Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Recap + Full Episode

Who Spiked the Relish?
Today's Show - 

Tracy torments AJ with her knowledge of his and Carly's tryst at the Quartermain mansion. 

Kiki flashes Michael and Morgan at Michael's apartment.

Lucy gives herself a creative new job that gets the attention of Silas Clay.

Dante gets Kevin's professional opinion about Lulu at Kelly's.

Sam and Alexis discuss Silas, while Rafe eavesdrops.

Lulu and Not-Todd work on the big party at The Haunted Star. 

Carly and Liz beat around the subject of AJ at Kelly's. 

Not-Todd & Silas have a mysterious chat on the pier, after Not-Todd makes his party list.

Carly meets Kiki and isn't pleased about Morgan's sexual relationship with her.

Ava comes to visit Tracy and attempts to extort money from her.

Dante tries to trigger Lulu's memory.

AJ goes to meet Liz at Kelly's and she questions him about Carly.

Sam vouches for Silas and he hands her paperwork to take guardianship of Rafe.

Enjoy Today's Episode in 3 parts below thanks to LoriJoGH

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. I really believe that TIIC are making a major mistake by tying Michael Easton's character to the Stephen Clay-Port Charles Vampire Debacle - which ended up being cancelled in 2003 because not enough people were thrilled by it. Back in the days when Port Charles was a show about a bunch of interns at General Hospital, PC enjoyed an audience of between 2.5 and 2.2 million viewers. When the vampires were introduced in 2000, PC still had an average audience of 2.2 million. AFTER the vampires were introduced, Port Charles began LOSING viewers, hand over fist. By the time that Port Charles was finally cancelled in 2003, Port Charles only had about 500,000 viewers left!

    It just seems very short-sighted to me that TIIC CHOSE to "remember Port Charles" by focusing on the part of the show which attracted only 500,000 viewers - and totally ignoring the part of Port Charles which pulled in 2.2 to 2.5 MILLION viewers! IF the name of the game really IS "getting those ratings numbers UP, in order to fend off cancellation," then it seems to me that the LOGICAL approach would be to focus on the aspects of Port Charles which drew in the MOST viewers - which was the part of Port Charles which focused on the story about the interns!

    Since we already know that JOHN MCBAIN'S father had at least ONE affair outside of his marriage, which produced a hitherto unknown daughter, it would have been just as likely that Dad McBain kicked over the traces even earlier than that, and Michael Easton's character could have been identified as a relative of the McBain family - who grew up with his mother's family and, therefore, is not known by the last name of McBain. (In the same way that Dante grew up with the Falconeri family and is known as Dante Falconeri rather than Dante Corinthos!) They could have spun a story about a McBain-related new character having been adopted, and could, therefore, be sympathetic with some of Sam's past history. He could have still become involved with Sam via Rafe and still be a doctor.

    It is obvious from the ratings reports that the return of the Port Charles vampires to GH did NOT bring in a whole bunch of former PC viewers as new viewers. After all, most of the 500,000 former Port Charles viewers who were left by the time that the show limped up to the chopping block - are now ten years older! What seemed like it was really great stuff when you were twelve does not usually look all that great by the time that you reach 22!

    So - I am NOT impressed by the way that TIIC have chosen to introduce Michael Easton back into the show as Dr. Silas Clay.

  2. Likewise, I am not all that impressed if the scuttlebutt is true - and it turns out that Roger Howarth's new character is Franco. I understand that TIIC wanted KRisten Alderson to return as Lauren Frank, who would be the missing Quartermaine heir. And they wanted to preserve the father-daughter vibe which they had established between Howarth and Alerson when they were in Port Charles as Todd and Starr Manning.

    HOWEVER - TIIC could have preserved the SAME dynamic if they had followed through with one of their ideas - which was to have Howarth create an entirely new character - Alexander Cassadine - whose parents were reportedly supposed to be Alexandria Quartermaine and Anthony Cassadine. In that way, it could have been revealed that Franco was NOT Jason's brother and, therefore, Lauren was NOT the missing Quartermaine heir. The story COULD have developed that, following her disastrous marriage to Franco, Ava Jerome became involved with Alex Cassadine, so that Alex Cassadine was really the only father figure who had been in Lauren's life. However, it would have been Alexander Cassadine who would be both the missing Quartermaine heir - and possibly, an out-of-the-loop heir of the Cassadine fortune as well.

    As it is, so far, we have seen Howarth's new character make allusions to Sam. Most people got pretty bored with the story about Todd Manning hassling Sam, and they were not all that enthused about the "Franco menaces Sam" story either. At this point, it looks like we are headed toward a merging of the two stories with "Franco returns and hassles and/or menaces Sam some more" being the end result.

    Once again, the question becomes, why would wise writers, who are genuinely interested in preserving their jobs by getting the ratings numbers UP - choose to repeat two stories - with underwhelming ratings in the past - in an attempt to entice more new viewers to take a peek?

    Just VERY confusing logic, if you ask me!

  3. I think it all depends on the writing because the acting is strong. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I agree it's risky.


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