Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something Came Up!

Today's Recap - 

Dante hangs out with Milo and Lulu much to Lulu's disappointment at Milo's apartment. Then Max shows up. Max and Milo argue, Lulu pouts and says Dante is having a "testosterone fest" then she storms out. Dante warns Max to keep a leash on Milo and chases after her. Max and Milo stay behind and debate how to handle Lulu. Milo wants to go look for her and Max tells him how dumb that idea is. However, as soon as Max goes to the bathroom Milo takes off.

Dante goes to the Floating Rib and COLEMAN is there!!! See my post about Coleman's new commercial here Dr. Pepper & Coleman 
Of course Lulu is there too and Dante reminds her that they first met at the Floating Rib, then it was Jake's. We get redone flashbacks of Dante and Nulu's first moments. They play pool and Dante has more flashbacks about his bad pickup lines. It triggers a memory for Lulu, but then Milo shows up and she panics. Dante tries to remind her about how Ethan and Lucky had beat him up when they first met. It seems to register something, but she gets scared and takes off again.

Laura visits Nikolas at Windermere. They talk about his kiss with Liz. Laura is surprised by Nik's feelings for Liz. She was under the impression that Liz was dating AJ so Nik fills her in on recent events. After hearing all the details, Laura tells him she thinks a relationship with Liz would be a bad idea. She lectures him about how Lucky got hurt and urges Nik to be realistic. He starts to rant about how AJ is a bad match and Laura realizes that Nik is setting himself up to be a "home wrecker" again. He takes the offense to the comment and tries to convince Laura how bad AJ is for Liz. At the end, they hug and Laura tells him to let Liz decide what she wants and that he should stay out of it.

Ellie is about to confess Maxie's secret to Spinelli on the phone. Maxie grabs the phone, they wrestle and Maxie gets hold of it. She talks to Spinelli and lies to him claiming Ellie found nothing wrong about her baby. Then she turns Ellie's phone off when Spinelli calls back. Maxie pleads with Ellie not to blow up everyone's lives and uses Spinelli as a weapon. She says the truth will end Ellie's relationship with him. Then Spinelli calls again. Ellie doesn't know what to do so she tosses the phone on the floor and takes off.

Liz knocks on the Quartermain door to Monica's surprise. She asks to see AJ, but Monica has to make an excuse and tells her AJ is asleep. Liz insists on going to speak with AJ. Meanwhile, up in his bedroom AJ and Carly get dressed. Carly gets a call from Mercedes. Apparently she is late getting home and explains that, "Something came up, but it will never come up again!" AJ smirks at her comment.

Carly steps out of the bedroom and tries to sneak out, but then sees Elizabeth talking to Monica at the door. She runs back upstairs to warn AJ. He comes downstairs to cover. He talks to Liz and she asks if it's too late to repair their relationship. She tells him she feels guilty about the way she treated him. He also apologizes and Liz admits to AJ that Nik does have feelings for her. The she tells him she wants to see where things go between them. AJ agrees that he wants the same. Yay! They kiss and Liz leaves.

Monica gets suspicious and goes up to AJ's bedroom to uncover who is really up there. She finds Carly hiding in the closet. Monica says the room looks like Carly and AJ had "wild sex" - too funny! Monica yells at Carly and asks her why she if she hates AJ so much did she have sex with him. Carly tells her it was just a mistake and pleads with Monica to keep quiet about it. Monica says she'll never tell, because she wants AJ and Liz to have a chance. Monica sneaks Carly out of the house and tells her to never touch her son again! At the end of the show, Monica scolds AJ for sleeping with Carly.

Another fun show today. I wish I cared about the Ellie/Maxie stuff, but I don't! How about you? hee hee! What do you think the Nulu's story far? I hate to be negative, but I'm bored! Have a good night!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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