Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Here We Go!!

My Dark Places!
Check out the link above. Not-Todd's behavior today reminded me of James Ellroy's memoir novel. It's a good read if you're interested.

Today's Show - 

Carly runs into Michael on the docks. They discuss the mysterious text they received with Jason's picture. She doesn't want Michael to attend the party, but Michael insists he is going and says he is waiting for AJ to accompany him. Carly doesn't understand why AJ would be included when Jason hated him. She also tells Michael that Sonny is coming as well. Then Liz stumbles upon them. They all try to connect the dots as to why they were all sent texts and leave for The Haunted Star together.

Kiki isn't pleased to see Ava at Michael's door. She quickly gets some clothes on and grills her mother on why she is in Port Charles. Ava says it for her. Then Morgan walks out in a towel and is surprised to see Ava. The sight of Morgan makes Ava lie and say she showed up to check up on Kiki. Morgan goes to get dressed and when he comes back Ava tells Morgan and Kiki to be cautious about the gambling. Kiki suggests that Ava take them to dinner and tell them about her other plans. Ava says that's not a good idea. Instead she offers to pay for them to get dinner alone, but asks Kiki to walk her to her car. After they leave, Morgan gets a message about an online poker game. He tries to ignore it, but can't and logs in. Outside, Ava walks Kiki to the docks and gives her a letter. She says it's about who Kiki really is.

Not-Todd visits the Quartermain crypt and lingers at Jason's headstone. AJ arrives and nearly catches him. Not-Todd hides in one of the coffins, while AJ talks out loud to Jason. Then Monica pops in and calls out to AJ startling him. She says the guard saw someone lurking around and assumes it was AJ. Not-Todd sits quietly and listens to Monica and AJ talk about Jason and all the Quartermain losses. AJ says that Jason's last name will always be Quartermain, not Morgan. AJ expresses regret about the car accident that officially killed Jason Quartermain. Monica tries to console him. Then AJ shows her the text message. Monica is annoyed that she never received a text and wants to come. AJ tells her it's not safe and walks her out. Not-Todd gets impatient waiting for them to finish talking and quickly makes haste once their gone.

Tracy brags to Ned on the phone, when Luke interrupts her call at the Q mansion. He wants to talk to her, but she isn't happy to see him. Luke insists that she listen to him and says he wants to apologize. Tracy doesn't think he knows the meaning of the word, but Luke pulls out the literal definition of apology written on a piece of paper from his pocket. He starts to get a little short of breath. Tracy asks what's wrong, but Luke blows it off. Then he tells her that she is the last person he would ever want to do wrong by. Luke says that Baldwin got to him when he said Luke would end of up old and alone. He tells Tracy that she is his best friend and the Bonnie to his Clyde. He asks her to please forgive him.

Tracy says that she does forgive him, but she doesn't want to be the person who he comes home to in between walkabouts. She says they can't be lovers, but they can always be friends and family. Luke wants to toast to their mutual admiration for each other and goes for the liquor. Tracy stops him and reminds him that she is still concerned about his drinking. Luke assures her that he isn't an alcoholic, despite what happened with Jake last year. Tracy doesn't buy it, but Luke tells her that she needs to back off. Tracy says that she doesn't like his drinking, but she'll deal with it. Then she fills Luke in on Ava's visit and financial demands. She turns her back to him and notices the patio door is open. Tracy goes to shut it and when she turns around Luke is laying on the ground passed out.

Dante stares longingly at his wedding picture to Lulu at his apartment.  Then he gets a knock on the door. Hoping it's Lulu Dante runs to answer it, but it's Sonny instead. Sonny tells Dante that he told Milo that Lulu can't stay at his place anymore and asks where Lulu is. Dante says she is planning the party at The Haunted Star. A light goes off in Sonny's mind and he shows Dante the mysterious text. After seeing it, Dante wants to join Sonny and he grabs his gun to protect Lulu.

Lulu oversees the party layout at The Haunted Star. She notices flowers on the bar and gets another memory flash. Then Maxie shows up and asks if Lulu sent her the text of Jason. Lulu is clueless. Shortly after, Sam and Spinelli walk in as Maxie is questioning Lulu about who sent the text. Sam runs up to Lulu and demands that she tell her who is throwing the party. Liz, Michael and Carly arrive just as Lulu is about to answer Sam. Carly starts to grill Lulu about the mystery host. Lulu says that she doesn't know who he was. They push her for a description and Carly starts yelling at her. Dante and Sonny walk in and Dante shouts, "Leave her alone!" Sonny tells Carly to calm down. Dante pulls Lulu aside to talk in private and she starts to flash again. She starts to remember more of a wedding ceremony during her kidnapping. Dante asks her what is wrong, but she takes off. Dante chases her down and asks her to come home with him. Lulu agrees and when they arrive she sees the picture of their wedding. The sight makes Lulu clearly remember getting married to Stavros on The Haunted Star.

Back inside The Haunted Star, Sonny talks to Sam and promises her he will make this mysterious person pay. Carly asks what is the point to all of this. Spinelli and Maxie also talk about her baby and how Jason was in their non-wedding. They all notice the time expecting their host to arrive, but AJ walks inside instead disappointing everyone. Sam announces it's 8 o'clock on the dot and Sonny says, "Here we go!" Then all the lights go out and the TV starts scrolling through multiple pictures of Jason. The light comes back on and Not-Todd is standing there. Everyone seems to recognize him, but they still don't tell us his name. End of show!

I guess he's Franco! How do you feel?

Here's the preview for tomorrow!

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