Friday, May 31, 2013

June Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what coming up in June!

- Diane tries to prove that Sam is an unfit parent.

- Kiki is angered after Morgan mocks Michael behind his back.

- Sonny and Carly hatch a plan; Shawn agrees to help Sonny carry out his plans.

- Sam receives an urgent call.

- Kiki announces she is moving into the Q mansion.

- Felix worries that his sister, Taylor, may be too wayward to trust on her own. 

- Patrick gears up for his date with Sabrina.

- Luke's latest attempt to take off lands Tracy and himself in a sticky situation.

- Patrick's plans with Sabrina are halted when a frantic Sam brings Danny into the ER.

- Alexis has a startling realization.

- Distraught by Danny's sudden illness Sam lashes out at Silas.

A little News from The Wub Tub

 - Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) is going on recurring basis

 - Tony Geary is going on his annual summer vacation

 - Two new hires to GH: Rachel Fox as Christine Collins and Samantha Logan as Taylor DuBois

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