Friday, May 24, 2013

I'll Be There, Will You?

Don't Forget about Me!
Good show today! We got some Kevin Collins psycho therapy, mysterious text messages and Sonny in a muscle tank!

The Recap - 

Sam almost walks in on Not-Todd in her penthouse, but he ducks into the backroom before she sees him. She sits down on the couch with Danny and starts reading a book about Africa. Then she goes upstairs to put Danny down for a nap. Not-Todd makes an attempt to finish his DVD business, but then someone knocks on Sam's door. He hears Sam coming down to answer the door and hides in the closet. Spinelli makes a quick visit to discuss the Quartermain heir with her. Sam says that thinking of Franco makes her skin crawl and isn't sure she can help. She also fills Spinelli in on what's going on with Silas and Rafe.

Then, Sam notices that the DVD player is open. Not-Todd quickly fires off a picture of Jason from his iPad in the closet and everyone in town suddenly gets a text message of Jason's face. The picture included a message saying, "Haunted Star 8 pm: I'll be there, will you?" Sam and Spinelli try to trace the message, but Spinelli says it won't work. Sam asks Spinelli if it's possible it could really be from Jason. Not-Todd listens from closet with a devilish smile on his face. Spinelli tells Sam that Jason is dead. Sam sadly agrees. Then Danny starts crying. Spinelli takes off, Sam goes to check on Danny and Not-Todd quickly grabs his DVD and leaves. Sam hears something and comes back down. Something seems off, but she doesn't know what.

Dante takes Lulu to General Hospital to meet Kevin. She agrees to let Kevin try to help her regain her memory. She goes into Kevin's office and they start to talk about her memory flashes. Lulu tells Kevin that she remembers being on The Haunted Star and starts to flash to it. Lulu confides to Kevin that at Laura's wedding she started to have memories of a wedding of her own. Lulu thinks she married Stavros. Kevin tries to assure her that it's okay, but asks her if anything else happened. Lulu says she can't remember anything else. Kevin asks her, "Can't or won't?" Out near the nurse's station Olivia comes to the hospital and talks to Dante about Lulu's situation. Dante confides in Olivia that he thinks something bad happened to Lulu, which is why she doesn't remember anything. Olivia hugs him and tries to comfort him. Then she leaves and Dante waits for Lulu to finish. Shortly after Lulu comes out of her session, but is reluctant to discuss it with Dante and takes off.

Michael looks in Kiki's purse at his apartment. She catches him and Michael lies and says he was looking for a pen. Kiki doesn't buy it and rats Michael out to Morgan.  Michael tells Morgan in front of Kiki that he doesn't trust her. She gets angry and tells him to go ahead and look through her stuff. Michael gets mad and leaves to cool off. After he leaves, Morgan tries to make Kiki feel better and assures her that he will smooth things over with his family. Kiki doesn't believe they will come around and suggests that maybe she should leave town. Morgan insists that he is crazy about her and wants her to stay. They have sex on the couch and after Morgan goes to take a shower. Someone knocks on the door, Kiki goes to answer and it's Ava. Shocked Kiki says, "Mom what are you doing here?"

AJ tells Tracy there is no reason for her to blackmail him anymore at the Q mansion. Tracy suggests to him that Carly might blow the whistle on their tryst, but she says that she has bigger fish to fry. Then Ava walks in on them. Tracy introduces Ava to AJ as a business associate of hers and tells him to butt out. However, Ava tells him she has seen him in the news. She also offers him the same deal as she did to Tracy, but Tracy intervenes before Ava can give AJ the details. He leaves and Tracy tells Ava to produce her daughter before she will produce any money. Ava agrees and goes to find her daughter. After, Tracy calls Ned to gloat about her plan to find Franco's heir. Out in the foyer, Michael comes to the Mansion to talk to AJ about the text they received with Jason's face. Michael asks what they should do and AJ says let's go to The Haunted Star!

Nikolas wants to talk to Liz about AJ at Kelly's. She tells him she doesn't want to hear it, but he insists that she needs to hear what he has to say. Nikolas once again declares his love for Liz and asks her to listen. Liz recounts all of Nik's attributes, but says that she admires AJ. Then Liz gets the text of Jason and gets worried. Nikolas and her talk through the situation. Liz says she feels like she seen a ghost and has to go and see what it's about.

Shawn and Sonny box at the gym when Carly interrupts them. She tells Sonny that Kiki is staying with Michael and Morgan. Sonny doesn't think it's as serious as Carly does. Carly isn't happy and tells him she doesn't like or trust Kiki. Sonny agrees that she should keep an eye on her, but thinks it's not fair for Michael to be responsible. Then, Carly gets emotional when they get the text message of Jason's face. Sonny thinks the person who sent the invite must have wanted to upset them and he doesn't like it. However they all agree they need to attend. End of show!

Hmm...could Not-Todd be Jason? I really hope not, but I don't want Franco either! Brace yourselves!

GH will be a repeat on Monday! Enjoy the long weekend!!

Since we got a little Kevin action today I thought this was appropriate. Check out this classic Kevin Collins confession from the 90's!

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