Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm in "L" Hell

Don't be jealous!

Today's episode reminded us that Alexis still has a love life, TJ gives up pretty quickly and Silas is one creepy mofo!

The Recap - 

Shawn goes to Crimson to check on Connie and Olivia. Sonny arrives shortly there after. Sonny tells Connie he wanted to check in and he'll pay for all the damages from Morgan's bookie's. Then Shawn exits and Olivia runs to hug Sonny. Connie looks on with a little envy. Olivia and Sonny start talking about Michael and Morgan and Connie realizes that they have a connection. Olivia rubs Sonny's arm assuring him things with Morgan will be okay and Connie blurts out, "Enough already!" She asks Sonny to leave for her mental health reasons. Once he leaves, Olivia asks Connie if she was upset about her and Sonny. At first Connie blows it off, but then asks if there is anything going on between them. Olivia tries to assure Connie that she comes before Sonny and nothing is going on between them. Later, they leave for dinner and Not-Todd sneaks into the Crimson offices and steals a cd.

Alexis prepares a romantic dinner at home for Shawn. She asks Molly to go away so they can be alone. Then she gets a knock on the door and it's Rafe. He informs Alexis that he and Molly are going to prom together. Alexis asks Molly what happened to TJ and Molly tells her that they broke up. Molly gives her the story and assures Alexis everything will be fine. Later, Shawn arrives and Molly and Rafe make a sudden exit. Shawn asks Alexis why Molly is with Rafe. Alexis plays coy, but once they sit down to dinner Alexis tells him that the kids broke up. Shawn isn't happy and says that Molly belonged to TJ. Alexis takes offense they start to argue. They realize it's silly and decide to stay out of it. At the end, they both declare how important they are to each other after making love.

Worst couple ever!
Kiki surprises Morgan at Michael's apartment. She hugs Morgan, but then tells him she is there to see Michael. She claims that she thought he could tell her how to win over Sonny. Morgan insists that Kiki stay at Michael's with him. They start making out and Michael freaks out. He tells her she can't stay. However, Morgan and Kiki manipulate the situation and tell Michael to sleep on the couch so they can have the bedroom. Yuck!

Silas comes to visit Sam at her apartment and she slams the door in his face. He knocks again. Sam answers again and questions why he is there. Silas replies that he's there for his nephew. Sam doesn't buy his interest and asks if he believes he's a vampire too. Silas blows the comment off and tries to explain that their conversation at the hospital took him by surprise and he's had a change of heart. He apologizes for his bad behavior and she lets him inside. Silas notices the posh digs and asks what her husband does for a living. Then he looks at a picture of Sam and Jason and she clues him in to the fact that Jason is dead. They have a tense conversation and Sam asks him to leave. Silas says he won't leave town until he sees Rafe. He goes to open Sam's door and Rafe and Molly are standing there. Rafe is scared, but Sam tries to explain that Silas is his uncle. Rafe doesn't believe it and gets upset. He shouts, "It's too weird" and storms upstairs. Sam scolds Silas for being pushy. Silas responds by saying that he doesn't give up easily and walks out.

Felix runs into Milo at Kelly's. Milo's in a rush to get going and heads out. Outside Dante shows up and questions Milo about Lulu's whereabouts. Dante vents about his frustration with Lulu and Milo's living situation. The conversation gets heated and Milo tells Dante to back off. Dante explodes and takes a swing at him. Milo goes to hit back, but Sonny shows up and stops him. Sonny tells Milo to wait for him inside. Then, Sonny tells Dante he's concerned about him and they discuss Lulu. It gets Dante thinking and he realizes that Lulu might have gone to The Haunted Star. So he takes off to find her.

Inside Kelly's, TJ and Felix talk about TJ's breakup with Molly. Felix suggests to TJ that he make one more try to fix things with her, however TJ thinks it's done forever.  Then Milo comes back in with a bloody lip and Felix goes to check on him. Shortly after, Sonny storms in and pulls Milo aside. He demands that Milo explain why he is "shacking" up with Lulu!

Not-Todd and Lulu have an encounter at The Haunted Star. She asks his name, but then she decides he shouldn't tell her. She starts recounting all the names she has to remember in her family re: Lucky, Laura, Luke and says,"I'm in L hell!" Not-Todd makes nice and says he came to discuss business with her. He asks if he can have a big party on The Haunted Star tomorrow night. He wants to reintroduce himself to everyone he has left behind in Port Charles. She isn't sure she can pull it off, but Not-Todd tells her he can take of everything, he just needs the venue. Lulu agrees, they shake on it and he leaves with a sly smile. After Lulu cleans up and picks up a champagne bottle. It gives her more flashbacks from her kidnapping and she drops the bottle in panic. Lulu goes to run out of The Haunted Star just as Dante arrives. End of show!

Are you ready for the big party? 

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  1. So far, I am NOT impressed by Michael Easton's new character NOR Roger Howarth's new character. I think that dragging Stephen Clay and Franco back into the story looks like a major turn-off. And, unfortunately, it looks like TIIC are so much in love with their own ideas that they are not going to be willing to dump these two ideas BEFORE they begin losing major blocks of viewers.


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