself. Sam isn't into it, but then Carly shows up asking for her help and Rafe leaves. Carly asks Sam to help her find Morgan. Sam says yes and Carly gives her all the details on what she knows thus far. Carly feels guilty about shipping Morgan off under her maiden name and discusses his parenting with Sam. Then Sam gets an idea and texts Morgan pretending to be Jeromearoundtheworld.

TJ flashes back to hitting Rafe at Kelly's when Molly comes in looking for her cell phone. TJ deletes Rafe's text messages before handing it over to her. She looks at her phone and feels silly that no one sent her any messages while it was out of her hands. TJ asks if she wanted to hear from Rafe, but she assures him he's the one she wants. TJ is about to confess to hitting Rafe, when Rafe walks in. She sees his black eye and freaks. Rafe covers for TJ and tells her that the bullies from the half way house jumped him. TJ feels guilty and confesses the truth. Molly feels responsible for telling TJ about Rafe kissing her. Then TJ admits to sending a phony text and sucker punching Rafe. Molly thinks he's acting "shady" and tells him that prom is off!

Nikolas informs Tracy that they're not going on The Chew. He tells her it's because of Elizabeth. Tracy thinks it's ridiculous and realizes that she doesn't need him. She goes to leave for The Chew and upon opening the door she sees two bodyguards blocking her way. The guards carry Tracy back into Nik's room and Nik tells her that she's not going anywhere. Tracy pleads with Nik to let her go and save her family legacy, but he doesn't bite and leaves her there. Tracy tries to convince the bodyguards to let her free with her tale of Quartermain woe. She makes them an offer to work at ELQ as head of security if they let her go, but they don't budge. They leave her alone in the hotel room and Tracy gets emotional and starts talking to Edward. She feels that she failed and asks for Edward's forgiveness. Then she hears a bang on the door. When she opens it the bodyguards are mysteriously knocked out. Could Edward have heard her pleas and sent a punch from heaven? 

AJ and Liz hang out backstage at The Chew. He thanks her for coming with him, but remains guilty about his tryst with Carly. The producer informs AJ about the impending relish taste off and asks where Tracy is. AJ is upset about the news, but Liz relaxes him with a kiss. AJ goes on set and Liz stays behind to raid the buffet table. Nik walks in on her putting cookies in her purse and announces, "I saw that!" She's less then pleased to see him thinking he's there to mess with AJ, but Nik informs her that he stopped Tracy from coming for her. Nik warns her again that he thinks AJ is bad for her, but promises he won't make it worst for him. Then AJ walks in and sees them talking.

Morgan calls Michael and tries to play it cool, but Mike calls him out on the gambling stuff. Michael fills Morgan in on Sonny getting a fake gun pulled on him by Travis at his school. Morgan isn't happy that Sonny is involved so Michael offers his help instead. Michael confronts Morgan about "jeromearoundtheworld" and insists that Morgan tell him where he is. Then Morgan gets a text message from Sam, who is thinks is Ava Jerome. Later, Morgan is alone and two thugs come looking for him. They beat him up and warn him to pay up or a worst beating is on the way. End of show!

So what did you think of Friday's show? Have a great weekend!

Here is Tracy's scenes from Friday's show, enjoy!

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