Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nutty Buddy Groin Protector

We're Boring!
Today we learned that the Maxie baby story is still alive and kicking, Sabrina and Patrick don't use their alone time wisely and Rafe gets some unhappy news!

Here's what happened - 

Spinelli brings Ellie balloons at the hospital lab. At the same time, Brit's orderly comes in to tell Ellie that he's the new lab manager. She expected to get the job and isn't pleased. Spinelli and Ellie start to argue with the orderly, but he tells them to have their relationship time somewhere else. Spinelli pops all the balloons on the way out. Out in the hallway, Spinelli tries to console Ellie. They start to chat about Maxie and Ellie gets upset. Spinelli probes as to why she is so worked up, but she rushes back to work. Later, she oddly starts to talk about her problems with the orderly/new lab manager.

Maxie finds Brit at the hospital in a wheelchair. Brit brags to Maxie that she has been ordered to go on bed rest and is moving in with Patrick. Maxie has a hard time believing it and once again Brit makes vague threats about revealing the true identity of Maxie's baby. Maxie says she is more concerned about Ellie finding things out and explains to Brit everything that happened with Ellie. Brit remarks that she denied Ellie the promotion to lab manager. Brit leaves and towards the end of the show Spinelli and Maxie run into each other. He mentions the miscarriage and Maxie gets the impression Ellie gave him full disclosure on her situation.

Patrick sees Sabrina changing in the hospital locker room. Sabrina kisses him and they talk about how awful it will be to live with Brita. Then he takes a shower while venting to Sabrina about about the crappy situation he's in. He says he's been looking into home health care and local apartments for Brit, but nothing worked out. A light goes off in Sabrina's mind and she gets an idea. Brit enters and they explain to her that Sabrina will take Brit home instead of Patrick. Brit is upset and doesn't want to go, but Patrick tries to explain how it's best for everyone. Sabrina assures Brit that she will take good care of her. Then Brit wheels herself off and Patrick and Sabrina kiss.

Nikolas comes see Tracy at the Q Mansion with his, "Nutty Buddy Groin Protector" on to prevent another incident between them. Tracy tells Nik that she thinks Edward helped her foil the guards outside of her hotel door in NYC when Nik tried to prevent her from going on The Chew. Nikolas thinks it sounds like a lie and  questions her about her martial art moves. Then Tracy explains to him about the missing heir aka Lauren Franc. She asks him for a loan to appease Ava and tells him about AJ sleeping with Carly. He asks Tracy for proof this is true and she claims to have it. Nik writes her a check and Tracy sends him her cell phone recording of AJ's talk with Carly in NYC.

Liz tries to get AJ to reveal what's on his mind outside of Kelly's. Duke sees them and they all start to talk about Silas Clay and the relish business.  Duke tells them that both relishes were tainted on purpose. AJ is upset and asks if he knows who it was, but Duke says no. Liz gets a call and steps away. While she's gone, AJ confides in Duke that he dodged a bullet regarding his indiscretion with Carly. Then Liz returns from her call and Duke makes himself scarce. Liz questions AJ again about what he wanted to tell her, but he lies and pretends it was about Tracy. Later, Liz is alone and Nik arrives. AJ goes home and tells Tracy about both relishes being poisoned.

Alexis tries to console Rafe at Sam's apartment. He is upset that Silas will mess up his life. Outside in the hallway, Not-Todd arrives at Sam's doorstep. Alexis tells Rafe she will take him anywhere he wants to go and then opens the door. Not-Todd hides in the corner just outside of her view. They walk to the elevator and Not-Todd takes the opportunity to enter Sam's apartment. He notices a picture of Sam, Jason & Danny and looks it over. He takes a closeup picture of Jason's face with his iPad. Then he puts the DVD he took from Crimson into Sam's DVD player. 

Over at Kelly's, Silas flashes his guardianship papers for Rafe in Sam's face. Sam asks why is he doing this and he responds that, "I'm expressing an interest in my nephew!" Sam doesn't buy it and pushes for more information. She accuses Silas of playing a game with Rafe. Silas denies it and then Rafe walks in with Alexis. Silas blurts out,"I'm going to be your legal guardian!" Rafe is very unhappy and asks Alexis if this is legally possible. Alexis says nothing, which confirms Rafe's fears. Sam promises that she will fight for him. Silas tells Rafe that they're blood and he doesn't want Rafe is be ashamed of who his father was. Silas says Steven was brilliant before his mental breakdown and wasn't evil. Rafe insists he was evil for killing his mother. Then Rafe runs out of Kelly's and Sam goes after him. Alexis tells Silas to leave town and don't come back or else! At the end of the show, Sam goes home with Danny and Not-Todd is still inside.

It's looking more and more like Not-Todd is Franco, isn't it? Oy vey!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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